How to enrol and deliver to DND numbers

Organisations across the country face a single challenge when they want to send messages to some staff, professional members, students, business partners, customers among others. Many times, the messages don’t get delivered and they just don’t know why. The reason for it is mostly the number is already delibrately or mistakenly registered on Do Not Disturb (DND) list, so messages will keep getting rejected – because it’s suspected to be an unsolicited message.

Many people suffer from the unwanted marketing messages and calls made by the mobile network operators. It gets really annoying when you are busy in a meeting for driving or engaged in some other work when your mobile phone starts ringing or SMS beeps and when you pick up you are showered with credit card offers, wholesale shoe discount, insurance policies among others. So some people get registered for DND to prevent such phone calls or SMS messages been delivered to them.

This has posed a major problem for many genuine customers that wants to send genuine messages to people that has registered with their phone number with them. The solution to such is to get the Sender ID registered as a corporate organisation to ensure message delivery to the individuals and organisations that are familiar with them and authorised them to contact them via SMS as the messages are important to them (this will work like customers subscribing to your Bank SMS alert, Pension Fund Alert, Professional Membership, Club Membership) etc.

Organisations are encouraged to register on the Corporate/Transactional route because it ensure all messages get delivered with a unique Sender ID of the organisation regardless of if the number is on DND list. It will also ensure easy trace of the sender; so  that when such message receipient call to complain to telecommunication networks such as  MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9Mobile, NTEL or even NCC about unsolicited messages and needs it addressed. In other words, it will enable easy tracking of every registered Sender ID, if discovered it is used to send unsolicited messages,  the telecom provider can block the DND route or penalise them accordingly.


EDIAROSMS SOLUTION TO DND FOR CORPORATE has a special feature for delivery to all networks in Nigeria (MTN, Glo, 9Mobile and Airtel) through our corporate route. This route guarantees delivery via direct connection to Nigeria GSM providers (We don’t use cheap SMS routes – we only use genuine white routes.)

This Corporate route, sometimes called Transactional route though it is more expensive, allows you to send important SMS to Do-Not-Disturb DND numbers with a registered Sender ID. You can also schedule your bulk sms to send when you are offline. Churches, Politicians, Offices, Businesses, Individuals can benefit from this bulk sms to DND enabled numbers. With approved sender ids, companies can rest assure that their sms messages will be delivered at a fast delivery rate.

By sending over corporate route you must guarantee you won’t send unsolicitied or campaign messages.


If you are a registered Business, an NGO, an Association, or a Religious Organisation and want to get your Bulk SMS delivered to

How to Register for Do not DisturbDo-Not-Disturb (DND) Numbers on your list, you are advised to apply for Corporate Route today to improve your message delivery. You will need to supply your registration certificate such as Certificate of incorporation and Letter of Intent (email for template of letter of intent you can edit and print on your letterhead paper). Afterwards will process your request as your SMS aggregator with the telecomunication providers.


Register for Do not Disturb Transactional Route


  1. Click here to signup at or login to your account.
  2. After login you will have to apply for sender name registration for standard, corporate and financial routes so you can easily do it from your dashboard. To learn about how to register Sender ID, click here.
  3. Standard route will be activated within 24hours (Nigeria customers only, other countries varies). Meanwhile, for Corporate and Financial route, we will send you Letter of intent template for processing with network providers. This is to be edited with your company details and printed on your company letterhead paper.
    NOTE: We need to be clear that you will have to follow word by word document as it they are very strict and only input ‘required detail in the right places we will point out’. Please don’t alter other parts of the template we will send to you to avoid unnecessary delay.
    Non Nigeria routes should request for registration documents for individual country.
  4. Scan and send your Certificate of Incorporation (CAC) along with the Letter of intent printed on your company letterhead paper.
  5. We will begin Registration process, note that approval takes 1 month or more (depending on the network provider) process.
  6. After registration has been approved, you can begin sending SMS to numbers registered on Nigeria DND seamlessly.


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