How to Configure Sub-Account on ediarosms

The guide will guide you thru the process of creating sub-account on which will simplify the process of your messaging directly on or synchronising with your custom ICT infrastructure such as website, web portal, hybrid system and app so that you will enjoy a seamless integration process and avoid the usual problems of data migration.

Follow the following simple step by step process.

1. Create an account on OR login if you are an existing user

2. Login and buy units at Get SMS Credits

3. At the top menu, Click on My Profile > Click on your USERNAME and a drop down menu will show > Select SUB ACCOUNTS

4. Click Add New > Enter your details: Sub Account: Enter your preferred sub account name > Password: Enter your preferred password > Notification Email: Leave as default or change to your preferred detail.

5. You can leave the following details as it is or change to your preference if necessary: Default Prefix, Default Timezone and Default Sender.

6. Click Add Sub Accounts. Account will be created.

7. Below the page, enter the number of units you want to transfer from your main account to the sub account and click add units. Make sure your entered units is not above the units you have in your main account, otherwise it wouldn’t save.

8. You can begin using your sub account on the site or other custom solution you want to integrate it into.


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For support, contact team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

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