How to use Bulk SMS in Schools has Bulk SMS for Schools is a fast and easy way to bulk SMS pupils, parents, guardians, patrons, teachers and other
personnels. Schools administrators should  leverage on the most efficient and reliable bulk sms in Nigeria to send bulk text messages – because there are lots of information to pass across that are essential to run a successful session. Such communcation is easy, simple and very cheap when done with Bulk SMS. Especially when you have a complete contact list of your pupils students and teachers – from point of registration to completion.

Setting up an Account is free and there are no monthly fees or other hidden cost. Schools only pay for the SMS’es they have purchased.

There are dozens of ways in which schools use bulk sms text messaging as a way of communicating.

Below are some of the most important update you can use Bulk SMS for:

  • Resumption date and Holidays
  • Instant messages to parents for emergency purposes
  • Send student’s performance in grades to parents
  • Inform parents of dates of upcoming exams to help their students study at home
  • Reminders to students on certain deadlines or outings
  • Event Reminders – Remind parents of meeting, location and pickup times
  • Weather alerts – The weather always seems to play havoc with trips and sporting events.
  • Staff contact – Keep in touch with teachers or other members of staff
  • Coursework deadlines – Reminder of crucial deadlines for coursework
  • Exam dates – Text alerts with location and timing of examinations (where applicable)

Other extra-curricular activities and academic programmes and events during the school session can be more organized: Inter-house sports, Open Day, Literacy Day, with other newly developed initiatives for the pupils.

Click Register for bulk sms and start sending to parents and teachers

For inquiries, contact support team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

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