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How to increase sales with SMS Text Message Marketing

Having been in the business since 2009, we have adopted and deployed diversed Bulk SMS Marketing strategy, with varying levels of success. All this years, the only common factor between all the strategies employed is that companies who embrace this relatively new (for businesses anyway) communication channel is that they are almost always successful.   […]

Make Money from BULK SMS Messaging Business

Handling the communication and public relation service for most business is cumbersome and complex. Unfortunately, most Managing Directors are too busy to look inward at alternative ways to solve their headaches. If you can device a way around this, you will be making alot of money at the same time become a Digital Communication strategist […]

How to Promote your Business with Bulk SMS

If you own a business that provides goods or services to Customers then you must have noticed that each of these Customers use mobile phones. Smart business owners take advantage of this opportunity to promote thier business with bulk SMS. This ultimately will improve your profitability, ensure swift operation, improve customer service, public awareness among […]

Using Bulk SMS to Profitably dominate your Market

Human being are usually resistance to change, we preffer to always do our routine the same way and expect a different result. This includes the way we do business and market our products and services.  According to Albert Einstein “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.” This […]

Adopt SMS to Remain in Business

The mobile phone has changed the way we can market ourselves to our customers, but more importantly. Our customers have changed their preference in the way they want to get marketed to by our businesses. 75% of millennials prefer SMS messages for offers, surveys and deliveries (OpenMarket) 77% of customers have a positive perception of […]

Improve Customer Marketing Engagement with SMS

SMS Marketing is a terrific and efficient way to produce better customer engagement. If you are not optimally using it, you are losing alot. Infact, it’s arguably one of the best system that produces the best customer engagement. To begin using this optimally, collect their Name and Phone number, then get their permission to receive […]

Simplified ALL Round SMS Marketing Solution is an SMS marketing that works for you. Our simplified system, is robust and can be used independently or combined with existing marketing channels to meet your set objective. Our rates are competitively low, can make your SMS campaigns work harder to improve response rates and communication with customers. Data protection The security […]

Why Choose for your Bulk SMS Messaging gives provides affordable bulk sms portal that gives customers maximum satisfaction. Usually, after your first trial (free sms available for testing) of our Bulk SMS Gateway, you will definitely be addicted to us like most customers. The reason for this is simple, we give premium and dynamic solutions at a competitively low rate. Our […]

How to Ensure Your SMS Delivery

Using ediarosms gateway is simple. But to ensure delivery of your message, we implore you to follow the guides below. 1. Keywords to avoid Keywords to avoid when Sending Due to the current trend in Bulk SMS Messaging in Nigeria, there has been many regulations aimed at controlling fraud and other unwholesome attitudes. Hence, some […]

Stamp Duty Charge (Nigeria Only)

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has instructed all deposit banks (DMBs) and financial institutions operating in the country to begin placing a N50 charge on every bank deposit of 1000 and above. According to the circular sent to all deposit banks (DMBs) and financial institutions, banks has now began to charge N50 for every […]