Practical Ways of Promoting a Restaurant with BULK SMS

Food joints, Mama Put, Chinese eateries, Hotel Restaurants and other continental eateries are springing up everyday, this makes the industry competition very fierce. Those that can innovate succed, others die a natural death.

This led to a need for unique way of promoting your restaurant that will give you a diffrent result. Below are practical steps you can use to promote your restaurant business:



#1. RESTAURANT: Fill up a slow day

Have Cool Marketing Group send your opt-in subscriber list a discount coupon or offer that expires in 4 to 8 hours. Let’s say Tuesday from 12pm to 1pm is one of your slowest days and times of the week. Offer a FREE drink to everyone who shows up at your eatery and shows their promotional text message to the waitress. For example, asuming you have 300 people on your “weekday” Bulk SMS subscriber list. Request we send out your FREE drink offer Tuesday morning around 11am, right when people are thinking of food and drink. You’ll probably get around a 10-15% response rate. Now you’ve turned your near- empty restaurant into one with some energy and about 30-40 people.

Nothing drives sales up than passionate crowd all aroud clamouring to be served in the restaurant. This assures customers you are good at what you do, foster word of mouth advert and becomes a converging point for meetings and discussions.


#2. RESTAURANTS: Stop wasting products

If you have 10 steaks in your walk-in that won’t make it another day, then offer them at a major discount (half off?) to the first 10 customers. Think about it, no more waste. When your chef needs to use an item up quickly, have a text message sent to your subscriber list and offer the first customers to respond a nice discount on those specific items. Putting a limit on the number of discounts (first 10 or first 20) available is a great way to drive the results you’re looking for. From your opt-in subscriber’s frame of mind, fear of loss or missing out is the biggest motivator of all. Many restaurant owners and managers would never think of this tactic but it is one of many creative Bulk SMS marketing ideas.


#3. RESTAURANTS: Let it rain

When rain is impending send out a Bulk SMS alert to your subscriber list offering them a deal that can’t be missed. Remember, fear of loss is a big motivator, especially when the offer is only valid for a few hours or one day. Your text message can say something like “Hi (customer’s name). It’s (your name) from (your restaurant) and I’ve got a sweet rainy day deal to pass on. Today ONLY WHILE ITS RAINING come in and get (your cool, valuable and exclusive offer). Just show this text msg.

Take advantage of strange or typical weather when you have access to unlimited Bulk SMS marketing ideas and message requests with


To get started with your bulk sms marketing, just like domino Pizza does at point of payment, collect your customer name and phone number and save it. Save the contact and upload into your account, if you don’t have an sms account, click here to setup an account and begin sending an SMS. In addition, if you have solutions you will like to integrate the bulksms gateway into, our developers can handle this for you, click here.

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