Dynamic SMS Delivery Report

ediarosms offers dynamic delivery report immediately to notify you about the status of your SMS Text messages sent in a simple and easily understandable format. The report will show you the message, delivery status, date, time, number of units and number of pages.


  • UNDELIVERABLE The message is undeliverable. Your message was not delivered. This happens when the Carrier encounters inactive or unidentified or untraceable destination mobile number.
  • EXPIRED Message validity period has expired.  This happens when the destination mobile is either switched off or out of coverage area for a certain period of time. The SMSC failed to deliver even after its final attempt as per its retry scheme.
  • REJECTED The message was rejected to telecom carrier. The message is undeliverable. This happens when the destination network is not available or blocked to the Carrier
  • FAILED An issue occured while attempting to send the SMS.
  • PENDING This message is on queue, to be sent. Our server has accepted your message & is in queue to be submitted to the Carrier (Network Operator)
  • SENT The message was accepted by the Network server. Awaiting delivery status.
    DELIVERED Message is delivered to destination phone
  • UNDELIVERED It also happens when the mobile phone memory or phone inbox is full.
    When there is no credit balance available to receive the SMS Text message (specifically for pre-paid or pay-as-you-go).
    The destination does is not enabled to receive SMS Text message (happen in selected situations and countries such as USA)

Important Points about Delivery Reports
Message States 1 and 2 i.e. “Message in Queue” and “Submitted to Carrier” are only temporary states. They eventually would move to States 3, 4, 5 or 6 i.e. “Delivered” or “Expired” or “Undelivered” or “Rejected”.We are charged for all message states returned by the Carrier except for “Rejected State”; the reason being that the
Operator’s GSM network and infrastructure is taken up for trying to deliver your SMS Text messages. We follow the same principle to bill our Users. All GSM networks support delivery receipts while CDMA technology does not support this. They return a delivery receipt as and when they accept it at their SMSC but the final delivery to the actual recipient is their sole discretion. The actual delivery is consistent with our expectations most of the times (around 99.95%).


How to Check Delivery Report

To check all SMS delivery report logs; such as Delivered, Pending, Failed; Rejected, Number on DND list etc,  login to your ediarosms account and view them at http://ediarosms.com/sms/sms_log

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