How to Register new Sender ID for Guaranteed DND SMS Delivery in a bid to foster guaranteed SMS delivery to numbers on Do not Disturb (DND) for Corporate Register for Corporate or Financial SMS Text Message Routeorganisations has simplified the process of registering for Corporate and Financial SMS routes. The strict condition by telecommunications companies globally is that when the sender name is registered for an Organisation that guarantees SMS delivery, the Organisation should not use it to send unsolicited marketing SMS to the general public that did not subscribe to it, else they will be penalised. The name registration is country specific, hence you need to notify us for each country you need it.

There are 3 SMS routes; namely:

  • Standard Route: This is the SMS route used by every user to send general day to day SMS for individuals and corporate organisations. They are great for sending newsletter, marketing, promo among others.
  • Corporate route: This is an SMS route for corporate organisations that will ensure SMS delivery to customers on Do Not Disturb (DND), the registered name can be used to send messages seamlessly, but not under the condition it will not be marketing nor unsolicited messages the customer did not subscribe to. This is designed for corporate organisations legally registered in the country. This SMS route cost higher than Standard route and can be used to send Subscription status, Emergency News, Business Notification, OTP validation code among others and you are guaranteed the numbers registered on DND will receive your message.
  • Finance route: Finance route is popularly called transactional route. It is similar to corporate route, just that it is designed for Commercial Banks, Microfinance Banks, Co-Operative Societies, Deposit Money Banks, Insurance companies and other related financial institutions. The route is good for Payment Reminder (Pre due date; due date and late payment reminder), Account Status Update, Bank SMS Alert among others.



  1. Login/Signup to your account at
  2. Click on your username on the top menu – Register Sender ID
  3. Click on the “ +”  on the Top right hand corner of the page to register a new name, a registration page will pop up for you to fill your details. Form details are:

SMS SENDER ID: The sender name you want to register

DESCRIPTION OF TRAFFIC: Select relevant menu that best describe the main purpose of the SMS traffic

SAMPLE SMS: Enter idea of the SMS you intend sending with the SMS gateway route you want to register.

COMPANY NAME: The legally registered company name of the organisation, e.g Fladio International Nigeria Limited

BUSINESS NATURE: What’s the sector or area of sepcialisation the business is into, e.g Medical, Education, Information Technology etc.

COMPANY FULL ADDRESS: The contact address of the company; Address, City, State and Country, e.g. 40 Saboline, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

WEBSITE: The company corporate website; such as,

TARGET COUNTRY: The country you want to register the number to deliver to their Do Not Disturb (DND) list. This is important because names are registered on a country by country basis. This does not mean messages will not deliver to other countries, but the sender name registration is for each country requested for.

CONTACT PERSON’S NAME: Name of the company primary contact person.

CONTACT PERSON’S PHONE: The phone number of the primary contact person. – Your Corporate and Financial SMS Partner
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