[iconbox title=”Easy web interface” icon=”fa-thumbs-o-up” style=”top_icon_circle” icon_color=”#3a393d” icon_bor_color=”#3a393d” text_align=”center” url=”http://www.ediarosms.com/sms/registration” target=”_blank” frame=”non_framed”]We develop a user-friendly system for sending SMS. You can create an account & get test credits to send free Bulk SMS all within 60 seconds, Try it NOW!![/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”Export Phone Contacts” icon=”fa-laptop” style=”top_icon_circle” icon_color=”#3a393d” icon_bor_color=”#3a393d” text_align=”center” url=”http://ediarosms.com/resource/ultimate-sms-how-to/how-to-extract-phone-numbers-from-your-phone” target=”_blank” frame=”non_framed”]Extracting phone numbers from existing mobile is sometimes complex. Use our guide to export from your Android, IOS & Blackberry phone.[/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”Import Phone Contacts” icon=”fa-magic” style=”top_icon_circle” icon_color=”#3a393d” icon_bor_color=”#3a393d” text_align=”center” url=”http://ediarosms.com/resource/ultimate-sms-how-to/batch-contact-upload-how-to-upload-numbers” target=”_blank” frame=”non_framed”]Type your contacts or import your phone numbers & begin sending them SMS easily. We support in vcard, .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf or .txt formats.[/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”Schedule SMS messages” icon=”fa-gears” style=”top_icon_circle” icon_color=”#3a393d” icon_bor_color=”#3a393d” text_align=”center” url=”http://ediarosms.com/uncategorized/how-to-send-scheduled-sms-text-message” target=”_blank” frame=”non_framed”]Program your SMS messages for later delivery. Set up multiple schedules once and let our system handle delivery at your preferred date and time[/iconbox]
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SMS doesn’t have to be over-complicated or break the bank, that’s why we develop a custom bulk SMS gateway that’s very easy to use. Been web based makes it accessible everywhere and suitable for individual & Organisation to send sms online.

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Our SMS portal gateway is dynamic & constantly upgraded to your custom needs

[iconbox title=”Financial Services” icon=”fa fa-list-alt” style=”aside_rounded_icon” icon_color=”#3a393d” icon_bor_color=”#3a393d” text_align=”left” url=”http://www.ediarosms.com/resource/tutorials/how-to-use-sms-in-financial-sector” target=”_blank” frame=”non_framed”]Payment reminders, notification, Booking & Ticketing Confirmations, fund transfer alert.[/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”SMS Marketing” icon=”fa fa-spinner” style=”aside_rounded_icon” icon_color=”#3a393d” icon_bor_color=”#3a393d” text_align=”left” url=”http://www.ediarosms.com/resource/how-to-increase-sales-with-sms-text-message-marketing” target=”_blank” frame=”non_framed”]Advertising SMS, Flash sales, loyalty campaign, limited availability promotions[/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”Buy SMS Credit” icon=”fa fa-credit-card-alt” style=”aside_rounded_icon” icon_color=”#3a393d” icon_bor_color=”#3a393d” text_align=”left” url=”http://www.ediarosms.com/sms/pricing” target=”_blank” frame=”non_framed”]Buy SMS Credit with Card, Bank Transfer,Bitcoin,Perfect Money, WU..[/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”Events & Appointment Manager” icon=”fa fa-bell” style=”aside_rounded_icon” icon_color=”#3a393d” icon_bor_color=”#3a393d” text_align=”left” target=”_blank” frame=”non_framed”]Automate programs and appointments: Invite, Remind & Appreciate them with SMS[/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”Birthday SMS Manager” icon=”fa fa-birthday-cake” style=”aside_rounded_icon” icon_color=”#3a393d” icon_bor_color=”#3a393d” text_align=”left” url=”http://www.ediarosms.com/resource/tutorials/birthday-sms-manager-events-programs” target=”_self” frame=”non_framed”]Automate Annual Birthday Congratulatory Message to everyone like a pro[/iconbox]
[iconbox title=”Fast, Secure & Reliable” icon=”fa fa-power-off” style=”aside_rounded_icon” icon_color=”#3a393d” icon_bor_color=”#3a393d” text_align=”left” url=”http://www.ediarosms.com/resource/news/why-choose-ediarosms-com-for-your-bulk-sms-messaging” target=”_blank” frame=”non_framed”]All text messages are delivered quickly via genuine white routes around the world[/iconbox]

Ideas to improve your business with SMS

  • Send promotional SMS to your customers with few clicks.
  • Send mass survey SMS to customers to gather improve.
  • Quickly contact field staff e.g Engineers & Drivers.
  • Send safety, security alerts & procedures to your staff
  • Text discount coupons to reward loyal customers.
  • Send notifications, news, alerts to all staff worldwide.
  • Promote your website landing pages with links in the SMS
  • Automate Payment reminder and order status updates
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Our company has been serving SME and Multinationals globally for various services for about a decade. Few of them are listed below

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Everyday, ediarosms customers rely on our service for fast, efficient mass text messaging globally. Hear from some of our own customers what makes our service valuable!!

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[calltoaction button=”yes” buttonlabel=”REGISTER NOW!” link=”http://www.ediarosms.com/sms/registration” buttoncolor=”white” buttonsize=”medium” buttonstyle=”simple” button_position=”right” target_blank=”yes” text_position=”left” text_color=”#ffffff”]Opening an ediarosms account takes less than 60 seconds. You get Free SMS Credits to test our service. Click here to register & begin NOW!![/calltoaction]
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