rUPDATE as Sender name

Recently, few customers are complaining that their account shows rUPDATE when message is sent to their MTN number. So they ask the simple question of “Why am I getting rUPDATE on my phone instead of the Sender Name I used?”

The change of sender name on your bulk SMS to rUPDATE on your MTN number was recently initiated by MTN, especially on MTN numbers that are DND active? Meanwhile amazingly, non-DND active MTN numbers and other networks (Airtel, Etisalat and GLO) will receive your Sender Name.

Interestingly, MTN numbers that are not DND active and other networks DO NOT get rUPDATE. Only DND active MTN numbers mostly. You can call MTN call centre or deactivate DND on your MTN number, click here. delivers to all DND numbers when sent through our corporate route; as we can override Do Not Disturb on MTN numbers and deliver to them.

On the other hand, we suggest a solution that will ensure your recipients recognize the Sender immediately they receive your SMS even when they get “rUPDATE”.

As a standard practice for professional SMS message, always introduce yourself in every message content – don’t assume the receipient now you. “We advise you start your MESSAGE content with your Sender Name so that your SMS recipients will quickly recognize the Sender on opening the SMS.”

For instance, after filling in your Sender name as EDIAROSMS, start the content with EDIAROSMS or include your name inbetween the message body: *Your message*. This will still achieve the purpose of customized bulk SMS.

Alternatively, you can consider registering the sender ID, so that it will deliver to DND and others. We have gone a step further to simplify the process of applying for sender name registration for standard, corporate and financial routes so you can easily do it from your dashboard. To learn about how to register Sender ID and delivery to DND numbers, click here.

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