How ECommerce Websites can Optimize Bulk SMS Potentials

In this 21st century, when everything is revolving around the internet, shopping has also been transformed into digital ways and a new acronymn e-commerce evolved. With the increase in the number of smartphone users, e-commerce has shown the biggest boom in Nigeria and around the world. People have found that this is certainly the best way to do shopping as their products reach by their side with just a few clicks. Ecommerce gives smart entrepreneurs opportunity to compete globally without any physical presence.

Due to the competitive nature of ecommerce, there is need to think of non-conventional innovative ways to achieve desired corporate output.To improve and enhance the services, e-commerce industries are now opting various mediums to reach more and more people. The one that they feel the best is SMS services. SMS seems to be the perfect platform for e-commerce industries. Due to the number of mobile phone users, text messages have now become a quick, reliable, cost-effective and secure way to bring more business.

You can inform your customers about sales, promotions, discounts, hot deals and much more through a text message. Customers like being told about their order; text them when the order has been placed, payment made and order has been dispatched etc. You can send them a thanking message too!



Advantages of SMS services in e-commerce industry

Email notifications are boring and make your business lose personality. You can now fill this void by SMS text messaging. This is rapidly effective and you can get your customers talking about your website. ediarosms is has exciting Bulk messaging services that can urge people to come to your website. The advantages of SMS for ecommerce includes:

  1. SMS is the most reliable, faster, comfortable and user-friendly form of communication.
  2.  Customers can easily send their related queries, comments, and feedback with SMS to the retailers.
  3. Vendors can establish a strong relationship with customers when they get a quick reply.
  4. E-commerce industry can use SMS for sending discounts, offers, coupons to the customers and encourage them to shop more.
  5. With the help of SMS surveys and questionnaire, e-commerce companies can receive customer’s feedback in a simple and efficient way.
  6. SMS is also a secure medium for doing transactions in e-commerce. Companies can ensure security by sending OTP message to customer’s mobile number.


How To Use Bulk SMS For Your Ecommerce website?

1. Customer Retention
A great way to make a customer buy something is to remind them that they already bought something from you and were happy.

You can use Bulk SMS services to send a “Please visit us again, we have a special sale going on only for “returning” customers”. Try this SMS service, and you’ll love your conversion rates.


2. Loyalty Points
Loyalty points are another way to pull customers in. Awarding Loyalty points on purchase goes a long way.
Sending an SMS which awards points based on purchases of certain items, or by meeting a certain amount on cart total.

For e.g. Sending an SMS that says “You’re awarded 50 points for purchasing goods worth 20,000 NGN” can do the trick.

This will get them the incentive they might be looking for, so the next time they need a product, they’ll choose your platform over others because for the same product, at the same price, they’re being awarded points with you, while with others there might not be something similar to them.


3. Product Tracking Notifications
Using BULK SMS services only when you need something from them kills the reputation. Considering these services are cheap, you should automate the process of “delivery notifications,” or any other relevant details as such.

For example, letting customers know where their product is at any given time, or by letting them know every time one of their favorite items is back in stock can do the trick.

4. Catch Words

Whatever SMS you send, you just can’t miss their attention if you include words like “Sale” “discount” “Free” etc.! So even if there’s nothing to giveaway for free, make sure the word “free” makes it appearance one way or another.


5. Coupons
The never failing weapon, coupons! Just 4-5 words can shoot your sales through the roof with an SMS like “80% discount coupon: – EESHAW”.

No one wants to miss when there’s a “discount” going on something; even they don’t need it, they’ll buy it just to stock it up.


6. Pre-Custom Sales
This is one of the more “advanced” uses of Bulk SMS services for E-commerce platforms. What you can do is, you can set up a sale page, something that’s been set up only for those who’ve opted for SMS notifications.

And send a short link to the page via the SMS:- “Hey, We’re running a 24-hour Sale day only for loyal customers with SMS notifications enabled like you over at”.

Once they know it’s something that’s exclusively for them and not the general public, the “social” instinct gets the better of them, and you get a couple of hundred dozen customers for the day.



There no short cut setup for using Bulk SMS for E-commerce. It all depends on how creative you can get, how good you can utilize the SMS space you get, without annoying your customers. If done right, it’s one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal. And the above-discussed points are just some of the few viable options and methods you can use. Feel free to work your way around other strategies as well; you never know when your customers start falling in love with your platform.

With ediarosms you can do a lot for your e commerce sites to get into discussion by the people. ediarosms takes your site to the people without them having to sit in front of a computer. You can engage your developer to integrate our API into your website and develop other necessary integration codes.

Alternatively, you can hire our sister company expert programmers to create custom solutions for you and/or make necessary update and integration of our SMS messaging on your existing ecommerce website.

To get started, Click here to signup and get free test SMS credits or login here if you are an existing customer. For inquiries & expert guide, email: or call (+234)080-9502-9999.


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