Ecommerce Order Delivery SMS Text Message Notifications

With the advent of ecommerce, many customers like the idea of having to order and pay for their goods online and get it delivered to their home or office. Unfortunately, due to tight schedule, some customers don’t know when the order will be delivered, this lead to a lot of returned order which cost the company greatly.

To avert such occurrence, it is important to inform your customers automatically with an SMS Text message as soon as their package is on its way. This improves client relations; reduce the number of returns of non-delivered goods and also save your logistics’ costs. offers you SMS solution that will enable you notify your clients in an automated and personalised manner. You can use these for numerous applications: logistics, follow-up on orders, ICT, marketing, after-sales service, finance etc.

Depending on your objective and professionalism of your website developer, your SMS can contain personalised data (outstanding balance, approaching delivery time, parking space to be provided for, number of the package, password, etc.).

Integrate your Website, Mobile APP, Portal, Software to via parameters passed via our API. Afterwards launch your notification and the system will automatically send the message to the customer.  If you need a professional programmers to handle the integration of the SMS text message to your existing ecommerce website at an affordable rate, contact via 

The benefit of this notification is that it guarantees you excellent service and an improvement in customer satisfaction. The messages are sent in batches or in real time via our custom SMS API that’s compatible with every platform. It’s fast to implement and seamlessly connects to all Nigerian and global mobile operators. To integrate your Ecommerce website with our SMS gateway, check out our developer API here.

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For support, contact team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

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