Practical examples of SMS marketing messages

Entrepreneurs sometimes find it difficult to generate innovative ideas to optimally utilise mobile marketing, this is Example of SMS marketingwhy we’ve compiled tips and tricks on what SMS can do for your business with practical examples of how clients has been using them successfully. Below are examples of how business text messaging can be used.
Marketing/Sales Example in practice – You have a sale on or you have some great new products that you want to shout from the hill about. Well by sending your customers a text message


New Product Launch or Remarketing

Have you just innovated a new product, got a license for wholesale/retail of a unique product or just want, want to re-market an existing product to increase sales or just about any product or service you believe deserve massive publicity, by sending SMS text messages, you are rest assured your audience will get the message.

Sample SMS text Message – Hi Bioye, we have new stock & sales promo at the moment, 50% off!! Vist us at our store or order online at whilst stocks last.


SALES Updates
Updating customer of their order status is a priceless and affordable thing. For instance, A customer logs onto your website and placed an order of Bags, immediately after buying they receive an SMS text message with the details of the purchase and a thank you. Next day, He/She receive another text message saying their order is has been dispatched for delivery, and a final message after their order has been delivered saying thank you.

Sample SMS text Message – Good news! Your order has been delivered, we hope you like them – and why not team them up with our beautiful shoes; at


Manufacturing companies and other operation based companies has many staff requesting for information constantly, to make this simple SMS can be introduced for easy management.

Sample SMS text Message – A staff member has put in a request for some shifts but is not able to come into the workplace to check which shifts they have got. Using an automated system you can, send a message to the employee with the date of the shift along with the start and finish time and a link to a full list of their shifts.

Example text – Your next shift is on 29/01/2016 from 9.00am to 3.00am. If you need to change this, please contact your line manager. For a full list of your shifts follow the link


In the line of business there is need for a conversation with a customer for many reasons, such as resolving a problem, updating them about a service or clarifying issues. SMS can make this easy and convinient for stakeholders and improve your buttomline.

Assume a hypothetical scenario where a customer order a product from you on your website and has issues with it. Due to time constraint, he doesn’t want to spend a long time on phone due to high telephone rate they do not want to be placed on hold for a long time; so they opt to use your sms texting service, hence he sent you an SMS message detailing the problem and await your feedback.

After a while, your customer service representative responds to the text and continue the conversation via sms until the issue is resolved. If not, the customer service representative can request if they can call you immediately or at a a customer prefered time to understand and address the issue over the phone, this avoid the long waittime on the call and possibly resolve the issue by SMS gateway such as

Sample SMS text Message – Customer: Hi Olanrewaju, I have a problem with the Laptop I bought from you, its keyboard is not responding, will you be able to replace it? Chinedu

Customer service: Hi Chinedu, thank you for contacting online Store. Can I ask for the receipt number please? This is the 9-digit number on the email we sent to you or on the receipt you got from the shop.


Booking Appointments
Organisations or Sectors that require appointment sometime has customers calling and line holding, this is more pronounced when their product or service is outstanding. Infact, a customer can call the office to make an appointment with you but discover all lines are busy for a long time. It’s easier for them to go to your website and see a box with heading book appointment and enter mobile phone number and click enter.

Depending on your web designer proficiency, the site can be configured to auto sms you a message with a link directing them to an appointment booking system. Afterwards; few more information has been provided about your purpose of appointment and preffered date and time, the appointment will be made and a response confirmation will be auto sent.

Sample SMS text Message – Thank you for making an enquiry for an appointment at XYZ Dental Hospital Limited. Please follow the link to make an appointment with us

Confirmation SMS Message – Thank you for your appointment at XYZ Dental Hospital Limited for 11:00am on 18/08/2017. Your confirmation code is: 36DAU8.


Appointment Reminders
After successfull appointment booking and confirmation, sometime people forget about their appointment due to their busy schedule. Sending them a reminder makes it easier and faster to manage your days better and avoid failed appointments.

For instance, a customer called or booked an appointment on your website for Tuesday at 9:00am. Subsequently, you acknowledge and even sent an appreciation for the booking and confirmed the time and date to affirm it’s perfect for you. You can send them a reminder message the day before, this will be aimed at reminding them of the
appointment. An example of the message can be

Sample SMS text Message – Dear Itoro,Don’t forget your appointment tomorrow with XYZ Dental Hospital Limited at 9.00am. If you can’t make it, text or call us on 080-9502-9999 to re-schedule it.


Payment Reminder
Customers sometimes forgot they are owing due to their busy schedule and others have a habit of not wanting to pay at all. This is more cumbersome in a country like Nigeria where you have to chase customers around for their unpaid debts. At times you send them email other time letters to remind them, but all this look like pest.

You can simplify them by making the process easy for both of you, by sending them a scheduled reminder SMS and include a link they can click and proceed to their invoice then pay online on your website (your web designer can design this custom site easily). Infact, this can be scheduled to be auto-sent the moment payment is due to debtors; on a daily, weekly, monthly or any timeline you want.

Infact, if you want to take it a step higher for bad debt such as troublesome customers, you can send them daily reminder; which will force them to pay just to avoid seeing the message constantly ; since it’s automated, it’s stress free to you embarassing to them if 3rd party sees it.

With 98% open rate for SMS, you get more people clicking the link and paying off your debt, making the work of your Marketing and Account Department easier and stress free.

Sample SMS text Message

Sample Message Title: Your Debt

Dear Exe, our records show that you still owe us N33,000. This needs paying immediately. Please follow the link to make the payment


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