How different sectors have used ediarosms

Overtime, we notice the challenge some potential customers have is to identify how they can use SMS to achieve their set objectives or how others have used it in their sector that resulted in positive return on investment.

To answer those questions, we’ve compiled some customers experience  and summarised how they’ve utilized it over the years below


How many sectors has used for their organisations


E-Commerce Websites
Inform your customers about sales, promotions, discounts codes & hot deals. Customers get login confirmations, abandoned carts, orders receipt, payment confirmation, dispatched & delivery confirmations.


Recruitment Agencies
Fill vacancies faster, SMS new opportunities to your candidates database. Improve job interviews attendance with SMS reminders to them.


Hotels & Guest Houses
Advertise to your target audience via SMS. Send offers & discounts to your customers. Follow up, by thanking them & wishing them safe journey.


Software Integration & Web Developers
Integrates website & CRM with our API for sending text messages within it. It’s also used for automatic subscription reminders & booking.


Health and Beauty Salon
Inform customers about special deals, when you have a cancellation so free. Notify them when specific stylist is going on holiday to aid patronage.


Nurseries, Primary & Secondary Schools
Emmergencies sometimes come up which necessitate shutting down the school. So they quickly and effective way to let all the parents know by SMS.


Tertiary Institutions
Universities, Polytechnics & Educational institutions reach out to their students and staff to share general and public information.


Event Planners/Managers
Keep all delegates informed quickly by notifying them before the event and reminding via SMS before event day to increase attendance.


Estate Agents/Real Estate
Advertise available properties, remind tenants of their rents, set up appointments and communicate with your customers.


Religious Groups
Mosque, church, youth groups use ediarosms BulkSMS to increase attendance and send notifications.


Restaurants & eateries
Collect customers details – advertise meal & drink deals, special offers, loyalty & rewards to repeat customers which boost retention rate.


Retail Shops
Our customers in the retail sector send SMS Alert for product launches instore & online, coupons, discount codes, alerts on sales,  etc. They also use our gateway for loyalty campaigns, VIP events, targeted offers and promotions.


Small Businesses
Small businesses market their product and services using ediarosms Bulk SMS to increase sales quickly.


Social Groups
Co-operative societies, Non Governmental Organisation (NGOs), Trade unions and Communities use Bulk SMS to communicate and share updates.


Business Researchers
Get response from clients for competitions, votes, customer satisfaction by conducting a survey .


Notify customers on Booking confirmation and reminders, travel alerts, feedback/surveys, promotions


Customers in the media/entertainment use our SMS for Publicity, Online gaming, player re-engagement, surveys and voting.


New Business/Product Launch

Invitation: invite Customers to participate in events such as exhibitions, charity events, awards etc.


Begin adopting SMS to achieve your personal or corporate objectives today.

Do you run religious organisation such as mosque, prayer house, school, club, restaurant, micro-finance bank, health and fitness centre, hospital, e-commerce store, fleet management service, event management outfit, etc?

Bulk SMS is exactly what you need to start engaging your members using a unique “sender name” that people will immediately remember and associate with your brand.

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