Adopt SMS to Remain in Business

The mobile phone has changed the way we can market ourselves to our customers, but more importantly. Our customers have changed their preference in the way they want to get marketed to by our businesses.

75% of millennials prefer SMS messages for offers, surveys and deliveries (OpenMarket)

77% of customers have a positive perception of companies who use text messaging (OpenMarket)

So, although you might not see any issue in the current ways you are marketing your business, we remind you of the quote above, “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”, the comment of a very teary eyed and dejected management team sadly took the stage during a press conference, where the Nokia CEO finished his speech.

Before then, Nokia, the mobile phone and tech giant once had a complete hold of the mobile phone market, and there seemed to be no other realistic competitor or alternative to them. However, they have plummeted to failure. When they once had more than half of the global mobile phone market share, they now have less than 3%.

You don’t have to be doing anything wrong, all can seem fine, but if your competition hits on a trend, wave, or a new method, you could lose out and be left behind and end up being discarded – 7 out of 10 retailers are still missing out on SMS.

Now SMS is not a trend, it’s something that is here to stay. And it’s popularity and uses are growing by the day. So the sooner and better your business can capitalise on the customers mobile phone preferences, like text message marketing, the better.

So why not try mobile marketing today, sign up is completely free. No long complicated contracts to read or sign. With it’s just simple low cost SMS.

And who knows, ignoring SMS might just be that very expensive mistake.

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