How Restaurants can use SMS

SMS marketing is a perfect way for Restaurants to gain customers. You can send out text messages to let customers know when you have deals on certain meals or certain drinks, or if you are starting a ‘themed night’ for example.

A lot of restaurants ask customers to fill out a review sheet either online or offline, this is a perfect opportunity to gain customers phone numbers. After you have these numbers, you can send text messages out such as: Fill in our online review form for a free dessert next time you come. This will urge people to not only fill in online reviews but to visit the restaurant again.

Sending out daily specials through SMS is a quick and simple way to let your customers know what’s on offer. This could even persuade them to book a table. You can market special events such as Fathers Day or Democracy Day, by letting them know prices, times and even availability.

Collect customers details online or offline send out text messages about deals on certain meals or drinks. Also market special evenets prices & time

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