Improve Customer Marketing Engagement with SMS

SMS Marketing is a terrific and efficient way to produce better customer engagement. If you are not optimally using it, you are losing alot. Infact, it’s arguably one of the best system that produces the best customer engagement.

To begin using this optimally, collect their Name and Phone number, then get their permission to receive SMS from you periodically.

Once you have gained the permission from your customers/clients for bulk SMS, you are directly connected to the customer almost 24 hours per day!

If utilised optimally, you may enjoy SMS read rates of 98% and URL click-through rates from your bulk SMS of 19% by using bulk SMS as an engagement

See statistics below:

6-8 Times higher than email
20% of emails are read
12% of facebok post are read
29% of tweets are read
98% of sms are read!

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