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Please be informed that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has directed all Telecommunications Company (MTN, GLO, Airtel, Etisalat, etc.) to allow existing subscribers to opt-in to receive SMS on Telemarketing, including but not limited to Value Added Services, e.g. flight schedule, weather forecast etc. in conformity with Part 111, section 20 (2) of CCPR, while consent of new subscribers will be sought to opt-in at the beginning of the contract.

MTN NG has in response, implemented a Full Blocking mode for Do-Not-Disturb on some numbers without the consent of the subscribers on their network.

The implication of this is that, all bulk SMS that is sent to phone numbers that have been placed on Do-Not-Disturb by MTN NG will be rejected and you will still be charged, because the networks charge us for all submissions regardless of the status.

This is a general directive affecting unsolicited messages (Bulk SMS) only, phone to phone messages and bank alerts are not affected, and it has been in force since the 1st of July, 2016.

We therefore advise all stakeholders to inform their recipients whose numbers are on the DND list (as indicated by the rejected SMS shown in the delivery report) to contact their respective networks to have them removed from the DND list before their numbers can be allowed to receive Bulk SMS on them.


Corporate Route: Final Solution to Do-Not-Disturb (DND).
Since the implimentation of Do-Not-Disturb (DND), it has been accorded as laudable as it put a stop to the menace of unsolicited SMS in Nigeria, it has also created a lot headache for Nigerians especially business owners, religious organizations, associations and NGOs. Not left out are individuals that need to invite their family members and friends to events such as wedding ceremony, birthday parties and other social functions.


The Corporate Route

Its our pleasure to let you know that we have integrated a lasting solution to this problem that has been plaguing Bulk SMS in Nigeria since June 2016.

To cater to the need of individuals and corporate organizations that have express permission to contact phone numbers on DND by SMS, a provision has been made to deliver their messages via the Corporate Route. Corporate Route allows you send SMS to phone numbers on DND provided you have the expressed permission to do so. It is our pleasure to inform you that such Corporate Route has been integrated on our website

We have gone a step further to simplify the process of applying for sender name registration for standard, corporate and financial routes so you can easily do it from your dashboard. To learn about how to register Sender ID and delivery to DND numbers, click here.


What Does It Cost to Use the Corporate Route?

A message via the Corporate Route cost N3.00 to Nigeria phone numbers.


How do I Get The Corporate Route?

To use this route to send SMS, Kindly, send an email stating your intention and quoting your username to or call (+234)080-9502-9999. We will be glad to place you on the route. We’ll have all your questions answered.

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