Batch Contact Upload (How to Upload Numbers)

Bulk SMS makes life easy – you can send SMS to millions of customers mobile phone with just a single click. Gathering the numbers to communicate with usually require extracting the Phone numbers (from Mobile phone, website online forms, offline paper records), the next thing is to import them to ediarosms and sending SMS to them.

When you want to send message to multiple contacts you can upload the phone numbers as a batch (Support: .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf, .json or .txt); which will store the contacts automatically and ready for you to send SMS to them; so you will avoid the typical problem of having to type all the contact details one by one and message easier and faster.


How to Upload Numbers Into Your Bulk SMS Account Phonebook
Sometimes you might have your contacts on your mobile phone, you need to extract/import your contacts from it, edit and import to then begin messaging them. Click here for step by step guide.

Meanwhile, if you have phone numbers saved in a file on your computer and wants to upload it in your bulk SMS account phonebook, follow the steps described below.

1. LOGIN into your registered ediarosms account. If you don’t have one, register here.

2. Click on SENDING SMS on the top menu bar

3. On the drop down box , click on CONTACTS/NUMBERS

4. In the box name you have, click on UPLOAD NUMBERS at the left side of the page

5. Select SAMPLE FILE to see how your contacts should be formatted/refined and avoid hitches.

6. Then click on CHOOSE FILE to locate the file on your PC; and upload.

7. Enter the GROUP NAME if you want the numbers to be added to an existing group on the site.

8. Click UPLOAD CONTACTS to upload the contacts.

9. Afterwards, click on the message “To send bulk SMS to multiple groups Click Here” and begin messaging.
of new group, enter the name of the group you want to create and then click on ADD NEW GROUP.

5. Then look down and click on UPLOAD NUMBERS FROM FILE

6. Inside the box for select file, click on BROWSE. Then navigate to the file where the numbers are saved on your computer. Select the file and it’s placed in the box. Ensure the numbers are saved in the file in the right format though i.e. separating with a comma or on separate lines.

7. When that is done, select the GROUP you’ve created in the next box.

8. Then click on UPLOAD NUMBERS
Batch Contact Upload (Support: .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf, .json or .txt)

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