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  • Marketing your Business in Nigeria with SMS

    Bulk SMS is the new age technology that has not only caught the fancy of youngsters but also business organizations to be used as an effective means of marketing. In today’s highly competitive market, traders and business entrepreneurs are always trying to find out new ways that will help them reach out to maximum number […]

  • How Tertiary Institution Departmental Associations Can Use Bulk SMS

    All departments in tertiary institutions have an association that governs or controls the general activities of the department. There is an executive body comprising of majorly the president, the vice-president, the General Secretary, the treasurer, the public relation officer (PRO), the financial secretary, director of sports, director of socials, among others. All the Executives and […]

  • Sample Wedding SMS Invitation & Appreciation

    ediarosms.com now offers an exciting list of sample template wedding invitation messages and other related sample messages. Some of these messages can be found below. In the sample messages, you will need to replace the placeholders (ie #….#) with the relevant information. For instance, #TIME# will be replaced with the time of the event (e.g […]

  • How to use Bulk SMS in Schools

    ediarosms.com has Bulk SMS for Schools is a fast and easy way to bulk SMS pupils, parents, guardians, patrons, teachers and other personnels. Schools administrators should  leverage on the most efficient and reliable bulk sms in Nigeria to send bulk text messages – because there are lots of information to pass across that are essential […]

  • How to Promote your Business with Bulk SMS

    If you own a business that provides goods or services to Customers then you must have noticed that each of these Customers use mobile phones. Smart business owners take advantage of this opportunity to promote thier business with bulk SMS. This ultimately will improve your profitability, ensure swift operation, improve customer service, public awareness among […]