Why Try Mass Marketing Text Messaging

Deliver hundreds of thousands of text messages using our mass text messaging platform. Our system allows your bulk smsbusiness to deliver promotional messages, alerts and other information via SMS to your subscribers, existing customers, prospects or any other marketing list.

Send mass text messages to generate leads from qualified prospects or contact your existing customers to encourage repeat business. ediarosms allows you to send scheduled texts to your target list, to send messages in small batches or to send an immediate broadcast.

Our volume pricing lets you save money the more you send. Our cost-effective platform is designed to help you reach your marketing targets and achieve profitable, measurable results.


Why should your business use mass text messaging?

If your business wants to keep in touch with its existing customers or reach out to a brand new audience, mass SMS marketing is the channel to choose. Virtually all Nigeria adults own and regularly use a mobile phone, giving SMS campaigns a serious reach.

Even better, people are far more likely to read SMS text messages than emails. While many email messages go unnoticed or get deleted before they’re read by their recipients, mass text lets you put your message directly in front of a responsive audience.

With our cheap bulk pricing, mass SMS is also much more affordable than direct mail (such as Nipost bulk mail). For the same cost as a direct mail campaign targeted to just a few thousand people, you can reach an audience of hundreds of thousands or even millions using targeted mass text messages, which even delivers faster.


How does our mass text messaging service work?

ediarosms messaging platform is designed with ease of use in mind, while offering your business incredible power to reach new prospects and existing customers through SMS. Even if you don’t think you’re a “technical” person, you can quickly set up and launch your SMS campaign within 60 seconds.

Creating your free ediarosms account and launching your campaign is simple. Fund your campaign by selecting your desired number of credits. Our volume pricing means you’ll save money on each message when you send en masse.

Upload or create your contact list and prepare your SMS message. Using our platform, you can choose to deliver your message immediately or schedule it to for a specific time and date. You will get a delivery report which allows you to track your campaign’s results live.


Send dynamic texts with a great response rate

ediarosms.com user friendly platform lets you quickly and easily create dynamic SMS messages that use custom data fields to display a user’s name or other information. Dynamic texts are a great way to improve your response rate and generate a higher return on investment from your campaign.

Easily integrate ediarosms with your website, mobile app, CRM or ERP solution through our SMS Gateway API. With our API, you can easily deliver SMS notifications and contextual information to your users and customers for account verification and other purposes.


Mass text pricing means the more you send, the more you save

Thanks to our volume-based pricing, you’ll spend less on each text message when you deliver SMS en masse.You get discount on every message sent when you fund your account through our easy to use mass text platform in bulk.


Benefits of Bulk SMS marketing

We know that SMS is the latest and quickest way to market a business. Many still think that Bulk SMS services are meant for only certain types of businesses. A few people worry that using SMS marketing may seem intrusive and so they are sceptical about using SMS as a tool for marketing. But this is not true. ediarosms offers Bulk SMS marketing for all types of businesses. Listed below are the benefits of Bulk SMS messaging for your business.


Shoot on target
Business owners and marketing managers used to send out marketing messages in the hope that they would land on their target audience. Those days are gone as now. It is essential for a company to make sure that their marketing messages are highly targeted as possible. Bulk SMS marketing is permission based i.e. those who receive your messages will either already have a relationship with you or have previously agreed to receive marketing messages from you.


Low Cost and High ROI
For small to medium sized businesses the cost of outdoor advertising like Newspaper ads, TV commercials among others is very exhorbitant. On the other hand, Bulk SMS services have low set up and running costs. Campaigns can be launched and implemented for a tiny fraction of cost, yet you can contact 1000 targeted customers in a
matter of seconds.


We all know the speed at which SMS works. SMS messages are quickly sent, read more or less instantly (within 5 Marketing Bulk SMS Text Messaging in Nigeria and Globally ediarosms.comseconds on average) and quickly responded to. Once you send it into a bulk SMS gateway, text messages take seconds to be sent out. Bulk SMS works at a much higher pace compared to emails, which are now being considered outdated for marketing. With this in mind, if you want your messages to be read by the highest number of people in your marketing database, choose SMS text marketing.



Integration with marketing campaigns
One major benefits of Bulk text messaging is the potential it has when it is integrated into marketing campaigns. Social and traditional media are not always the most effective methods to reach your customers on time. Simply incorporate SMS with other marketing methods and reach your target audience on time ensuring that they know
what you are offering.


Save Money
Time is money, and SMS marketing saves huge amounts of time. By scheduling SMS components, you can organize your SMS marketing campaigns for later dates. This is a great way to manage your time efficiently.


Straight to the point
An SMS message is not an essay. Keep it precise, short and meaningful. 1 SMS credit allows you 160 characters in a text (similar to twitter), so use it wisely. Extra characters over 160 cost the price of an extra credit. It will be much easier for the customer to read the message because it’s shorter than most emails.


  • Why SMS Marketing
    91% of adults keep their smartphones within arm’s reach
  • 97% of people open a text within 4 minutes of receiving it
  • 19%of people will click the URL in an SMS, compared to just 4.2% for emails
  • 57% of consumers would consider opting in to a brand’s SMS loyalty programme
  • 66% of people suffer from ‘nomophobia’, the fear of being without a mobile phone
  • 30% SMS campaigns receive an average response rate of 30%, compared to email campaigns, which is 4%


Why choose ediarosms.com

When you want to start your bulk sms, we advise you consider ediarosms, there are many reasons Why you should choose ediarosms.com for your Bulk SMS Messaging and start connecting with your prospects and existing customers through SMS, among which are.

  • We offer super-competitive pricing. Unlike anyone else, we can cleanse your contact lists – if you’re sending messages to dead mobile numbers, we will tell you so you don’t waste money sending to them again
  • Our dashboard and software is world class… try us once and you will see the difference.
  • We don’t use cheap foreign SMS routes – we only use genuine white routes
  • Our friendly Nigerian account managers are happy to help, and we will even send and manage your campaigns if you want us to.
  • With its fantastic read rate and low delivery costs, mass text message marketing is one of the most cost effective and profitable marketing channels for your business.
  • More reasons Why you should choose ediarosms.com for your Bulk SMS Messaging


Ready to start your mass text messaging campaign?

Click here Now!! to open an account, get free test SMS unit , existing customers can login here and begin messaging

For support, contact ediarosms.com team via support@ediarosms.com or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

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