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Requirements to Register SMS Sender ID for United Kingdom (UK)

Requirements to Register SMS Sender ID for United Kingdom (UK) 150 150

The requirements for registering a Sender ID/Name for UK Bulk SMS Text messaging on are:

  1. Sender IDs to register
  2. Example of sms message content
  3. Your uk phone number
  4. Company name
  5. Company registered country
  6. Business type to be reported

Email the requirements to our contact below for us to process accordingly. The average timeline for registration is about 72 hours.

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For support, contact team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

Expert Tips for Using Bulk SMS in Your Business

Expert Tips for Using Bulk SMS in Your Business 150 150

Running a successful business can be difficult for an enterpreneur; which is why they mostly seek innovative ways to outsmart their competitors. In many cases methods that will boost their income, cost effective and easy to use – bulk sms text messaging get’s to fit perfectly into this position.

Below are few ways you can use Bulk SMS in your business:

Advertising Specials, New release, Discounts and Promos:
There is nothing worse than having no feedback or a poor turn out when you advertise a specials, new release, discounts and promos on your products and services. With SMS, you will be sending a personal invitation to each of your clients, so they are more than likely to make use of your offer as they feel as if the offer was made just for them.

When you use a global Bulk SMS website like, you can simply personalise the message to show the receipients name automatically with the message you send in a simple way.

Use SMS to say “Thank you”:
In business school and real live business operation, it’s advisable to have a solid after sales service to retain returning customers, unfortunately, after sales service is almost non-existent in most companies, which leaves a huge gap in repeat customers. A simple SMS to thank your customers for purchasing from you or using your service will make them feel highly appreciated, and likely to return to purchase or use your business.

A case that happended was when a client was checking out of Kwara Hotel, Ilorin, Nigeria and got an Thank you message from the Hotel, he said it out loud that he will definitely return to the hotel as this is the first time is getting such SMS instantly as it’s checking out, amazingly, the SMS doesn’t cost more than N2 maximum.

Infact, you can use the SMS API to customise the message sending to immediately after placing the order, few hours later, next day and even request their feedback via sms integrated to your existing system. If you don’t know how to go around this, development team will be willing to handle this for you at a fee.

Get Feedback:
Any business owner knows that operating a business without feedback is like driving a car with your eyes closed. Feedback from your clients and customers is extremely important to know if your campaigns are successful or not, and steer you in the right direction. You can request for customers to comment about how you are doing and what you can do to improve your response by responding to a number, clicking on a url, sending email etc. Which can even come with small incentive.

Set up NOW, click here, You will receive some free SMS credits for testing. There is no set up or monthly fee and your text credits never expire. We’re here to help you get the most out of SMS in your business, so we’d love to hear from you. existing customers can login here and begin messaging

For support, contact team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

Bulk SMS Reseller

Bulk SMS Reseller 150 150

Become a bulk SMS Reseller with - sign up today.

Reseller Bulk SMS account gives you the opportunity to earn huge income at flexible working hours and become your own boss. The Reseller Solution enables Bulk SMS clients to earn additional revenue by buying and then reselling SMS credits in smaller quantities to their customers.

At, we have simplified the process for you to get a complete bulk SMS website of your own ( and sell directly to your customers, set your own prices, manage your members, get orders, approve purchases, credit members, view transactions, etc. Your customers will never have the knowledge of where you are buying SMS from.

We also have robust and affordable reseller packages, which means with a small amount of money, you can own a Bulk SMS website and begin selling SMS globally to customers.

Bulk SMS Reseller Advantage

  • SMS Reseller will expand their current commercial business relationship to current clients to include feature to begin sending out bulk SMS.
  • Reseller can set prefered billing arrangement with their clients; online or offline. They can bill per SMS, daily, weekly or monthly and collect their money in Cash, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin (BTC), PerfectMoney (PM) among others.
  • Bulk SMS Resellers don’t incur huge overhead cost of travelling and sales agents; as they can train the customers, have text and video tutorials online or visit and show the customer how to use it. In fact, resellers can integrate the Bulk SMS to client existing website, application, software, portal and mobile app and enable them send messages from within it.
  • Bulk SMS resellers can set prices as they deem fit and give discount or bonus credit to any customer they so desire.

If you are ready to begin your Reseller SMS Text Messaging Business, click here to Sign Up NOW!

How Does it work?
You will apply for reseller account after meeting the necessary criterias. Our team will setup your reseller website on your prefered domain name. Afterwards, login details will be given to you to brand and design the information pages and contents. By default the solution comes with wide range of useful admin features that will make the process easy to manage; without getting involved with any technical coding or advanced IT experience (such as server management, SMS gateway Integration, Payment gateway integration, design and programming etc). In fact you don’t even have access to those complicated coding and files aspect at all. Within hours, you will be able to begin to resell SMS credits globally at your desired prices and keep the profits.

Resellers have the advantage of selling SMS at any price they wish and can manage their subscribers on their own using their own control panel. You get the same quality with the support of our bulk SMS platform providers, so no need to worry. Better still, you will get a fully designed website, registered and hosted, with an online SMS application already set-up for you to get going.

How Do I get Started
A complete and functional reseller website will cost you a one time sign-up fee of NGN 20,000. The package comes with 2,000 Naira free SMS credits, one year free domain and web hosting, online debit/credit card payment processor Integrated, message scheduling feature, personalized SMS (Text Merge), DND management among others.

Reseller Request should forward us their: Surname, Firstname, Company Name, Email, Telephone Number and Desired Domain name (perferably 3 different names if you don’t have any registered yet) and email them to us via Email: or Call/SMS (+234) 080-9502-9999

To get started, click here to open your Bulk SMS reseller account NOW!


How to Deactivate Do Not Disturb on all Nigerian GSM Networks

How to Deactivate Do Not Disturb on all Nigerian GSM Networks 150 150

Many customers complain that they have been receiving Bulk SMS on their phone, all of a sudden, they stopped How to Deactivate Do not disturb (DND) on your mobile phone in nigeriareceiving the messages, this has become worrisome for alot of people.

Since the directive by Nigerian Telecommunication Communication Commission to impliment DND meaning Do Not Disturb in July 2016 to disallow Bulk SMS sent to mobile number without your permission, this policy has been gradually implimented by Mobile operators such as MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, Airtel etc in Nigeria.

While other customers activated the DND personally, we discover the fault of others who did not subscribe to it is auto-activated by the GSM operator; thereby blocking such messages from deliver.

Solution to DND

Here is a solution to this DND (Do Not Disturb) issue, which blocks your phone number or your contacts from receiving bulk sms. Simply follow the advice as provided by GSM networks in Nigeria.

  • Text START to 2442 on your ETISALAT number that has stopped receiving Bulk SMS.
  • Text ALLOW to 2442 on your MTN number that has stopped receiving Bulk SMS.
  • Text CANCEL to 2442 on your GLO number that has stopped receiving Bulk SMS.
  • Text OUT to 2442 on your AIRTEL number that has stopped receiving Bulk SMS.

It has been discovered that MTN and AIRTEL networks have imposed DND without subscribers’ consent but you can still confirm by texting STATUS to 2442.

In case these codes don’t work, kindly call your Customer Care. (MTN 180, Etisalat 200, Airtel 111 or 121, GLO 121 or 200)

For further inquiries, contact us via email: or call (+234)080-9502-9999.

How to Use Bulk SMS to Manage Your School

How to Use Bulk SMS to Manage Your School 150 150

The questions that’s usually at the mind of a School HeadMaster/HeadMistress, Principal, Provost, Rector or Vice Chancellor are similar. This are usually circled around how do they increase the students population every session, reduce the rate at which angry parents flocks to the school, always complaining of one thing or the other is becoming alarming and parents are taking their kids every day. You ask yourself “How do I manage this school? Aren’t we going down? Or maybe you just established your dream school and you need help on where to start to manage it effectively?

Well, look not too far away, the answer is right there in your pocket. Bulk SMS can transform your school in terms of management in wonderful ways you never expected.

Below are ways you can use bulk SMS to manage your school effectively:

If you are thinking of increasing the population of your school in no time, then advertisement should be an integral part of your management plans. Bulk SMS marketing has been found very effective for lots of firms, organizations and businesses in the area of growing them, and schools aren’t an exception.



Lots of schools have the PTA that provides an avenue for parents and teachers to come together and discuss pertinent issues about the school and the student’s welfare.
Bulk SMS effectiveness for this purpose will be in the area of increasing attendance to such associations meetings by making bulk SMS a mode of reminder, and also reduce cost of inviting the parents through letters as bulk SMS has been proven cheaper. Infact, as your school grows, which bulk SMS will undoubtedly do for you, you might start using short codes in the messages to confirm attendance of these parents.



The innate desire for their children to succeed. That is their dreams. Schools are excellent opportunities to groom them to attain the top status in life. Every parent will be extremely happy to get information about the performance of their children in school. Intimating them with this information through bulk SMS is very effective.
Not only will it make their trust in you strong, it can also improve the students and very good for the image and status of your school.



As your school keeps growing, it becomes unavoidably important to carry out some major projects in the school so the growth can continue in the same exponential rate.
This is where source for funds comes in. While the conventional and much official use of letters to request for funds and fundraising ceremonies are quite effective, you can also use bulk SMS to remind the parents of this projects and get all the funds you need to bring it to fruition. You could even make them take the action through the SMS by using “call to actions”.



Nothing makes a parent angrier than spending so much on their kids only to realize they aren’t giving them value for what they spend. No parent will scream at you for giving him information that will help his son/daughter become a better person. On the contrary, they will feel more drawn to you and get the feeling their children are in good hands.



In some secondary schools, a sizeable number of the students have cell phones they use when at home with the supervision of their parents. Bulk SMS can also be an effective way to intimate them about important assignments, deadlines and projects that has to be done. This makes managing of these students more effective. Some educational school clubs like the debaters, quiz and press clubs equally use bulk SMS to organize the meetings and competitions. Even tutorials that boost student’s academic performance can be pushed through bulk SMS. I assure you the parents appreciate this.



Parents will know better that not all their young pupil or children remember when they have homework given to them from school, and who can really blame them, it’s that time in their developmental circle. So instead of simply marking ‘homework’ and writing the date inside the kids textbooks, any parent will appreciate it if they get a message from the school telling them about this homework their pupil or children has got.



Sometimes, unexpected events might make it expedient for the school to close earlier than usual. The parents deserve to know why their kids are returning home earlier than it should be. They can’t just rely on the not always truthful and not always satisfactory explanation coming from the child. They deserve to hear from you and you know it.



During special days like holidays and other important celebrations, you can send goodwill messages to your students’ parents. Some schools even send messages acknowledging the students’ birthdays to their parents, and that makes the parents feel their kids are loved. And what more? Special days like the Christmas and New Year celebrations comes usually come around when the students are on holidays. Do you know what a message to the parents during this time will do for you? It makes you remain in their mind for the upcoming session.




They might not tell you in most cases, but I tell you, parents always want to be informed about all the happenings in their children’s school. Such is their strong desire to see their kid do well. Tuition fees for new terms, dates of upcoming exams and even the next term or next session resumption dates can be communicated with parents via SMS. It’s cheaper and very effective.
The above mentioned points are very effective means of managing your school, but they are far from been the only ones. If you need an effective, affordable and quality bulk SMS platform for your school, Register now and watch how applying the above suggestions can transform your school in no time. Get free SMS units instantly after registration.


Click here Now!! to open an account, get free test SMS unit and begin sending messages.

For inquiries, contact support team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

How to use Bulk SMS in Schools

How to use Bulk SMS in Schools 150 150 has Bulk SMS for Schools is a fast and easy way to bulk SMS pupils, parents, guardians, patrons, teachers and other
personnels. Schools administrators should  leverage on the most efficient and reliable bulk sms in Nigeria to send bulk text messages – because there are lots of information to pass across that are essential to run a successful session. Such communcation is easy, simple and very cheap when done with Bulk SMS. Especially when you have a complete contact list of your pupils students and teachers – from point of registration to completion.

Setting up an Account is free and there are no monthly fees or other hidden cost. Schools only pay for the SMS’es they have purchased.

There are dozens of ways in which schools use bulk sms text messaging as a way of communicating.

Below are some of the most important update you can use Bulk SMS for:

  • Resumption date and Holidays
  • Instant messages to parents for emergency purposes
  • Send student’s performance in grades to parents
  • Inform parents of dates of upcoming exams to help their students study at home
  • Reminders to students on certain deadlines or outings
  • Event Reminders – Remind parents of meeting, location and pickup times
  • Weather alerts – The weather always seems to play havoc with trips and sporting events.
  • Staff contact – Keep in touch with teachers or other members of staff
  • Coursework deadlines – Reminder of crucial deadlines for coursework
  • Exam dates – Text alerts with location and timing of examinations (where applicable)

Other extra-curricular activities and academic programmes and events during the school session can be more organized: Inter-house sports, Open Day, Literacy Day, with other newly developed initiatives for the pupils.

Click Register for bulk sms and start sending to parents and teachers

For inquiries, contact support team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

Make Money from BULK SMS Messaging Business

Make Money from BULK SMS Messaging Business 150 150

Handling the communication and public relation service for most business is cumbersome and complex. Unfortunately, most Managing Directors are too busy to look inward at alternative ways to solve their headaches. If you can device a way around this, you will be making alot of money at the same time become a Digital Communication strategist easily; using bulk SMS text Message.



Bulk SMS is usually a web based solution used for sending message from Mobile Phone to PC. As an entrepreneur,
you can simply open an account, invest a small capital – by buying SMS units as small as N5000 ($16) and begin sending text messages on behalf of other people, to Nigerians and Internationally. This business is lucrative in nature because you have the liberty to charge organizations whatever amount you like.

Brief Business Analysis of Bulk SMS Messaging Services

The secret of this service is that it cannot be send through mobile, it can only be sent through the internet. The next point of action is to start this business, you have to look out for a standard bulk sms provider in the market, such as You can register here and fund your account with adequate balance for the sms unit you will need.

The price tag for bulk sms units is very cheap. Our price ranges from N1.5 to N2 per unit depending on the volume of unit you want to purchase. Click here to check the price list.

You can charge your clients #7 per marketing sms for a minimum of 2000 numbers. For clients that have less than 2000 numbers, you can charge them #10. Obviously this is a very lucarative business with just that slim sales margin.

When you have multiple customers and huge turnover, you become the Managing Director of Your Business.



How Does the Business work?
There are thousands of ways of making money from Bulk SMS Messaging. We advise that you learn how to draft advertising copy, calculating best time to send a message (e.g marketing message have proven to be most effective by 7am on Saturdays), login to your account, type the message, schedule it for a later date & time or send for immediate immediately.

Who are the sample prospective target audience for Bulk SMS text messaging services?

  • Religious Bodies (e.g Mosques) – Meetings Notification, Fund solicitation, News, Disseminating Information
  • Schools – Student Performance updates, PTA Meeting Invitation, Payment reminder, News, School political campaign,
  • Clubs & NGO – Payment due reminder, News updates, Share time sensitive information, Seek Funding, Election campaign
  • University, Polytechnic & Colleges of Education – For Departments communication, Student correspondence, payment reminder
  • Events and Meeting – Individuals, Corporate Organisations, NGO, Religious Bodies, Civil Societies
  • Special Seasons Greetings – Individual and Corporate Customers
  • Wholesellers, Retailers, Resellers, Supermarkets, Chain Stores – For Marketing new stock, Customer Service, Transaction notification, Promos & Discount offer, Advertising Campaign
  • Corporate Bodies (SME Business & Companies) – For internal and External Communication, Media release, News, Marketing, Branding, Notice of Meeting
  • Hospitals – For Patient report notification, payment alert, staff correspondence, patient newsletter
  • Wedding Announcement, Invitations to event and Pre-Schedule Appreciation
  • Automated Birthday Greetings SMS (e.g Banks Birthday greetings), Birthday Announcement, Invitations to event and Pre-Schedule Appreciation
  • Election – Political Parties & Individuals campaigning for votes
  • Government Establishments – Public Enlightment, Tax Due Reminder, Outstanding Payment Reminder, Health awareness
  • Banks & Other Financial Institutions – Statement of Account, Second level verification and many more…
    And Many more



Fact – 1
• Do you know that 1 billion SMS messages are sent by Nigerians Per Year? Now what this means is that N15 billion Naira is being shared annually between a small group of smart & average Nigerians?


Fact – 2
• Do you know that many Nigerians are quickly moving from phone messaging to bulk SMS messaging especially small organizations because it’s cheaper to use online bulk SMS?


Fact – 3
• Have you heard about recent developments in the telecom industry? That more than 40 million Nigerians now use GSM phones and the number keeps increasing daily?


Case Study:

Assuming you visited a Company as a Bulk SMS Client, Meaning you want to handle their routine Bulk SMS Work, and they accept your Proposal, You can Charge them for N6-N10 per SMS, now let’s do a Little Calculation sells SMS for you at the Rate of N2 Each! (Depending on the amount of unit purchased), you charge the customer/Company who need your SMS Service for N6-N10 Each

Then they Decided to Send to 50,000 Customers, Then you have to Purchase 50,000 SMS units.



You have Automatically made:
Amount charged from customer: 50,000 SMS x N6 = N300,000,

Cost of Purchasing SMS: 50,000 SMS x N2 = N100,000.



Profit realised: N200,000 instantly.

Unique features of to aid your Bulk SMS Messaging Services
When you use you get periodic members only update and training on how to optimally utilise bulk sms services. In addition, when you have bulk messages, you can schedule them all in advance and the system will automate the message sending process. And lastly, you get professional hands on experience to assit you for technical support; which can range from Huge unit negotiation, professional hints on exceling in the industry, Developer/Gateway API integration to your client existing portal, software or app of your client among others.



How Do I get started.
1. Create an account now at
2. Draft a 1 page proposal for each organisation you have in mind (you can search for various proposal sample or engage for this service)
3. Submit your proposal personally to the officess or envelope it and dispatch via NIPOST bulk mail service nationwide (it’s slower but much cheaper).

For inquiries, email: or call: (+234) 080-9502-9999

Scheduled SMS Text Message

Scheduled SMS Text Message 150 150

Schedule SMS. Plan your future SMS texts to be always on time. Being able to plan your campaigns ahead is a great advantage and a huge time-saver. We value your time as much as you do, that’s why you can schedule your SMS messages – define sending date and we’ll deliver your messages exactly when you want to.

This feature is perfect for when you know you will not be at your desk when an SMS message needs to go out. You can schedule your SMS text messages to be sent at a future date and time.

It can be used to set up a reminder message the day before an appointment, meeting or event. It can be used to tell customers about a one day only special. You can even schedule SMS messages to go out to yourself, to remind you of any events, meetings or what groceries you need to pick up at the end of the day.


Reasons you should schedule your sends

Life is busy. Work is busy. And things always have a habit of cropping up at the last minute and disturbing you and your plans.

Well with our schedule send tool, these fears and worries are eliminated, allowing you to plan, test and take your time with your mobile marketing campaign.

So scheduling your daily, weekly or monthly sends can really help plan your work load. Here are just 5 reasons why you should be scheduling your sends.

1. Planning
By scheduling your sends you can effectively plan your day, week, or month depending on how many campaigns you are scheduling. So you wouldn’t miss out on a very important occassion.


2. Get it ticked off the list
We all have a pile of work on our desk and an over flowing to-do list, so scheduling your campaigns means that you can effectively tick it off the list and know that it will be sent out without fear of you forgetting or getting dragged into other tasks. This definitely will make you appear reliable before your relations and colleagues


3. Send out of your work hours
With schedule sending you don’t have to be restricted to your work hours, for example some retailers are finding success and joy by sending marketing campaigns in the early evening and at weekends.


4. No rushing, no mistakes
By taking your time and testing, you will send a message campaign with no mistakes and exactly when you want. Leaving it until the last minute, only means that you will rush it and encourage mistakes.


5. Prepare for the response
Sending out mobile marketing campaigns can generate huge response rates, we have heard of websites crashing, phone lines blocked with calls and stores almost becoming one in and one out. So by scheduling your messages and letting all your team know when it will go out, you can all prepare for the huge response – you can also spread your send to ease the response.


6. Reach Group of People once

You can reach many people at a  specific and programmed time.


7. Avoids failure and its attendant consequencies.
It eliminates unnecessary problems you face whenever you miss to send a compulsory message


If you have any questions or need any help then please don’t hesitate to ask – we are always here to help.

Scheduling your message is very easy on, follow the 4 simple steps here >>.


How to send Scheduled SMS Text Message

Log on to, create an account or if an existing user, login with  your username and password.

You have to options of sending scheduled SMS text Message on


One time scheduled SMS at the Send SMS Menu . Follow the steps below

  1. Sender ID. Choose appropriate sender ID (e.g your name, company name, event name)
  2. Type. Choose the Type of message you want to send (usually leave as default in Normal SMS)
  3. Paste Recipient Phone Numbers. Enter receipient phone numbers in the format: +234809502999 (works for Nigeria and International) or 08095029999 (Nigeria only)
    3b. Or Select File: (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf or .txt).  If it’s bullk message you can use any of the file format (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf or .txt)  to upload and send message. Sample format is available for your guide.
  4. Message. Enter your message contents. Note that it’s 160 character per page.
  5. Future Date-time. Enter the details in the format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm am. For example this can be 2017-09-16 03:30 pmOptional: If you will need to send another message to the contacts in the future, you can tick the box save these numbers.



2. Events & Programs

Having an event or program can be a complex thing, that’s why we design this menu specifically to meet this custom needs. Vist the events and programs menu , then follow the following 4 steps:



Enter the sender ID (e.g your name, company name, event name) and message type  (usually leave as default in Normal SMS)

Then click Proceed. To move to the next step.



Add Receipient Contact: A drop down menu will open, then enter the contact phone numbers in the format: +234809502999 (works for Nigeria and International) or 08095029999 (Nigeria only)

OR Upload Recipients List (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf, .json or .txt): If it’s bullk message you can use any of the file format (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf or .txt) to upload and send message. Sample format is available for your guide.

Save Contacts To Group: If you want the contact details to be added to an existing group of contacts in your contact list, enter the group name here. Alternatively, enter a new group name to save it on a list.

Also send to ALL numbers from these contact groups. When you have other group of people you want to copy in the message, tick the group name to add them to the list.

Then click Proceed. To move to the next step.



Message Category. This is where you categorise the message type and contents. For example a corporate organisation can have a category/Message template for: Meeting Invitation, Birthday Congratulatory message, Management Meeting etc. The message will be created and saved. If you don’t find it, you can Add new Template easily with the link on the page.

Choose SMS Template. Type some keyword or suggestion of your preffered template and samples will come up for you to select from.

Then click Proceed. To move to the next step.



It’s not compulsory that every menu here has to be entered, some can be left as they are in default menu if they are not relevant.

Date or Periods

SETTINGS PRINCIPLE: Silence means consent. e.g: ‘Every 2am of April’ = ‘Every 2am of every day in April’

Hour. Enter the hour you want the message to be delivered. Message is every 24 hours, so if you want to send the SMS by 6pm, just enter 18.

Choose On if it’s once the message should be sent or Every if you want it to be sent continuously on that hour.


Day of the month. Select the Date you want the message to be delivered, e.g 11, means 11 Day of the month.

Choose On if it’s once the message should be sent or Every if you want it to be sent continuously on that Day.


Month. Select the month of the year you want, e.g 11 means November.

Choose On if it’s once the message should be sent or Every if you want it to be sent continuously on that Month.


Weekday. The day of the week the message is to be delivered, e.g 3 means Tuesday.

Choose On if it’s once the message should be sent or Every if you want it to be sent continuously on that weekdayWeek of the month. Enables you set the week of the month the message is to be entered, e.g 2 means every 2 weeks in the month the message should be sent.


Meaning of current settings. Explains the meaning of the setting you have entered.

Then Select the Menu Save Schedule to complete the process.
Get started now, Click here to create an ediarosms account.

For support, contact team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.