Simplified ALL Round SMS Marketing Solution

Simplified ALL Round SMS Marketing Solution 150 150 is an SMS marketing that works for you. Our simplified system, is robust and can be used independently or combined with existing marketing channels to meet your set objective. Our rates are competitively low, can make your SMS campaigns work harder to improve response rates and communication with customers.

Data protection
The security and protection of the data held in our systems is vital to us. We’ve invested heavily to ensure that it’s not compromised by any means. We have installed SSL Certificate to ensure our site is safe always. It’s efficiency is further enshrined with our dedicated server.
No Contract
We’ve simplified the entire process, infact you can setup an account, Buy SMS Units and Send Bulk Message within 5 minutes. All of our services operate on a simple pay as you go basis. So you are never tie with minimum terms or volumes.


Robust and reliable
We only use direct connections to send SMS and never ever use low grade, international or grey routes for any of our SMS traffic, meaning high speed and high quality.

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For inquiries, Call (+234) 080-9502-9999 or email:

Why Choose for your Bulk SMS Messaging

Why Choose for your Bulk SMS Messaging 150 150 gives provides affordable bulk sms portal that gives customers maximum satisfaction. Usually, after your first trial (free sms available for testing) of our Bulk SMS Gateway, you will definitely be addicted to us like most customers. The reason for this is simple, we give premium and dynamic solutions at a competitively low rate.

Our focus is to offer you the best bulk SMS to satisfy your messaging needs. That’s why our bulk SMS gateway is efficient and you are assured of 99.9% bulk SMS delivery rate and speed. Infact, most delay are usually caused by the GSM/CDMA network service provider.

When your contacts you want to send message to are all over the world, you are rest assured we got you covered; provided you enter the relevant country code (for Non Nigerian contacts; e.g +44 for UK, +1 for USA etc), the system will send the message, auto-calculate and deduct relevant unit from your account accordingly.


Login Notification Alert

ediarosms Security Alerts provide an extra layer of security for your account.

We email you an alert each time specified actions occur on your account (such as login), so you’ll always know if someone is accessing your account without your permission – as you will get a login notification alert always. You will also get an alert when batch SMS message is sent from your account.

You will receive the email on your verified email address, for security purposes.

This is another method of ensuring safe and secured account management on


Our Guarantee

We guarantee you the following when you use our solution:

  • Custom developed solution to meet day to day activities. This is further complimented by simple guides and professional support team.
  • Intelligent auto-sort duplicate phone numbers. Our system will automatically detect and remove duplicated Phone numbers from your senders list. This will prevent sending same message to the same number once; thereby minimising waste of SMS units. This will drastically reduce your SMS sending cost.
  • Are you having Do Not Disturb (DND) issue? We have solution for corporate clients, contact us for more information.
  • Have you been having troubles scheduling SMS for future delivery? Now, your time has come! Schedule as many SMS as you want , sit back and relax and they will be delivered.
  • Our Gateway is Proudly local, truly International. We connect directly to Nigerian GSM providers. Given the global outreach of our company, we can easily deliver SMS globally at a competitively low rate. You can Send Message to over 190 countries in the world! So you don’t need to only focus on Nigeria, you can extend your marketing reach to South Africa, India, Ghana, UK, USA, Canada etc.
  • Our customer support staff are more than ready to serve you 24/7.
  • Reseller package available to enable you make money from bulk SMS business? Click here to see how it works.
  • Fast SMS delivery, create an account to get free SMS units. Then Test it and see for yourself!
  • Delivery SMS report like never before.
  • Lower transaction fee. You can pay into any of our Bank accounts, click here for details.
  • Competitively Cheaper SMS fees, view Pricing here.
  • Instant Account Funding. Pay online with your Debit/Credit Card and automatic get your account funded.
  • For developers and Bulk SMS reseller; we understand you have your solutions. That’s why we’ve created an easy to your SMS Gateway API – to sync with our gateway.
  • Software Integration – Our sister company programmers/developer team has track record of complex integration projects between numerous systems, such as Core Banking solutions, Web portals, Mobile APP among others. They will be happy to handle your integrations at a competitively low rate.


Our Offer
There are many reasons why ediarosms portal is considered an effective way of communication. Some of the most common reasons are;

• Cost Effective

Compared with other forms of communication, SMS is a very cost effective and incredibly practical, reliable and affordable method of communication.

• Extensive Reach

Statistics of mobile communication users is 8-9 times more, compared to other communication Channels. It has advantages over normal telephone, fax and email. The
client receives the message instantly. Messages can be sent to a large number of clients.


Messages can be delivered to the recipient in seconds all depending on the specific gateway used, route of delivery and coverage of the mobile operator.

• Time Saving

Instead of crafting a message and then sending it to each client, one message is created and then sent to a whole group of clients. It can be sent at once to a large
group, manually or automatically which Reduces the time and labor involved. Messages are delivered immediately (or when the phone is turned on).

• Super Network
Reach everyone in the world with a quality experience as our distributed software manages routes through carriers and the internet.

• Programmable Communication

Embed messaging SMS and authentication with your APPs, Software and website with a simple and powerful API

To get started, click here to Open an account and begin to sending SMS. For further inquiries, call (+234)080-9502-9999 or email

How to Ensure Your SMS Delivery

How to Ensure Your SMS Delivery 150 150

Using ediarosms gateway is simple. But to ensure delivery of your message, we implore you to follow the guides below.

1. Keywords to avoid

Keywords to avoid when Sending
Due to the current trend in Bulk SMS Messaging in Nigeria, there has been many regulations aimed at controlling fraud and other unwholesome attitudes. Hence, some keywords are controlled to avoid abuse

To ensure message delivery, please avoid words like “congrats”, “promo(ting)”, “promotion”,”wow”, “splash”, “yellow”, “congrats”, “https”, Bank names in Nigeria (e.g GTBank, UBA, Zenith Bank, Access Bank) e.t.c in your messages.

If you want to send with such details; please contact our support team to customise for you.

2. Do not disturb (DND)

Please be informed that MTN has implemented the “DO NOT DISTURB”(DND) service for some of her subscribers. Any number subscribed to this service will not receive bulk sms messages. To check your status, text “help” to “2442”. To unsubscribe, text “Allow” to “2442”

We have a private route for customers that wants to deliver to such contacts, contact us for private arrangements please.

Learn more about our DND and solution here>>


3. Message Format

Please note the following acceptable format for phone number format are as follows 080…, 23480…, +23470…

Please do not use number without the leading zero or without the international country code (eg 8095029…). Message sent to number like this are sent to international numbers starting with 803… and will be charged accordingly, unfortunately, the message may not be delivered.

To send SMS Text message to multiple phone numbers, always separate multiple numbers with comma “,” eg (08095029999,2348095029999).


4. Copy Number from Notepad

We understand it’s easier to work with your normal PC applications, but to ensure message are plain text and no special character which will hinder your sms message delivery, it’s advisible to type the message in the usual notepad, copy and paste to our ediarosms message box and send.

Alternatively, you can type the message content and phone numbers on your favorite office application such as Microsoft Word, copy the contents, paste them on notepad (to remove formatting), them paste on message sending page and send.


5. Upload Files

Sometimes you already have the files in a format and it will be quiet cumbersome to be changing the format. You may upload the phone number files in this formats: .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf, .json or .txt easily then send the message.

Stamp Duty Charge (Nigeria Only)

Stamp Duty Charge (Nigeria Only) 150 150

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has instructed all deposit banks (DMBs) and financial institutions operating in the country to begin placing a N50 charge on every bank deposit of 1000 and above. According to the circular sent to all deposit banks (DMBs) and financial institutions, banks has now began to charge N50 for every transaction of N1,000 and above transferred into an account either electronically or through a bank teller. This new charge is in accordance with the provision of the Stamp Duties Act and Federal Government Financial Regulations 2009.

Consequently, Banks has implimented the N50.00 stamp duty charge for electronic transfers and teller deposits from N1,000 and above on current accounts. This led to many public uproar, but was still effected.

Hence,  for every deposit received in our Bank account for your transaction; it will attract the extra Stamp duty charge of N50 (Fifty Naira).  So please note this when paying.

Thank you for your usual understanding.


Scheduled SMS Text Message

Scheduled SMS Text Message 150 150

Schedule SMS. Plan your future SMS texts to be always on time. Being able to plan your campaigns ahead is a great advantage and a huge time-saver. We value your time as much as you do, that’s why you can schedule your SMS messages – define sending date and we’ll deliver your messages exactly when you want to.

This feature is perfect for when you know you will not be at your desk when an SMS message needs to go out. You can schedule your SMS text messages to be sent at a future date and time.

It can be used to set up a reminder message the day before an appointment, meeting or event. It can be used to tell customers about a one day only special. You can even schedule SMS messages to go out to yourself, to remind you of any events, meetings or what groceries you need to pick up at the end of the day.


Reasons you should schedule your sends

Life is busy. Work is busy. And things always have a habit of cropping up at the last minute and disturbing you and your plans.

Well with our schedule send tool, these fears and worries are eliminated, allowing you to plan, test and take your time with your mobile marketing campaign.

So scheduling your daily, weekly or monthly sends can really help plan your work load. Here are just 5 reasons why you should be scheduling your sends.

1. Planning
By scheduling your sends you can effectively plan your day, week, or month depending on how many campaigns you are scheduling. So you wouldn’t miss out on a very important occassion.


2. Get it ticked off the list
We all have a pile of work on our desk and an over flowing to-do list, so scheduling your campaigns means that you can effectively tick it off the list and know that it will be sent out without fear of you forgetting or getting dragged into other tasks. This definitely will make you appear reliable before your relations and colleagues


3. Send out of your work hours
With schedule sending you don’t have to be restricted to your work hours, for example some retailers are finding success and joy by sending marketing campaigns in the early evening and at weekends.


4. No rushing, no mistakes
By taking your time and testing, you will send a message campaign with no mistakes and exactly when you want. Leaving it until the last minute, only means that you will rush it and encourage mistakes.


5. Prepare for the response
Sending out mobile marketing campaigns can generate huge response rates, we have heard of websites crashing, phone lines blocked with calls and stores almost becoming one in and one out. So by scheduling your messages and letting all your team know when it will go out, you can all prepare for the huge response – you can also spread your send to ease the response.


6. Reach Group of People once

You can reach many people at a  specific and programmed time.


7. Avoids failure and its attendant consequencies.
It eliminates unnecessary problems you face whenever you miss to send a compulsory message


If you have any questions or need any help then please don’t hesitate to ask – we are always here to help.

Scheduling your message is very easy on, follow the 4 simple steps here >>.


How to send Scheduled SMS Text Message

Log on to, create an account or if an existing user, login with  your username and password.

You have to options of sending scheduled SMS text Message on


One time scheduled SMS at the Send SMS Menu . Follow the steps below

  1. Sender ID. Choose appropriate sender ID (e.g your name, company name, event name)
  2. Type. Choose the Type of message you want to send (usually leave as default in Normal SMS)
  3. Paste Recipient Phone Numbers. Enter receipient phone numbers in the format: +234809502999 (works for Nigeria and International) or 08095029999 (Nigeria only)
    3b. Or Select File: (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf or .txt).  If it’s bullk message you can use any of the file format (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf or .txt)  to upload and send message. Sample format is available for your guide.
  4. Message. Enter your message contents. Note that it’s 160 character per page.
  5. Future Date-time. Enter the details in the format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm am. For example this can be 2017-09-16 03:30 pmOptional: If you will need to send another message to the contacts in the future, you can tick the box save these numbers.



2. Events & Programs

Having an event or program can be a complex thing, that’s why we design this menu specifically to meet this custom needs. Vist the events and programs menu , then follow the following 4 steps:



Enter the sender ID (e.g your name, company name, event name) and message type  (usually leave as default in Normal SMS)

Then click Proceed. To move to the next step.



Add Receipient Contact: A drop down menu will open, then enter the contact phone numbers in the format: +234809502999 (works for Nigeria and International) or 08095029999 (Nigeria only)

OR Upload Recipients List (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf, .json or .txt): If it’s bullk message you can use any of the file format (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf or .txt) to upload and send message. Sample format is available for your guide.

Save Contacts To Group: If you want the contact details to be added to an existing group of contacts in your contact list, enter the group name here. Alternatively, enter a new group name to save it on a list.

Also send to ALL numbers from these contact groups. When you have other group of people you want to copy in the message, tick the group name to add them to the list.

Then click Proceed. To move to the next step.



Message Category. This is where you categorise the message type and contents. For example a corporate organisation can have a category/Message template for: Meeting Invitation, Birthday Congratulatory message, Management Meeting etc. The message will be created and saved. If you don’t find it, you can Add new Template easily with the link on the page.

Choose SMS Template. Type some keyword or suggestion of your preffered template and samples will come up for you to select from.

Then click Proceed. To move to the next step.



It’s not compulsory that every menu here has to be entered, some can be left as they are in default menu if they are not relevant.

Date or Periods

SETTINGS PRINCIPLE: Silence means consent. e.g: ‘Every 2am of April’ = ‘Every 2am of every day in April’

Hour. Enter the hour you want the message to be delivered. Message is every 24 hours, so if you want to send the SMS by 6pm, just enter 18.

Choose On if it’s once the message should be sent or Every if you want it to be sent continuously on that hour.


Day of the month. Select the Date you want the message to be delivered, e.g 11, means 11 Day of the month.

Choose On if it’s once the message should be sent or Every if you want it to be sent continuously on that Day.


Month. Select the month of the year you want, e.g 11 means November.

Choose On if it’s once the message should be sent or Every if you want it to be sent continuously on that Month.


Weekday. The day of the week the message is to be delivered, e.g 3 means Tuesday.

Choose On if it’s once the message should be sent or Every if you want it to be sent continuously on that weekdayWeek of the month. Enables you set the week of the month the message is to be entered, e.g 2 means every 2 weeks in the month the message should be sent.


Meaning of current settings. Explains the meaning of the setting you have entered.

Then Select the Menu Save Schedule to complete the process.
Get started now, Click here to create an ediarosms account.

For support, contact team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

How to Buy Bulk SMS Credit on ediarosms

How to Buy Bulk SMS Credit on ediarosms 150 150

Buying SMS Credit on is easy, all you have to do is visit our SMS pricing page at , enter the units you want or quantity of SMS, the system will automatically calculate and you can proceed to payment buy clicking on the buy sms credit button.

On that page, you will see multiple payment options, we accept payments globally for SMS credit through any of the following mediums:


  • Verve
  • Mastercard (Naira)
  • Visa (Naira)


Select this option and proceed to get required details to make relevant internet banking transfer.


We accept payments for bulk SMS credit via digital currencies and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Perfectmoney among others

To learn more about How to Buy SMS Credit with Bitcoin on, click here


Bank Deposit/Transfer will be credited after receipt of payment in our Bank account. For prompt processing, use your USERNAME (email address used to register on as depositor name on the Bank teller for cash deposit. Bank transfer customer should include USERNAME in the REMARK/PURPOSE/REFERENCE field when making the transfer.

For instance supposing your username for registration on is ENQUIRIES@INVESTOR.NG. When you are making payment, DEPOSITOR name should be ENQUIRIES@INVESTOR.NG. Meanwhile, for internet banking transfer enter ENQUIRIES@INVESTOR.NG in the space for REMARK/PURPOSE/REFERENCE when making the bank transfer. Afterwards, email us your Bank teller or Evidence of Transfer to to enable us credit your account.
Make payment to any Branch of our Banks listed on the payment page.

Note: For Bank payment option, After payment please send us your evidence of payment, we will credit your account once payment has been confirmed in our bank account.


We do not accept international cards directly on, but there are organisations that collect debit/credit card payment and will pay us the equivalent locally in our Bank account. You can select the option on the payment page to pay us with it, full instructions will be emailed to you and afterwards  you can send us the evidence of payment for us to credit your account within minutes. You can learn more How to Pay with Alternative Payment Option


To begin SMS Messaging globally, Click here to buy SMS Credit NOW!!

For support, don’t hesitate to contact us at or call/whatsapp +2348095029999 .