Wedding Planning & Post-Wedding SMS Messaging

Marriage is a very special day in ones life which everybody looks forward to. The process of organising the wedding is usually carried on by the Husband (Groom) to be, Wife (Bride) to be, Father inlaw, Mother inlaw, Spouse siblings, family and friends.

To make the day a success, each couple, family and friends need to invite alot of people; with to attend the event; unfortunately, many important people still don’t get the invitation cards due the busy wedding plans, work, limited quantity of the card and far distance apart across the country and even abroad. Others include not be appreciated for granting your invitation and attending your wedding and not been updated about time sensitive information. Which then lead to conflict before and/or after for just avoidable break in communication.

To ensure a hitch free wedding planning process and answer the question of how to inform family and friends about my wedding, team take special time to study the frequent problems usually encountered and develop a unique SMS gateway we believe you can adopt to use to send instant SMS Text to invite family and friends.

This is believed to be effective because virtually everybody can’t relax when they receive a text message until they read it – so you are sure your messages will get to your intended prospects. SMS usually takes seconds to flip thru and can be sent to people locally and internationally anytime you desire.

You can compose your message and send message instantly, schedule it for our system to automatically deliver it to your intended recipients on your specified date and time, send and automate message reminder to be resent at a later date, programme an appreciation SMS  to be delivered to few days after the wedding among others.

The SMS text to your wedding ceremony, inform them about the event programme of event, venue, date, R.S.V.P. (event organisers/co-ordinators), notify people about the uniform aso-ebi; cap, gele among others.

The step by step process below will simplify the event process and make it hitch free to effectively manage your wedding programme planning:

  1. Extract Phone Numbers from your Phone
  2. Create an account on
  3. Create a group on and name it properly (e.g. My wedding, Yetunde Wedding 2018)
  4. Upload the contacts to the new group just created
  5. Compose the SMS Text message (Invitation, Appreciation, Advertisement) you want to send to them
  6. Click on Send to deliver instantly or choose your preferred date and time you want our system to auto deliver the message to your contacts.
  7. Message will be delivered immediately or scheduled and to your set date.

To get started, open an account it takes less than 60 seconds.  Sample wedding SMS templates can be found in Events & Programs Menu after login. Alternatively, you can click here to see plain text you can easily adopt anyone, edit to your preference and send. You can also add your template for other customers to use.

Click here Now!! to open an account, get free test SMS unit , existing customers can login here and begin messaging

For support, contact team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

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