How to Cancel Pending and Scheduled Messages

How to Cancel Pending and Scheduled Messages 150 150 makes it easy to schedule messages for later delivery, this way you can program when you want your receipient to get it and forget about it. Unfortunately, sometimes you might have scheduled an text message but notice an error /mistake before it’s been delivered, then the question is how do you cancel such messages?

To cancel the pending SMS follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account on
  2. Click on – SMS Sending – “Scheduled Messages” on the top menu.
  3. Scroll to the bottom right hand corner of the page – Click on the S/N box to tick messages you want to cancel – Click the drop down menu arrow “with selected” -“Stop pending message – Go
  4. This will cancel the messages you have pending.

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Ecommerce Order Delivery SMS Text Message Notifications

Ecommerce Order Delivery SMS Text Message Notifications 150 150

With the advent of ecommerce, many customers like the idea of having to order and pay for their goods online and get it delivered to their home or office. Unfortunately, due to tight schedule, some customers don’t know when the order will be delivered, this lead to a lot of returned order which cost the company greatly.

To avert such occurrence, it is important to inform your customers automatically with an SMS Text message as soon as their package is on its way. This improves client relations; reduce the number of returns of non-delivered goods and also save your logistics’ costs. offers you SMS solution that will enable you notify your clients in an automated and personalised manner. You can use these for numerous applications: logistics, follow-up on orders, ICT, marketing, after-sales service, finance etc.

Depending on your objective and professionalism of your website developer, your SMS can contain personalised data (outstanding balance, approaching delivery time, parking space to be provided for, number of the package, password, etc.).

Integrate your Website, Mobile APP, Portal, Software to via parameters passed via our API. Afterwards launch your notification and the system will automatically send the message to the customer.  If you need a professional programmers to handle the integration of the SMS text message to your existing ecommerce website at an affordable rate, contact via 

The benefit of this notification is that it guarantees you excellent service and an improvement in customer satisfaction. The messages are sent in batches or in real time via our custom SMS API that’s compatible with every platform. It’s fast to implement and seamlessly connects to all Nigerian and global mobile operators. To integrate your Ecommerce website with our SMS gateway, check out our developer API here.

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ediarosms at a glance

ediarosms at a glance 150 150

Our simplified SMS system, is robust and can be used independently or combined with existing system to meet your set objective.Our rates are competitively low and delivery rate globally is very high.Singup process is simplified to 1 Minute. Infact you can setup an account,  All of our services operate on a simple pay as you go basis. So you are never tie with minimum terms or volumes.


Register, get FREE test SMS credit and begin sending SMS now from our website dashboard. Alternatively, you can integrate our API to your existing Website, Portal, Mobile APP (Android, IOS, Windows, Blackberry), Software, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) among others, click here for our Developer API.

To begin registration, click here register.


After login, click here to enter the units or number of SMS credit you need. You can pay with: Debit/Credit card (Verve, Mastercard, Visa), Bank Transfer/Bank Deposit (Naira and United States Dollar accepted), Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, Western Union Money.


We have wide SMS Text Message delivery coverage to multiple countries at a cheap rate. You can send SMS to:
Nigeria, Abkhazia,Afghanistan,Albania,Algeria,American Samoa,Andorra,Angola,Anguilla,Antigua and Barbuda,Argentina,Armenia, Aruba,Australia, Austria,Azerbaijan,Bahamas,Bahrain, Bangladesh,Barbados,Belarus,Belgium, Belize,Benin,Bermuda, Bhutan,Bolivia,Bosnia and Herzegovina, Botswana,Brazil,British Indian Ocean Territory, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Burkina Faso,Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon,Canada,Cape Verde, Cayman Islands,Central African Republic,Chad, Chile,China,Colombia,Comoros,Congo, Congo, Democratic Republic of, Cook Islands,Costa Rica,Croatia,Cuba,Curacao (former Netherlands Antilles),Cyprus,Czech Republic,Denmark,Republic of Djibouti, Republic of Commonwealth of Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt,El Salvador, Equatorial Guinea,Estonia,Ethiopia,Falkland Islands,Faroe Islands,Fiji, Finland,France, French Guiana,French Polynesia,Gabon,Gambia, Georgia,Germany,Ghana,Gibraltar, Greece,Greenland,Grenada,Guadeloupe,Guatemala ,Guernsey,Guinea,Guinea-Bissau,Guyana,Haiti,Honduras, Hong Kong,Hungary, Iceland,India,Indonesia, Iran,Iraq,Ireland,Isle of Man,Israel, Italy, Ivory Coast (Cote d Ivoire), Jamaica,Japan, Jersey,Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya,Kuwait,Kyrgyzstan,Laos, Latvia,Lebanon,Lesotho,Liberia, Libya,Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg,Macau,Macedonia,Madagascar, Malawi,Malaysia,Maldives,Mali,Malta,Marshall Islands, Martinique, Mauritania,Mauritius, Mexico, Moldova, Monaco,Mongolia,Montenegro,Montserrat, Morocco, Mozambique, Myanmar, Namibia, Nauru,Nepal, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand,Nicaragua,Niger,Niue,Norfolk Island,Northern Cyprus,Norway, Oman,Pakistan, Palau,Palestinian Territory,Panama,Papua New Guinea, Paraguay,Peru,Philippines,Poland, Portugal,Qatar,Reunion, Romania,Russian Federation, Republic of Rwanda,Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia,Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Vincent and The Grenadines,Samoa, Republic of San Marino, Sao Tome and Principe,Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Serbia,Seychelles,Sierra Leone, Singapore,Sint Maarten, Slovakia,Slovenia, Solomon Islands, Somalia,South Africa,South Korea (Republic of Korea),South Ossetia,South Sudan,Spain,Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname,Swaziland,Sweden, Switzerland,Syria,Taiwan, Tajikistan,Tanzania,Thailand,Timor Leste, Togo,Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia,Turkey, Turkmenistan,Turks and Caicos Islands, Uganda,Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA), Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Venezuela,Vietnam, Virgin Islands, British, Wallis and Futuna Islands,Yemen,Zambia, Zimbabwe


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Bulk SMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Bulk SMS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 150 150

You may only need to send little SMS, or you want to send bulk SMS, ediarosms allows you to send SMS to any country at the cheapest rates around, directly from the website; or you can integrate it directly to your Software,Website or Application via our simplified custom developer API.

Apart from offering cheapest bulk SMS credits, ediarosms is the perfect and most reliable choice either you want to send international SMS or you want to send local SMS with guaranteed and instant SMS delivery worldwide.

All you need to do is to just Buy cheap SMS Credits, and once your ediarosms account has been funded, then you can go ahead and send SMS to every countries of the world.


What does it take to start testing?
Just get in touch with us in whatever way suits you. You can sign up here, drop an email to, contact us over the chat window or call (+234) 080-9502-9999. We’ll be in touch with you shortly and set up a test account for you. You’ll get free credits to test the service. Click here to signup and ​Get started!


Do you provide global SMS coverage?
We cover networks worldwide. In total we cover 226 countries and 700+ networks.

Sign up for a free trial to test delivery to your destination.


How many characters can I include in a One Page text message?
One page of SMS is equal to 160 characters of normal text. If your SMS goes beyond 160 characters, it becomes 2 pages. And subsequently 3 pages for more that 306 characters, and so on.


Do you deliver two or more paged SMS together as a single long message?
Yes, if your message is more than 160 characters it will be concatenated as a long SMS. Note that this feature to some degree depends on how the receiving phone responds to concatenated SMS.


Can I send SMS in Chinese,Japanese or Korean Language?

Yes all the languages are supported. However for those special languages, you will need to specify that the message encoding is unicode when sending the message (please note that unicode messages reduces the character limits to 72 characters per page)


Can I schedule SMS so that it sends automatically without logging in?
Yes, we have a well built SMS scheduler system that sends your SMS automatically once the time you set is reached. You can learn about how to send scheduled SMS text message here.


Can I upload all my contacts? Is my list secured?
Rather than adding contacts one by one you can import them in bulk from following file types: *.xls, *.xlsx, *.csv etc.  You can upload one by one or as a group. Then group them accordingly. Learn how to import contacts here.


Where is my data stored?
All information you provide to us is stored on our secure servers.


What is a flash message?

Flash SMS is the type of message that appears immediately on the recipient’s screen regardless of what he/she is doing on the phone at the moment. It’s the type of message that most network providers displays to you when you requested for some services e.g to check your account balance. Unlike the normal message, it does not get automatically saved into the recipient’s inbox; although some phones may provide the recipient with an option to save the message or discard it after reading. Flash message costs the same SMS units on ediarosms as normal SMS.

It is mostly useful in emergency situations where you want the person who receives the SMS to read it just once and immediately. For example if there’s a fire alert, or the need for confidentiality like one-time passwords (OTP), etc.


How do I change the name that my SMS comes from?

You can send SMS using your personal name, business name or company name as your Sender ID. The maximum length of a Sender ID is 11 characters. Sender ID might get filtered out by some network providers. Please test sender ID before using it. If you are sending in Bulk, you can test it by sending the message with the Sender ID to all your prefered network of your family, friends and colleagues and confirm if they get the message.

There are 2 options to edit the Sender name.

  1. Login to your account, click on your sender name on the top menu – Profile – Default Sender and update the detail to your prefered sender ID.
  2. Login to your account – SMS Sending – Send Message – on the page where you enter the detail, delete and replace sender name with your prefered sender ID.


Why do i need ediarosms?

Student groups / schools can easily communicate important information quickly as well as reminders, using communicate. Religious bodies can use ediarosms communicate more personally with its members and share spiritual thoughts daily Even if you want to just send a single SMS to your friend, ediarosms is still cheaper than your normal network charges.

Click here to learn more about how organisations are using


Can I integrate your Bulk SMS Gateway into my solution, website, Software and mobile app?
With a basic knowledge of HTML forms and JSON, you can use our well documented API functions to programmatically send SMS, check balance, and get SMS status. We offer an option to integrate SMS gateway to your application. You can easily connect your SMS scripts such as ASP, Java, Ruby, PHP, Python, and Perl to with our Bulk SMS Gateway. To get more details please visit the API documentation page. 

If you don’t know how to go about it, you can engage our sister company programmers via to get it integrated at a disounted rate.


How reliable is ediarosms API?

All the API functions of are perfectly working. In fact, the ediarosms Widget is using the SMS Gateway API for operation. This ensures that the ediarosms API functions are 100% reliable at any time for all users. Click here for ediarosms developers integration API


I saw a negative account balance, what happened?

Because the exact cost/units of the SMS couldn’t be determined before the message was sent, the lowest charge to the SMS prefix per SMS page will be assumed. After few seconds, the real network/units will be determined; and if more units were spent, the excess will be deducted as well. But if your balance was already empty at that point, it will reflect a negative.


How quickly are messages delivered? 
We can guarantee that text messages are sent off instantly, within seconds, once we receive a request from you. Messages are normally delivered within a few seconds as well, as long as the recipient’s phone is in the coverage area. We cannot guarantee the delivery time though, since it depends on network conditions, which are outside of our control.


What do different delivery statuses mean?
The delivery status of text messages can be always monitored in our Website and using API.

Please find below the delivery statuses that are available online with explanations:

Delivered – the text messages has been sent and the mobile operator confirmed the delivery.
Accepted – the text message has been sent, however the mobile operator has not delivered it yet. Most common reason: the mobile phone is switched off, is out of the coverage area, or the mobile provider is experiencing difficulties. Sometimes the final delivery notification may take up to 12 hours, depending on the mobile operator, which we do not control.
Failed – the text message has been sent but the mobile operator was unable to deliver it. Most common reason: the mobile phone is switched off, is out of the coverage area or the mobile provider is experiencing difficulties.
Rejected – the SMS was rejected by the mobile operator or ediarosms. Most common reasons: recipient has opted out from your list or the mobile number belongs to “Do not Disturb” registry.
If you use API, you can request SMS delivery notification via receive command or via callback URL. The API will respond with a single letter. Get more details here.


How can I make a payment?
In order to make the payment, please visit the Pricing page and follow the on-screen instructions. We offer a pay-as-you-go service and accept the following payment methods:

Click here to buy SMS credit and make payment>>


Why are you not accepting Debit/Credit Card (Visa and Mastercard) for payment globally?

SMS service is very volatile, you can buy sms-credits and use everything immediately, accepting credit-card payment globally will be a very high-risk that if a card is stolen and fraudulently used to buy sms; we may not be able to easily fight the chargeback easily.

Based International customers request and recommendtion, we start accepting payments other payment options such as Bitcoin, Perfectmoney, Western Union Money Transfer and Bank Transfer for payments worldwide.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a distributed peer-to-peer network offering a payment system based on a completely digital currency. Bitcoin payments can be made easily from anywhere in the world, it offers reduced payment processing costs. Bitcoins can be transferred instantly and securely between any two people in the world.

We have teamed with ediaropay to handle the processing of transactions on the bitcoin network. Founded in June of 2017, ediarosms is an international payment processor that allows you to securely buy, use, and accept bitcoin currency. Many other companies such as and are already using ediaropay to accept bitcoin.


How do I get started with bitcoin?

To acquire bitcoin, you’ll need to create a bitcoin wallet on a site such as ediaropay or any site of your choice. This is the account from which you can send and receive bitcoin. Once you have a wallet, you can purchase bitcoin from ediaropay directly. Bitcoin can also be mined, though this requires high levels of processing power.

The process of buying SMS credit on remains the same for bitcoin users as for everyone. Once your number of SMS credit you want to buy are made and you are ready to make a purchase, simply add the items to your cart and choose bitcoin as the payment method. You can send payment from your bitcoin wallet by using the generated bitcoin address, by scanning the QR code from your smartphone, or by using a ediaropay account.  You can learn more on how to make Payment with Bitcoin on ediarosms here.


I need an invoice to buy SMS from my organisation, how can i get one?

We can generate and forward invoices to your organisaton. To do this we will need you to email us the volume of SMS unit you need, preffered currency, organisation name, organisation address, who the invoice should be addressed to and receipient email address to and our Finance and Account team will forward you the invoice.


I have paid, but not yet credited?

Normally, the account funding process has been made as automated as possible. E.g: If you use credit card/online payment method, your account will be credited automatically as you return from the payment gateway’s website. For cash/bank deposit payment method, if you use your email address as depositor’s name and exercise a little patience, your account will be credited once your payment has been received.


How secure is my Debit/Credit card information, if i use online payment method?

ediarosms will neither store, nor receive your Debit/Credit card information from you (the payment gateway does that themselves).   (E.G; If you’re paying with your Verve, Mastercard or Visa card, you will only enter your card details when you get to payment page)


I do not understand your pricing?

The amount of SMS credits’ (we also call it units) required for one SMS, depends on the destination network/country. Please have a look at our coverage list to see the units required for an SMS to each destination country/network here. Meanwhile, the price at which you get each unit, depends on the quantity you are buying at a time: i.e, the higher the quantity, the lower the price-per-unit. (As indicated on our pricing table)


How do you calculate SMS credit charged when I send messages?

When you send group SMS, your account balance is deducted in accordance with the: Text message length, Text message destination, Number of recipients

Two factors determines the actual cost of a bulk SMS.

Cost = Price per units X Units per SMS


When I make payment, how long does it take to get credited?

If you are making use of Debit/Credit Card (Naira: Verve, Mastercard & Visa), Perfectmoney and Bitcoin, your crediting is automated/instant.

However, if you are making use of Bank transfer/Deposit or Western Union Money Transfer, you will have to email your payment information to and the transaction will be completed, immediately after confirming your payment in our account

Please Note that: payments made for SMS credits are non-refundable.

If your request is not captured above, you can email us via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

Nigeria Banks USSD Codes

Nigeria Banks USSD Codes 150 150

List of  for All Banks in Nigeria

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) USSD Code for Money Transfer

Guaranty Trust Bank is the leading bank in Nigeria in terms of electronic banking. They were one of the first to introduce USSD banking, GTBank’s USSD code is *737#. The minimum transfer limit is 1,000 Naira and a daily transfer limit of *20,000 Naira*.

To transfer money from your GTBank account to another GTBank account, just dial *737*1*Amount*Recipient’s GTB Account Number# for example *737*1*5000*0123456789#
To transfer money from your GTBank account to another Bank, use *737*2*Amount*Other Bank Account Number e.g. First Bank# for example *737*2*10000*0123456789#.
Fidelity Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

Fidelity Bank USSD code is *770# and the maximum transfer allowed per day is 20,000 Naira.

Fidelity Bank USSD money transfer code to other banks is *770*Recipient’s Account Number*Amount# for example, *770*0123456789*5000#.
First Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

First bank is one of the best Nigerian banks for electronic banking services. First Bank’s USSD code is *894#.

To transfer money, dial *894#, a list of options will appear including Transfer money, Withdraw money and Make purchases, pay bills, buy airtime and manage account. To make transfer, type 1 and send.
Simply follow the instructions after and make your transfer.
Wema Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

Wema Bank is relatively new to USSD banking but they offer a good USSD service. Wema Bank USSD code is *945#.

To transfer money with Wema Bank, simply dial *945#
A list of options will appear including Open Account, My Balance, Send Money, Buy Airtime and Cash-on-the-go, Pay Bills, Change PIN, Change Account, Link BVN, Card Control, Pay with Mobile, Receive Western Union and Generate OTP.
Reply with “3” which is for transfer, you will then be asked to choose whether it is to a Wema Bank Account or other banks. Reply with the corresponding number and simply keep on following the on-screen instructions.
Skye Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

Skye Bank’s USSD mobile code is *833# and to transfer, all you need to do is dial *833# from your mobile phone and follow the instructions.

Sterling Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

Sterling Bank’s USSD mobile banking code is *822#. To perform a transfer, simply dial *822# and follow the instructions however every time you use the Sterling BankUSSD service, Five Naira will be deducted from your line.

Diamond Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

Diamond Bank USSD code has been on the mobile money scene for a while and their USSD code is *710#.

To transfer money to any bank, simply dial *710*777*Recipient’s Account Number*Amount*PIN# for Y’ello Account Holders
For Diamond Bank to Diamond Bank account money transfers, dial *710*710*Account Number*Amount*PIN#
Ecobank USSD Code for Money Transfer

Ecobank’s Mobile USSD code is *326# and it has instant transfers, account balance, bill payments, mini-account statements and airtime purchase features. To transfer money from your Ecobank account, dial *326# and follow the on-screen instructions.

Zenith Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

Zenith Bank’s Mobile Banking USSD code is *966# and it gives you access to open an account, check account balance, load recharge cards and transfer money.

To transfer money from your Zenith Bank account to another, dial *966*Amount*Recipient’s Account Number# and follow the instructions on the screen.
First City Monument Bank (FCMB) USSD Code for Money Transfer

FCMB’s mobile USSD code is *389*214#. To use the FCMB USSD service, you have to visit any FCMB branch or call their customer care on 01-2798800 to get your PIN.

To transfer money or do any other transaction after getting your PIN, simply dial *389*214# and follow the on screen instructions.
Unity Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

Unity Bank’s Mobile USSD mobile code is *389*215# and to transfer money, just dial *389*215# and follow the on screen prompts.

UBA USSD Code for Money Transfer

UBA’s mobile USSD code is *919#, dial it and follow the on-screen instructions that follow.

Union Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

Union Bank mobile USSD transfer code is *389*032#, dial and follow the screen prompts to complete your transaction.

Heritage Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

The USSD code for transfer for Heritage Bank is *322*030#

Keystone Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

Keystone Bank mobile USSD code for transfer is *322*082#

Access Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer

Access Bank’s USSD code for mobile money transfer is *901#, Simply dial and follow the instructions thereafter.

Stanbic IBTC Mobile USSD Code for Money Transfer

Stanbic IBTC USSD code for money transfer is *909#

How to enrol and deliver to DND numbers

How to enrol and deliver to DND numbers 150 150

Organisations across the country face a single challenge when they want to send messages to some staff, professional members, students, business partners, customers among others. Many times, the messages don’t get delivered and they just don’t know why. The reason for it is mostly the number is already delibrately or mistakenly registered on Do Not Disturb (DND) list, so messages will keep getting rejected – because it’s suspected to be an unsolicited message.

Many people suffer from the unwanted marketing messages and calls made by the mobile network operators. It gets really annoying when you are busy in a meeting for driving or engaged in some other work when your mobile phone starts ringing or SMS beeps and when you pick up you are showered with credit card offers, wholesale shoe discount, insurance policies among others. So some people get registered for DND to prevent such phone calls or SMS messages been delivered to them.

This has posed a major problem for many genuine customers that wants to send genuine messages to people that has registered with their phone number with them. The solution to such is to get the Sender ID registered as a corporate organisation to ensure message delivery to the individuals and organisations that are familiar with them and authorised them to contact them via SMS as the messages are important to them (this will work like customers subscribing to your Bank SMS alert, Pension Fund Alert, Professional Membership, Club Membership) etc.

Organisations are encouraged to register on the Corporate/Transactional route because it ensure all messages get delivered with a unique Sender ID of the organisation regardless of if the number is on DND list. It will also ensure easy trace of the sender; so  that when such message receipient call to complain to telecommunication networks such as  MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9Mobile, NTEL or even NCC about unsolicited messages and needs it addressed. In other words, it will enable easy tracking of every registered Sender ID, if discovered it is used to send unsolicited messages,  the telecom provider can block the DND route or penalise them accordingly.

EDIAROSMS SOLUTION TO DND FOR CORPORATE has a special feature for delivery to MTN Nigeria, the Major GSM Network Nigeria. This route guarantees delivery via direct connection to the Nigeria GSM providers (We don’t use cheap SMS routes – we only use genuine white routes). Please note that only MTN Nigeria offers corporate route and you will be able to deliver to MTN DND Numbers only.

This Corporate route, sometimes called Transactional route though it is more expensive, allows you to send important SMS to Do-Not-Disturb DND numbers with a registered Sender ID. You can also schedule your bulk sms to send when you are offline. Churches, Politicians, Offices, Businesses, Individuals can benefit from this bulk sms to DND enabled numbers. With approved sender ids, companies can rest assure that their sms messages will be delivered at a fast delivery rate.

By sending over corporate route you must guarantee you won’t send unsolicitied or campaign messages.

If you are a registered Business, an NGO, an Association, or a Religious Organisation and want to get your Bulk SMS delivered to

How to Register for Do not Disturb (DND) Numbers on your list, you are advised to apply for Corporate Route today to improve your message delivery. You will need to supply your registration certificate such as Certificate of incorporation and Letter of Intent (email for template of letter of intent you can edit and print on your letterhead paper). Afterwards will process your request as your SMS aggregator with the telecommunication providers.

Register for Do not Disturb Transactional Route


  1. Click here to signup at or login to your account.
  2. After login you will have to apply for sender name registration for standard, corporate and financial routes so you can easily do it from your dashboard. To learn about how to register Sender ID, click here.
  3. Standard route will be activated within 24hours (Nigeria customers only, other countries varies). Meanwhile, for Corporate and Financial route, we will send you Letter of intent template for processing with network providers. This is to be edited with your company details and printed on your company letterhead paper.
    NOTE: We need to be clear that you will have to follow word by word document as it they are very strict and only input ‘required detail in the right places we will point out’. Please don’t alter other parts of the template we will send to you to avoid unnecessary delay.
    Non Nigeria routes should request for registration documents for individual country.
  4. Scan and send your Certificate of Incorporation (CAC) along with the Letter of intent printed on your company letterhead paper.
  5. We will begin Registration process, note that approval takes 1 month or more (depending on the network provider) process.
  6. After registration has been approved, you can begin sending SMS to numbers registered on Nigeria DND seamlessly.

Please signup now and give our network a trial with our free SMS credits at

Click here Now!! to signup and get free SMS credit, existing customers can login here and begin messaging

For support, contact team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

rUPDATE as Sender name

rUPDATE as Sender name 150 150

Recently, few customers are complaining that their account shows rUPDATE when message is sent to their MTN number. So they ask the simple question of “Why am I getting rUPDATE on my phone instead of the Sender Name I used?”

The change of sender name on your bulk SMS to rUPDATE on your MTN number was recently initiated by MTN, especially on MTN numbers that are DND active? Meanwhile amazingly, non-DND active MTN numbers and other networks (Airtel, Etisalat and GLO) will receive your Sender Name.

Interestingly, MTN numbers that are not DND active and other networks DO NOT get rUPDATE. Only DND active MTN numbers mostly. You can call MTN call centre or deactivate DND on your MTN number, click here. delivers to all DND numbers when sent through our corporate route; as we can override Do Not Disturb on MTN numbers and deliver to them.

On the other hand, we suggest a solution that will ensure your recipients recognize the Sender immediately they receive your SMS even when they get “rUPDATE”.

As a standard practice for professional SMS message, always introduce yourself in every message content – don’t assume the receipient now you. “We advise you start your MESSAGE content with your Sender Name so that your SMS recipients will quickly recognize the Sender on opening the SMS.”

For instance, after filling in your Sender name as EDIAROSMS, start the content with EDIAROSMS or include your name inbetween the message body: *Your message*. This will still achieve the purpose of customized bulk SMS.

Alternatively, you can consider registering the sender ID, so that it will deliver to DND and others. We have gone a step further to simplify the process of applying for sender name registration for standard, corporate and financial routes so you can easily do it from your dashboard. To learn about how to register Sender ID and delivery to DND numbers, click here.

You can buy bulk SMS credits by clicking here.

Click here Now!! to signup and get free SMS credit, existing customers can login here and begin messaging

For support, contact team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

Simple tip for Mobile SMS Marketing

Simple tip for Mobile SMS Marketing 150 150

Over the years, we know how hard it is to think of ideas and get your SMS marketing plan off the ground. So, we thought we would help you with our tips and tricks of Bulk SMS mobile marketing.

These vary from simple tips that may have just slipped your mind, to some ideas you may never have thought of – whatever we hope you enjoy and benefit from them.

Tell them who you are – It may be obvious to you but your customer may not know who you are, meaning they may not reply or buy from you.

Clear call to action – It is all well and good offering 20% off, but if your customer doesn’t know what to do to get the offer, what is the point!

Check your spelling – Yes this goes without saying, but the amount of times we have seen a message go through with a spelling mistake is unbelievable. Get someone else to check it. A great tip is to read the message backwards, word by word.

Short and to the point – No one wants to receive a long-winded text, make it short and to the point, remember 160 characters equals one message and we suggest to not go over one message.

Don’t leave it too late – It’s never too early to start sending – give customers ample opportunity to absorb and respond to your text.

Timing – Think about when you are going to send the message. Don’t send a message at 2:00am, your customers won’t reply and may get annoyed if you wake them.

Sender ID – Be creative with your sender ID, for example at Christmas why not make your sender Santa Claus – could get a good response.

Be organised – Make the most of the schedule send option and get your message lined up in advance to avoid last minute panic.

Split contact groups – If you have an offer more suitable for a certain demographic, create multiple contact groups so you can target them, meaning you will get a better response rate and not waste money sending to all your customers.

Personalise messaging – Add your customer’s name to the message to make it more personal.

Don’t miss the big days – Make sure you don’t miss those big events, like Black Friday, Valentine’s Day and any other big events in your sector.

Spread your messages – Use the spread send to ensure your site/phones can cope with demand.

Testing – Schedule different offers to see which works best – A/B test.

Ensure links are mobile-friendly – If you are putting a link to your website in the text, make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Don’t use text speak – Yes, it is a mobile phone but sending a message in text speak looks unprofessional and lazy.

Correct data – The data you have is key, it needs to be up-to-date and accurate. Sending a personalised message to someone when their name isn’t Sally and is a 38-year-old man won’t go down well.

It’s a numbers game – The higher the volume you send – the better the response. It really is as simple as that.

We are here to help – If you are stuck or need some advice, ask us. We have been in the text marketing business for over 15 years, we know what we are doing.

Use the opt-out method – Everyone loves to receive offers, but allowing your customers to opt out means they won’t get annoyed and means you don’t need to send messages to those that won’t get a response, saving you money.

Business SMS is a versatile medium – Use it to your advantage to promote offers, drive traffic to your website, get feedback, inform/notify customers of opening times along with many other ways you could use SMS.

Send at non-peak times – Yes, it’s important to send offers on boxing day and when the sales are on, but everyone will be offering deals then. So why not try sending offers to your customers when they wouldn’t expect a deal, with only your offer to think about you could get a better response rate.

Urgency – Create a sense of urgency by including an expiration date. When a customer sees that the offer isn’t going to be there forever, it will push them into making a purchase.

Analyse – Track your results, how many people have opted out, the click through rate, who purchased. This will give you great data to see which offers work better than others.

Automated messages – By having automated messages you can send customers a message after they have made a purchase, or even better after they haven’t made a purchase in a while, you could entice them back with a great offer.

Consistency – One big mistake is not being consistent with your messages. Create a plan and send out a message every week/month/2 months whatever suites your business the best. Not sending a message in a year then sending 5 in the space of 2 weeks can leave people irritated.

We hope these tips have helped you with your SMS marketing plan, and if you haven’t got an account already, why not sign up today! With our double up offer and free credits there isn’t a better time to start your SMS marketing campaign.

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SMS Message Examples for Marketing Campaign

SMS Message Examples for Marketing Campaign 150 150

Many people want samples of SMS to aid their message composition. If you’re lacking inspiration on how to get your message across in 160 paltry characters, have a look at our sms message library. It’s a kind of message resource that can help you compose you messages in a slightly more interesting and attention grabbing way.

We have split the example SMS messages by a few industry sectors, but do have a look through them all as there may be ideas that you could apply to your SMS marketing campaigns.

NEWS! AZRAB Wines are now extending their 20% discount offer until 6 pm this Friday. For amazing offers on all our wines, call us now on 08095029999,

A massive 50% off all sports products at Campus Leisure this weekend. Logon now to This offer will end at 7 pm on Sunday, so logon now and quote code X13.

Dai Fashions pop up sale starts now! (ends 6:15 pm on Sunday) Use code POP10 on the site and you’ll receive a 24% discount on all purchases. Logon now

It’s not too late to get a whopping 27% off all purchases at Offer will end on Monday at 07:00pm sharp. No latecomers please.

Plan for Mothers’ day. Thoughtful gifts available at surprisingly affordable prices. Visit us on the Asokoro street or online. (2 Asokoro st. )

Great products, outstanding prices. All major body care brands under one roof. Visit us now. Use code OPP1 to receive 15% discount on all purchases.


Weather forecast is cold and wet. Cosy up at The Rock Inn from N5000.00 for 2 nights B+B. Roaring fire, local ales, fine wines and dining. Call 08095029999 or reply ROCK to this text.

Beat the queue! Show this text at Ariya Nightclub before 10pm tonight and we’ll take you through the members’ only entrance. Free single Drink at the Pool with this text.

Celebrate the great Nigerian tea at Amilegbe Tea Rooms. The ultimate Indulgence. Free Ginger and Honey of Ilorin with every pot of tea. Come today. 1 ediarosms Street.

FREE entry to the Ikeja Basketball Centre through the whole of August. Just pay for any Basketball used. Keep the kids happy this Harmattan.

Looking for something different to do this Friday? Come to COCKTAILS & KARAOKE at Bar One. 2-4-1 Cocktails EVERY Tues – Fri. Karaoke starts at 9pm. See you there.

We’d hate to see you leave. Re-join The Gym before Sunday 13th Nov to get a free month. N6000 for 13 mths Call now 08095029999.


Insurance renewal time comes around so quickly – make sure you get your best deal and call EDIARO NOW on 08095029999 for great service and affordable terms

It’s car insurance time already. Reply YES to this test and we’ll call you to make renewing with EDIARO insurance as painless as possible. Or call us on 08095029999.

Insurance is dull. Let us do the boring stuff. We’ll get you best deals for house, car and contents insurance. Call ediaro Insurance on 08095029999.

Your Van Insurance Renewal is due. To save money call us now on 08095029999 and quote offer reference HOSTTXT

Reduce the cost of your insurance and have more money to spend on the fun stuff. Call ediaro Insurance today and put more money in your back pocket. Call us on 08095029999 or reply SAVE to this text.

Insurance time again. Renewing will take just a few minutes. Reply RENEW to this text and we’ll get back to you in next couple of hours. Or call ediaro insurance now on 08095029999.


Fast Food
Uninspired by the contents of your fridge? Let Pizza Land take the strain. Order any normal sized pizza and get a second absolutely free. Call us now on 08095029999

An exciting week of sport ahead. Watch with your mates and we’ll look after the food. Order any 3 or more pizzas and get 2 for free . Order now on 08095029999.

Our chef has created 4 completely new pizzas! We’ve all tried them here and unanimously agreed to trial them on the menu. Please call 08095029999 to try them.

Hungry yet? Treat yourself to a pizza from Pizza Land, buy one large pizza and get one free. Order now on 08095029999.

Rubbish weather again. Time for a pizza? We’ve got a buy one get one free offer on until Sunday evening. (All large pizzas from Pizza Land) Order now on 08095029999

How about a ediaro pizza treat? Two for one on all large pizzas from pizza land. Offer open until Sunday. Order on 08095029999.

Pizza News! Free extra pizza when you order any large pizza from pizza land. Order yours now on 08095029999.

To collect email addresses from their SMS campaign, subway provisioned the dedicated short code 123456 and had customers text their email address and store number to that short code. The best part is that when customers text their email address to the short code 12345, ediarosms customers are not only growing their email subscribers, but they are also growing their mobile subscribers. I call that a win-win solution for any marketing manager.

Want to learn how to collect email addresses from a text message like ediarosms is doing? Give our SMS experts a call at (+234) 080-9502-9999, or email us via and let us show you how to grow your email list with the help of text messaging.


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Birthday SMS Manager (Events & Programs)

Birthday SMS Manager (Events & Programs) 150 150

Due to our busy daily schedule we often forget very important people, Corporate Events, Days and Programs. For instance forgetting your Boss birthday, your wedding anniversary, client program among others. This regretably can be very costly. That’s why we’ve simplifed the process thru a customised SMS solution.

For the purpose of this write-up birthday which is most constant and routine will be used as an example below, but it can be used for other non re-occurent services easily too.




Family and Friends
Family and Friends are very important in our life – they make life worthwile. Remember them by auto sending birthday message to them. This can be programmed to auto-send to receipients telephone number. All that matters is their Date of birth – telephone no, delivery date, message content pre-defined and text is updatable with different templates. Signature is optional which can be the senders name, phone number or email.

Our SMS Solution can auto send the reminders in advance such as 21days, 7days, 11 days, 1 day to event or/and event day, at no extra cost to individual or group of people – making planning a big event before the date easy.


Staff Birthday

Staff get motivated when they discover their organisation never forget them. With Corporate Organisations can even plan better, they can set to get reminder about a staff birthday date few days or weeks before the event – so as to plan for celebration. In addition, you can add some specific phone numbers or group to get copy of the reminder message (e.g Head human resources, MD, Caterer, Event Manager, Cake designer etc) so as to prepare for the birthday of the staff. This way, everybody is aware of the date and can all plan for celebration & gift for the staff in question in advance.


Customers & Loved ones birthday

The economy is though, it takes more than just marketing to connect and retain a customer that’s why Small and Large Scale Companies should go an extra mile in making their customers part of the family. For instance, an organisation can celebrate the birthday of the 2nd Child of their Big clients by visiting them in School, buying birthday cake and other to give them surprise.

In other to stop treating the customer like just a customer and more like a a family – get to celebrate their families on special occasions. Celebrate with them & loved one. Enter Customer & wife or Favourite child name, date of birth, telephone and email – to auto send them message, message content.

An email sending option is also added for birthday message as an additional field in case the phone owner is not in country or out of network area. An email template is also been added so that you can definitely be contacted for an event if you have it on file.




Events & Programs

Having an event or program can be a complex thing, that’s why we design this menu specifically to meet this custom needs. Visit the events and programs menu , then follow the following 4 steps:


Enter the sender ID (e.g your name, company name, event name) and message type  (usually leave as default in Normal SMS)

Then click Proceed. To move to the next step.


Add Receipient Contact: A drop down menu will open, then enter the contact phone numbers in the format: +234809502999 (works for Nigeria and International) or 08095029999 (Nigeria only)

OR Upload Recipients List (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf, .json or .txt): If it’s bullk message you can use any of the file format (.csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf or .txt) to upload and send message. Sample format is available for your guide.

Save Contacts To Group: If you want the contact details to be added to an existing group of contacts in your contact list, enter the group name here. Alternatively, enter a new group name to save it on a list.

Also send to ALL numbers from these contact groups. When you have other group of people you want to copy in the message, tick the group name to add them to the list.

Then click Proceed. To move to the next step.


Message Category. This is where you categorise the message type and contents. For example a corporate organisation can have a category/Message template for: Meeting Invitation, Birthday Congratulatory message, Management Meeting etc. The message will be created and saved. If you don’t find it, you can Add new Template easily with the link on the page.

Choose SMS Template. Type some keyword or suggestion of your preffered template and samples will come up for you to select from.

Then click Proceed. To move to the next step.


It’s not compulsory that every menu here has to be entered, some can be left as they are in default menu if they are not relevant.

Date or Periods

SETTINGS PRINCIPLE: Silence means consent. e.g: ‘Every 2am of April’ = ‘Every 2am of every day in April’

Hour. Enter the hour you want the message to be delivered. Message is every 24 hours, so if you want to send the SMS by 6pm, just enter 18.

Choose On if it’s once the message should be sent or Every if you want it to be sent continuously on that hour.

Day of the month. Select the Date you want the message to be delivered, e.g 11, means 11 Day of the month.

Choose On if it’s once the message should be sent or Every if you want it to be sent continuously on that Day.

Month. Select the month of the year you want, e.g 11 means November.

Choose On if it’s once the message should be sent or Every if you want it to be sent continuously on that Month.

Weekday. The day of the week the message is to be delivered, e.g 3 means Tuesday.

Choose On if it’s once the message should be sent or Every if you want it to be sent continuously on that weekdayWeek of the month. Enables you set the week of the month the message is to be entered, e.g 2 means every 2 weeks in the month the message should be sent.

Meaning of current settings. Explains the meaning of the setting you have entered.

Then Select the Menu Save Schedule to complete the process.

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