How to Use Bulk SMS to Manage Your School

How to Use Bulk SMS to Manage Your School 150 150

The questions that’s usually at the mind of a School HeadMaster/HeadMistress, Principal, Provost, Rector or Vice Chancellor are similar. This are usually circled around how do they increase the students population every session, reduce the rate at which angry parents flocks to the school, always complaining of one thing or the other is becoming alarming and parents are taking their kids every day. You ask yourself “How do I manage this school? Aren’t we going down? Or maybe you just established your dream school and you need help on where to start to manage it effectively?

Well, look not too far away, the answer is right there in your pocket. Bulk SMS can transform your school in terms of management in wonderful ways you never expected.

Below are ways you can use bulk SMS to manage your school effectively:

If you are thinking of increasing the population of your school in no time, then advertisement should be an integral part of your management plans. Bulk SMS marketing has been found very effective for lots of firms, organizations and businesses in the area of growing them, and schools aren’t an exception.



Lots of schools have the PTA that provides an avenue for parents and teachers to come together and discuss pertinent issues about the school and the student’s welfare.
Bulk SMS effectiveness for this purpose will be in the area of increasing attendance to such associations meetings by making bulk SMS a mode of reminder, and also reduce cost of inviting the parents through letters as bulk SMS has been proven cheaper. Infact, as your school grows, which bulk SMS will undoubtedly do for you, you might start using short codes in the messages to confirm attendance of these parents.



The innate desire for their children to succeed. That is their dreams. Schools are excellent opportunities to groom them to attain the top status in life. Every parent will be extremely happy to get information about the performance of their children in school. Intimating them with this information through bulk SMS is very effective.
Not only will it make their trust in you strong, it can also improve the students and very good for the image and status of your school.



As your school keeps growing, it becomes unavoidably important to carry out some major projects in the school so the growth can continue in the same exponential rate.
This is where source for funds comes in. While the conventional and much official use of letters to request for funds and fundraising ceremonies are quite effective, you can also use bulk SMS to remind the parents of this projects and get all the funds you need to bring it to fruition. You could even make them take the action through the SMS by using “call to actions”.



Nothing makes a parent angrier than spending so much on their kids only to realize they aren’t giving them value for what they spend. No parent will scream at you for giving him information that will help his son/daughter become a better person. On the contrary, they will feel more drawn to you and get the feeling their children are in good hands.



In some secondary schools, a sizeable number of the students have cell phones they use when at home with the supervision of their parents. Bulk SMS can also be an effective way to intimate them about important assignments, deadlines and projects that has to be done. This makes managing of these students more effective. Some educational school clubs like the debaters, quiz and press clubs equally use bulk SMS to organize the meetings and competitions. Even tutorials that boost student’s academic performance can be pushed through bulk SMS. I assure you the parents appreciate this.



Parents will know better that not all their young pupil or children remember when they have homework given to them from school, and who can really blame them, it’s that time in their developmental circle. So instead of simply marking ‘homework’ and writing the date inside the kids textbooks, any parent will appreciate it if they get a message from the school telling them about this homework their pupil or children has got.



Sometimes, unexpected events might make it expedient for the school to close earlier than usual. The parents deserve to know why their kids are returning home earlier than it should be. They can’t just rely on the not always truthful and not always satisfactory explanation coming from the child. They deserve to hear from you and you know it.



During special days like holidays and other important celebrations, you can send goodwill messages to your students’ parents. Some schools even send messages acknowledging the students’ birthdays to their parents, and that makes the parents feel their kids are loved. And what more? Special days like the Christmas and New Year celebrations comes usually come around when the students are on holidays. Do you know what a message to the parents during this time will do for you? It makes you remain in their mind for the upcoming session.




They might not tell you in most cases, but I tell you, parents always want to be informed about all the happenings in their children’s school. Such is their strong desire to see their kid do well. Tuition fees for new terms, dates of upcoming exams and even the next term or next session resumption dates can be communicated with parents via SMS. It’s cheaper and very effective.
The above mentioned points are very effective means of managing your school, but they are far from been the only ones. If you need an effective, affordable and quality bulk SMS platform for your school, Register now and watch how applying the above suggestions can transform your school in no time. Get free SMS units instantly after registration.


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How to use Bulk SMS in Schools

How to use Bulk SMS in Schools 150 150 has Bulk SMS for Schools is a fast and easy way to bulk SMS pupils, parents, guardians, patrons, teachers and other
personnels. Schools administrators should  leverage on the most efficient and reliable bulk sms in Nigeria to send bulk text messages – because there are lots of information to pass across that are essential to run a successful session. Such communcation is easy, simple and very cheap when done with Bulk SMS. Especially when you have a complete contact list of your pupils students and teachers – from point of registration to completion.

Setting up an Account is free and there are no monthly fees or other hidden cost. Schools only pay for the SMS’es they have purchased.

There are dozens of ways in which schools use bulk sms text messaging as a way of communicating.

Below are some of the most important update you can use Bulk SMS for:

  • Resumption date and Holidays
  • Instant messages to parents for emergency purposes
  • Send student’s performance in grades to parents
  • Inform parents of dates of upcoming exams to help their students study at home
  • Reminders to students on certain deadlines or outings
  • Event Reminders – Remind parents of meeting, location and pickup times
  • Weather alerts – The weather always seems to play havoc with trips and sporting events.
  • Staff contact – Keep in touch with teachers or other members of staff
  • Coursework deadlines – Reminder of crucial deadlines for coursework
  • Exam dates – Text alerts with location and timing of examinations (where applicable)

Other extra-curricular activities and academic programmes and events during the school session can be more organized: Inter-house sports, Open Day, Literacy Day, with other newly developed initiatives for the pupils.

Click Register for bulk sms and start sending to parents and teachers

For inquiries, contact support team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

How to Collect Customers Mobile Number for SMS Marketing

How to Collect Customers Mobile Number for SMS Marketing 150 150

Over the years, there has been many questions asked by Small Medium and Large Scale Business owners and Marketers, which is how I get the contacts of our existing and or new customers – so as to be able to contact them periodically.

There is no universal approach for collecting the customcontacts in your office or store easily, as a matter of fact your line of business is the main determining factor. To simplify this process, follow the simple step by step process below:

SMS has been growing in leaps and bounds over the years. The reason for this is simple, it’s cheap cost (when bought in bulk) and also easy to track the return on investment (ROI).

A very unique feature of SMS marketing is its direct and personal feature. Look at it this way: If you send your customers a marketing email, it’s probably just one of dozens they’ll receive that day. Chances are that only a few of them will open your email, meaning you’d need to send it to thousands of potential customers to make
the exercise worthwhile.

That’s not the case with SMS. Most people receive relatively few text messages from businesses (we’ll look at why in a moment), and it’s very hard to ignore a text when it arrives.Even you, anytime you receive an SMS, chances are that you will not wait until you open the message to know the content.

If you send 10,000 emails in a marketing campaign, only a few hundred will likely be read—even if you have a brilliant headline, great copy, and a must-have offer. But if you send SMS text to 10,000 people, you can be sure that nearly all your recipients will read your message. If your conversion rate for SMS marketing is close to your conversion rate for emails, that translates to 10 or 20 times as much business.

Is that stimulating your interest? Before you start collecting customers’ mobile numbers for SMS marketing, you need three essentials in place: a great offer, the right technology, and most important—your customers’ trust.



A Question of Trust
There’s a reason most people don’t get as many marketing texts as they get marketing emails. They see their phone numbers as more personal and more valuable than their email addresses, so they are more careful about whom they trust with their number compared with their email address.

The issue of trust is the great advantage that lies at the heart of SMS marketing. Because people are reluctant to give out their numbers, few businesses have those numbers, and so fewer marketing texts are sent compared with marketing emails. The result is that customers are unlikely to get bored with marketing texts the way they’ve become bored by marketing emails.

But trust is also the greatest obstacle that you, as a would-be SMS marketer, have to overcome. How do you persuade customers and potential customers to hand over their mobile numbers?

Obtaining those numbers comes down to your offering and your relationship with the customers you’re targeting. SMS marketing isn’t always great at converting absolutely new, cold customers who know nothing about your product, service or your brand (neither is email). But SMS is devastatingly effective when used on warm leads, or—in particular—when used to drive repeat business.



Let’s imagine some scenarios:

You run a restaurant.
Some of your customers travel several miles to visit you, and you’d like them to come more often. You collect their mobile numbers and send them the occasional text message—not too many, maybe one every week telling them about a special offer or your Dish of the Day.

You’re an independent financial adviser.
You use SMS to quickly notify customers when a great new product comes along.


You run a bike shop, selling new bikes, accessories, and spares.
You also offer servicing. You text your customers to tell them about new offers, or to tell them that their bike is ready to pick up, or to notify them when their order has come in.

Those scenarios are based on driving repeat business in situations where customers have a genuine, proven interest in your product or service. They are all, to use the technical term, examples of permission-based marketing.

Getting their Phone Numbers
But how do you persuade your customers to give you their mobile numbers, and let you use them on a continuing basis?

You’ll first need to establish trust. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have several options open to you. Broadly, methods of acquiring mobile numbers from your customers
fall into two major categories: indirect and direct.

Indirect acquisition
Indirect acquisition means asking for your customers numbers for purely practical reasons (e.g., letting them know their order has arrived, reminding them about service dates, confirming appointments). That tends to be very effective because customers generally find SMS notifications and reminders very useful. However, if you’re planning to use the numbers for further marketing activity, you must get your customers’ active permission. If you don’t, you’ll probably be breaking your country’s data-protection regulations. Infact in Nigeria, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) introduced Do Not Disturb (DND) to fight the repeat challenge experienced by customers from unsolicited Marketing SMS.

Direct acquisition
Direct acquisition means asking for your customers for their mobile phone numbers specifically for the purpose of telling them about products and offers via SMS. It’s a more upfront approach that tends to have a lower success rate than indirect acquisition, but it deals directly with the problem of permission.

Keeping the Numbers
Once you’ve gotten the mobile numbers, you need to make sure customers remain happy with your marketing. If a customer asks you to stop sending messages, in most countries the law requires that you do indeed stop.

So, to retain the right to use a customer’s number, you have to keep that customer happy. Don’t text too often (maybe one offer every week, unless you’re really sure of the customer’s loyalty), and make sure you’re sending genuinely good offers that are very likely to appeal to them.

Above all, make sure you’re sticking to those data protection rules—both in your country and your recipient’s country (if it’s different from yours).

Different legal systems offer different levels of protection for consumers regarding data security and marketing, but it’s best to do a bit of research before you start your campaign. If you understand the relevant laws, you shouldn’t find them too much of a burden—and they’ll help you deliver a legal, effective, customer-
friendly campaign.


How to collect customers details



Your Website
Technology plays a role in how you’ll actually deliver your messages. Obviously, you don’t want to be manually sending each text from your own phone it will be tasking, tiring and boring. That’s why exists, we allow you to send sms directly from your website if you need. You can send and receive bulk SMS from your website you can also manage and build SMS contact lists and group them according to your preference.

You can create a form on your website. This method is effective because it saves time. Infact number submitted online can be fed directly into your marketing database, ready for automated inclusion in the next round of marketing via the gateway api. Your site developer can do this for you. If you desire the service of our specialist, you engage ediarosms team, we can integrate your website with our SMS solution directly so that you will be sending SMS directly to your customers within your website. You will also be able to schedule a message in advance to be delivered at a later date.

If you don’t have a website, you can setup an dynamic website at Among other things, it will collect the phone numbers and save them on your website. Afterwards, you can download the contacts in Microsoft excel format and upload it to your respective contact list. You can also take your website a step further by collecting the contact details, saving the details on it and within the site admin backend, sending sms text message to a single or group of people on your contact list and also schedule the message deliver for a specified time, day, week, month or year.



Order and Store Management Software
Many Stores and Supermarket has existing hardware device and bar code scanner for managing their orders. Concurrently, the system also has feature for loyalty reward, customer Name, phone number among others. Sadly this feature is usually under utilised by the store owners.

You can contact your IT Team to activate this feature and ensure the Name and Phone number details are received at the point of order, just as Domino Pizza usually does across their branches in Nigeria. Afterwards, you can integrate gateway API into it to enable you send message directly to them from your system. If this will be cumbersome, you can simply download the contacts save on a periodic basis (daily, weekly or monthly), upload it directly to your account on ediarosms and communicate with them directly from there. Our integration team will be available to work with you to make this process seamless and successfull if needed.



Smart Phone
You can also receive the details and also collect the customer details on a mobile phone. Get an affordable mobile phone, make sure it’s smart phone (e.g Android, IOS or Blackberry) and save the details on it. Afterwards, syncronise the phone contacts with your PC or Email and extract them. Then login to your account, upload the contacts to your contact list or group and begin sending messages to them.



Manual Paper Receipt
Generally, when Customers place an order, their name, address and phone number are usually entered on the receipt. Your sales staff can can manually type this detail in Microsoft Excel when they are less busy (using a PC, IPAD or other). The contacts will then be uploaded at close of work daily, weekly or whatever duration you deem
suitable for your business/industry.

You can also create an excel document on a pc and/or paper hardcover, where your accountant wll save or write the contacts after receiving payment from the customer




Paper Form
You can create a paper form making phone number and Name compulsory field for virtually anything (e.g survey,questionaire, membership form, loyalty reward form etc), share to your Customers to at office, store or exhibition, get a staff to type and save them. Afterwards, you can use it to send them an sms.


Your Custom Newsletter URL
We understand some customers don’t have the technical know how or funding to invest in a sophisticated solution. So what we did is to embed a SMS newsletter automatically for every customer that open an account on ediarosms. Create an account on, click on the contact list, open the url for the newsletter and share it with customers on your facebook, twitter, instagram, flyers, receipt, brochure, advertorial among others. With this, customers will just open the url and automatically enter their name and contact to subscribe to your list easily and directly; even when you are asleep. All this at no extra cost.
To get started with collecting your customers phone number and bulk sms marketing, click here to open an account.

For inquiries and support, email: or call: (+234) 080-9502-9999

Practical Ways of Promoting a Restaurant with BULK SMS

Practical Ways of Promoting a Restaurant with BULK SMS 150 150

Food joints, Mama Put, Chinese eateries, Hotel Restaurants and other continental eateries are springing up everyday, this makes the industry competition very fierce. Those that can innovate succed, others die a natural death.

This led to a need for unique way of promoting your restaurant that will give you a diffrent result. Below are practical steps you can use to promote your restaurant business:



#1. RESTAURANT: Fill up a slow day

Have Cool Marketing Group send your opt-in subscriber list a discount coupon or offer that expires in 4 to 8 hours. Let’s say Tuesday from 12pm to 1pm is one of your slowest days and times of the week. Offer a FREE drink to everyone who shows up at your eatery and shows their promotional text message to the waitress. For example, asuming you have 300 people on your “weekday” Bulk SMS subscriber list. Request we send out your FREE drink offer Tuesday morning around 11am, right when people are thinking of food and drink. You’ll probably get around a 10-15% response rate. Now you’ve turned your near- empty restaurant into one with some energy and about 30-40 people.

Nothing drives sales up than passionate crowd all aroud clamouring to be served in the restaurant. This assures customers you are good at what you do, foster word of mouth advert and becomes a converging point for meetings and discussions.


#2. RESTAURANTS: Stop wasting products

If you have 10 steaks in your walk-in that won’t make it another day, then offer them at a major discount (half off?) to the first 10 customers. Think about it, no more waste. When your chef needs to use an item up quickly, have a text message sent to your subscriber list and offer the first customers to respond a nice discount on those specific items. Putting a limit on the number of discounts (first 10 or first 20) available is a great way to drive the results you’re looking for. From your opt-in subscriber’s frame of mind, fear of loss or missing out is the biggest motivator of all. Many restaurant owners and managers would never think of this tactic but it is one of many creative Bulk SMS marketing ideas.


#3. RESTAURANTS: Let it rain

When rain is impending send out a Bulk SMS alert to your subscriber list offering them a deal that can’t be missed. Remember, fear of loss is a big motivator, especially when the offer is only valid for a few hours or one day. Your text message can say something like “Hi (customer’s name). It’s (your name) from (your restaurant) and I’ve got a sweet rainy day deal to pass on. Today ONLY WHILE ITS RAINING come in and get (your cool, valuable and exclusive offer). Just show this text msg.

Take advantage of strange or typical weather when you have access to unlimited Bulk SMS marketing ideas and message requests with


To get started with your bulk sms marketing, just like domino Pizza does at point of payment, collect your customer name and phone number and save it. Save the contact and upload into your account, if you don’t have an sms account, click here to setup an account and begin sending an SMS. In addition, if you have solutions you will like to integrate the bulksms gateway into, our developers can handle this for you, click here.

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How to increase sales with SMS Text Message Marketing

How to increase sales with SMS Text Message Marketing 150 150

Having been in the business since 2009, we have adopted and deployed diversed Bulk SMS Marketing strategy, with Marketing Bulk SMSvarying levels of success. All this years, the only common factor between all the strategies employed is that companies who embrace this relatively new (for businesses anyway) communication channel is that they are almost always successful.


Most time, when Entrepreneurs and CEOs are see any adz for “business text messaging”, their mind are negatively going to one of those spamming medium again. In the past, this is true with Bulk SMS. The process is usually the Business gathering positive target audience phone numbers and sending them all Spam SMS Message.


Over the years, many things has changed. Nigerian Telecommunication Commission (NCC) has initiated many initiatives such as Do Not Disturb (DND) short code enforced on telecom companies operating in 2016 among others.


This same initiative has been in existence all over the world. For instance, the law and the savvy UK customer has caught up with these rogue companies and they are virtually non-existent.

In fact, here are some recent “Business Texting Fast Facts”

  • 65% of people send business text messages from their mobile phone on a daily basis
  • 50% of people receive business text messages from a member of their team/ department/ office
  • 47% of people receive business text messages from a colleague
  • 36% receive business text messages from a customer or client
  • 71% of people use business texts for setting ‘reminders of meetings and appointments’
  • 18% of people used business texts for ‘notifying people about new meetings and appointments’
  • 14% of people use business text for ‘chasing up suppliers or new orders’
  • 36% of respondents said that they receive text messages from a customer or client
  • 11% of people receive text messages from suppliers.

Effective ways to gain increased sales using Bulk SMS Marketing.


Follow up your sales.
Customers like nothing more than to be assured they have made the right choice buying from you. So it’s advisible to do some after sales service, this is easier with SMS text messaging. So, Text them X days after the sale thanking them for their business and offering a number to call if they need any help or anything further.

For clients that have used this services, they have seen this increase recall rates, increase repeat purchase and hugely increase positive word of mouth amongst peer groups – essentially free advertising.


Keep a customer informed during the order process.
Placing an order usually comes with so many fear and excitements, merchant that’s able to update them about order process will give them rest of mind and will naturally be preffered by customers; when compared to others that treat them like every other customers.

With ediarosms SMS gateway, this process can be automated. The system will auto send them text when you have received the order, when payment has been taken & when it has been dispatched with a delivery time estimate. This has been proven to dramatically increase repeat orders and positive word of mouth.



Start a text club.
Customers like freebies, but to offer them, you need to get their contacts. You can do this by telling people to a keyword to receive special offers from you by text message.



Text lapsed customers.
Marketing professionals always say that it’s easier to to market to an existing customer than search for new ones. To initiate this, try to get a list of customers from your database who haven’t bought for X months (you can get this from your receipts, invoice, coupons, register, website etc) and text them out an offer to encourage them back to you. So long as they had a good experience last time they will surely not mind checking back. This is one of the fastest ways to gain new sales.



Text enable your advertising.
In this 21st century there are advertisements everywhere, this is further compounded by our routine daily busy schedules. So most of the time, if people don’t respond to your advert immediately, they tend to forget it.

You can simplify this process for them by allowing them to respond by texting you. On average around half of respondents will choose to do so if you include a text response on your advertising and often those people wouldn’t have responded so you increase response rates and ultimately increase return on investment for your advertisements. To get started, create a bulk sms account; recharge and begin maximising the potentials of Bulk SMS advertising.


Click here Now!! to open an account, get free test SMS unit , existing customers can login here and begin messaging

For support, contact team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

Make Money from BULK SMS Messaging Business

Make Money from BULK SMS Messaging Business 150 150

Handling the communication and public relation service for most business is cumbersome and complex. Unfortunately, most Managing Directors are too busy to look inward at alternative ways to solve their headaches. If you can device a way around this, you will be making alot of money at the same time become a Digital Communication strategist easily; using bulk SMS text Message.



Bulk SMS is usually a web based solution used for sending message from Mobile Phone to PC. As an entrepreneur,
you can simply open an account, invest a small capital – by buying SMS units as small as N5000 ($16) and begin sending text messages on behalf of other people, to Nigerians and Internationally. This business is lucrative in nature because you have the liberty to charge organizations whatever amount you like.

Brief Business Analysis of Bulk SMS Messaging Services

The secret of this service is that it cannot be send through mobile, it can only be sent through the internet. The next point of action is to start this business, you have to look out for a standard bulk sms provider in the market, such as You can register here and fund your account with adequate balance for the sms unit you will need.

The price tag for bulk sms units is very cheap. Our price ranges from N1.5 to N2 per unit depending on the volume of unit you want to purchase. Click here to check the price list.

You can charge your clients #7 per marketing sms for a minimum of 2000 numbers. For clients that have less than 2000 numbers, you can charge them #10. Obviously this is a very lucarative business with just that slim sales margin.

When you have multiple customers and huge turnover, you become the Managing Director of Your Business.



How Does the Business work?
There are thousands of ways of making money from Bulk SMS Messaging. We advise that you learn how to draft advertising copy, calculating best time to send a message (e.g marketing message have proven to be most effective by 7am on Saturdays), login to your account, type the message, schedule it for a later date & time or send for immediate immediately.

Who are the sample prospective target audience for Bulk SMS text messaging services?

  • Religious Bodies (e.g Mosques) – Meetings Notification, Fund solicitation, News, Disseminating Information
  • Schools – Student Performance updates, PTA Meeting Invitation, Payment reminder, News, School political campaign,
  • Clubs & NGO – Payment due reminder, News updates, Share time sensitive information, Seek Funding, Election campaign
  • University, Polytechnic & Colleges of Education – For Departments communication, Student correspondence, payment reminder
  • Events and Meeting – Individuals, Corporate Organisations, NGO, Religious Bodies, Civil Societies
  • Special Seasons Greetings – Individual and Corporate Customers
  • Wholesellers, Retailers, Resellers, Supermarkets, Chain Stores – For Marketing new stock, Customer Service, Transaction notification, Promos & Discount offer, Advertising Campaign
  • Corporate Bodies (SME Business & Companies) – For internal and External Communication, Media release, News, Marketing, Branding, Notice of Meeting
  • Hospitals – For Patient report notification, payment alert, staff correspondence, patient newsletter
  • Wedding Announcement, Invitations to event and Pre-Schedule Appreciation
  • Automated Birthday Greetings SMS (e.g Banks Birthday greetings), Birthday Announcement, Invitations to event and Pre-Schedule Appreciation
  • Election – Political Parties & Individuals campaigning for votes
  • Government Establishments – Public Enlightment, Tax Due Reminder, Outstanding Payment Reminder, Health awareness
  • Banks & Other Financial Institutions – Statement of Account, Second level verification and many more…
    And Many more



Fact – 1
• Do you know that 1 billion SMS messages are sent by Nigerians Per Year? Now what this means is that N15 billion Naira is being shared annually between a small group of smart & average Nigerians?


Fact – 2
• Do you know that many Nigerians are quickly moving from phone messaging to bulk SMS messaging especially small organizations because it’s cheaper to use online bulk SMS?


Fact – 3
• Have you heard about recent developments in the telecom industry? That more than 40 million Nigerians now use GSM phones and the number keeps increasing daily?


Case Study:

Assuming you visited a Company as a Bulk SMS Client, Meaning you want to handle their routine Bulk SMS Work, and they accept your Proposal, You can Charge them for N6-N10 per SMS, now let’s do a Little Calculation sells SMS for you at the Rate of N2 Each! (Depending on the amount of unit purchased), you charge the customer/Company who need your SMS Service for N6-N10 Each

Then they Decided to Send to 50,000 Customers, Then you have to Purchase 50,000 SMS units.



You have Automatically made:
Amount charged from customer: 50,000 SMS x N6 = N300,000,

Cost of Purchasing SMS: 50,000 SMS x N2 = N100,000.



Profit realised: N200,000 instantly.

Unique features of to aid your Bulk SMS Messaging Services
When you use you get periodic members only update and training on how to optimally utilise bulk sms services. In addition, when you have bulk messages, you can schedule them all in advance and the system will automate the message sending process. And lastly, you get professional hands on experience to assit you for technical support; which can range from Huge unit negotiation, professional hints on exceling in the industry, Developer/Gateway API integration to your client existing portal, software or app of your client among others.



How Do I get started.
1. Create an account now at
2. Draft a 1 page proposal for each organisation you have in mind (you can search for various proposal sample or engage for this service)
3. Submit your proposal personally to the officess or envelope it and dispatch via NIPOST bulk mail service nationwide (it’s slower but much cheaper).

For inquiries, email: or call: (+234) 080-9502-9999

How to Promote your Business with Bulk SMS

How to Promote your Business with Bulk SMS 150 150

If you own a business that provides goods or services to Customers then you must have noticed that each of these Customers use mobile phones. Smart business owners take advantage of this opportunity to promote thier business with bulk SMS. This ultimately will improve your profitability, ensure swift operation, improve customer service, public awareness among others.


Why does SMS work?

  • No Filters: -There aren’t any “spam” filters on cell phone texts (if at all very limited and cumbersom). Hence whatever you send gets directly deployed to the customer’s primary Inbox.
  • Good Open Rates: – People don’t hesitate to tap on the “1 new inbox message’ box, at least the reluctance is much less compared to E-mails.
  • Less Complications: – You don’t have to worry about your logo, color scheme or fonts with Bulk SMS Services, it’s all plain and simple.
  • Less Competition: – As of now, there aren’t a lot of companies, brands or products using Bulk SMS services. Surely the number goes up in millions probably, but it’s still much lower compared to E-mail marketing, so the competition gap is something you can leverage.

There are many ways you can promote your Business via Bulk SMS Marketing, at the end of the day it all comes down to writing contents that pulls people in, simple as that. Below are ways you can use to begin:


Bulk SMS service can help you increase the numbers of customers you currently have sporadically. This is the use of bulk SMS to advertise your business. All you have to do to ensure you are not wasting the undoubtedly little resources you have is to focus on a target group. You don’t have to look far; you can start within your area. You know who and who needs your service. Make them a part of your SMS marketing campaign. Your present best customers, who are loyal to your business, could even help you get more people for your business. A brief request like “Do you know anyone that would be interested in this product/service? Could I get their contacts so I can send them a marketing message?” will do wonders for your business. If you’ve earned the trust of these persons, they would be very willing to oblige. Try this and you can thank us later.


Is there this particular product you do not have in store but has been requested quite often by your customers? Well, maybe now you have it in abundance. Bulk SMS can help you communicate this with your clients. The benefit? Now they know you have it. Nothing irks a customer more than coming to a place once, twice maybe even thrice for something and they don’t get it. The human nature has it that such ones conclude the next time that such things are not available. As such, they start looking for alternatives. Now that is bad for your business. A simple message saying “Hello dear customer. New products in stock now. Get this and that and this and that” will do. Don’t forget to thank them for their patronage though. Find sample thank you SMS here.


Let’s say you run a barber’s saloon and you have to close down for 3 weeks to attend to a pressing family need in the village. One of your most consistent customer checks throughout the first week to have a haircut, maybe for him and his kid and didn’t find you. What more? Maybe your mobile number printed on the door isn’t even reachable due to poor networks associated with many villages. He had to look for an alternative because his kids cannot go to school with the UN-kept hair. 2 weeks later he checked and same story. If I was the one, I’ll conclude this dude has left for good. That might be the end of that customer in your shop. Let’s say the alternative he got is even doing better, you can say goodbye to him. A simple SMS can help avoid this. Even if he has to get an alternative before you return, at least he knows you are not leaving forever and knows when to check back. This helps build customer trust, and does well for your business.


Everybody like promos. I love it. Don’t know about you? Making promos an integral part of your business can go a long way in keeping customers and increasing your total revenues in the long run. Bulk SMS will be a beautiful avenue to intimate customers of current promos and upcoming ones. For one thing, it is a way of appreciating your loyal customers, and when they know promos are coming, it keeps them with you. A bonus on a purchase, cut-price for a product or even giving gifts might make up your promos for them. A perfect time to do this might be during holidays. Let them feel the love, they deserve it. Infact, promise of promo updates might be a nice way of getting your customers’ phone numbers for your SMS marketing campaign.



Are you fortunate enough to know when your customers’ birthdays are coming up? For many business owners, the mutual trust between them and their customers has grown so well that getting their birthdays isn’t difficult. If you know this, you can use bulk SMS to send them goodwill messages on this day. Or maybe you know of a client of yours who is getting married, having a housewarming ceremony or celebrating an achievement. Send him/her a nice message on this nice day. It lets them know you are not just interested in selling, you also see them as a friend. The result? The trust grows, Loyalty comes in and your business booms. The good thing is that you can even schedule this process to send birthday message every year automatically, find SMS Scheduling guide here.


Bulk messaging can literally saves lives. With a worrying decline in global blood donation rates, SMS is used to remind donors of their next appointment and, when there is a severe shortage of blood, ask them to donate again. Infact you can motivate customers by sending SMS to donors when their blood is used, thereby notifying them that their blood has potentially saved a life, this ultimately will encourage them to donate again in the future. It can create a dialogue on social media, spreading the word and creating online visibility.


Many companies are integrating SMS marketing into their email campaigns. With SMS open rates at 98%, they have realized the importance of boosting email open rates, and, ultimately, conversion rates, by incorporating bulk messaging. Including URLs promotes website traffic and encourages subscriptions. Total customer views are improved and companies can track customer activity back to the SMS. These campaigns are driven by short codes and keywords, and need to be clear and beneficial to the recipient. Companies need to think of new ideas and keep up with trends to keep their customers engaged.


Orange has one of the longest-running and most successful SMS campaigns – ‘Orange Wednesdays’ – which was introduced more than 10 years ago. Customers are offered a two-for-one cinema deal, only available on Wednesdays, using a clear call-to-action. Previously the least popular weekday with the lowest attendance rate, it’s now the most popular, with Orange estimating that an additional three million cinema trips are generated annually using this strategy.


Leveraging and gathering personal information can go a long way. For eg. if you can group your SMS list into sub-lists, based on birthdays, anniversaries or anything of that kind.

And then you can send something like “Happy Birthday Mr. X.” followed by whatever you’re trying to pitch. Something tells me it’ll have a lot more effect than sending just any other “Hi please buy our product” text, simply because there will be a much stronger bond between you and the customer.



Considering SMS(s) are short, you can and should use that to your benefit. The best way is to send an SMS that cuts the bullshit and explains exactly why it’s in the inbox of someone.

“Hi from ediaroshop, here’s your 50% off coupon as a gift for shopping with us last week”! See? People know who it’s from, and why it’s there. Even if they don’t convert instantly, you atleast won’t go to the spam box and can approach them later.


Who says “no” to coupons? There’s just no better way to convert a lead into a sale than giving them a discount coupon, or basically a coupon of any kind.

It’s general psychology that people won’t buy a product for $100, but they’ll buy it if its $200 $100 (50% discount!). Why not leverage that?



Once a customer feels a certain kind of special treatment is being given only to him/her, the chances of them converting go through the roof.

So a great way to convert them is to send “personalized messages.” For, e.g. if you send something like “Hey Mr. Tunde, here’s your discount coupon specially and valid only for you for being a loyal customer to us”, well that does charm most often than not.


Another way to use BULK SMS services for your brand promotion is to use it as “reminder” for various purposes. You can send them a reminder if you’re about to launch a new product, a sale is going live or basically anything in general.

A reminder keeps them in the loop, as well as gets you a new chance to make sure they get pulled in.



So basically that was what Bulk SMS Marketing service is, and some points from the vast ocean of possibilities of how you can use it to promote your business through it.

And being honest, it’s not something that will last eternally, but right now Bulk SMS Marketing is ripe, and you can leverage it when you can, because right now it probably has the best conversion as well as open rates, something you can’t expect from E-mails, or any other “bulk marketing” platform apart from SMS anymore.


Regardless of the purpose of your campaign, always plan for long term customer engagement and focus on high quality content and promotions that align with your product and customer incentives.


Meaningful content should be aligned with your customer engagement strategies and company goals. For example, simple discounts are overdone and don’t offer any engagement mechanisms. However, if you put a discount at the end of an engaging SMS survey or riddle, then subscribers are not only receiving a discount, but the engagement will likely be more memorable and encourage customer loyalty.


CTIA (Cellular Telecommunication Industries Association) guidelines suggest that all marketing campaigns and promotional messages should be sent between 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM local time. This not only ensures that your campaigns stay compliant, but it also assures that your messages are read in a timely fashion. Optimal times during the week are typically during the morning commute (i.e., mornings between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM) and lunch times (i.e., between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM). During these times, subscribers are typically more susceptible to promotional messaging.


To maintain good customer experience, it’s better to send meaningful messages once a week. Therefore, you should only send a maximum of 4 text messages a month. With this in mind, plan your campaigns so that your messages are concise and to the point. Subscriber churn can have a significant negative impact for any business. Therefore, all businesses should take special precautions to reduce your customer churn rate while migrating phone numbers.


Gone are the days when schools send news letters or circulars to customers or parents reminding them of forthcoming events. With the help of bulk sms, they can now receive this message directly on their mobile phone.


Education facilities around the world are using bulk messaging to simultaneously reach teachers, learners and parents by sending SMS messages when in need of substitute teachers, and initiating parent communication. Ever pressed for time, this method eliminates the arduous task of making phone calls and replaces it with a quick, effective SMS, sent to selected recipients asking who is available as a substitute teacher. Those who are keen to work will reply immediately, knowing that it’s first come, first serve.


With many Private Primary and Secondary Schools competing for excellence, supremacy and class in Nigeria, you can carve a niche in the industry by introducing Bulk SMS to inform parents about student daily performance, periodic updates about school activities, notify them of time sensitive information among others. Our gateway has all the features that can make it work standalone. In addition, it’s also expandable and can be integrated to your existing website, softwares and mobile apps with our simplified API.


In Ireland, TextaParent provides school administrators with a platform to simultaneously communicate with hundreds of parents, staff and community services, saving precious time and delivering vital or time-critical information. It’s cost-effective, reliable and saves valuable time.


When a customer place an order on your website, it’s great to send alerts. This makes your professional, constantly remembered anytime customer checks the old emails and ultimately improves strong brand presence.

You can send transactional SMS Text message alert for new products, sales, discounts, coupons etc



To take best decision, it’s better to sample peoples opinon. Usually doing this is by survey, which can be done with questionaire, online survey forms and even SMS Text response.

You can get response from clients for competitions, votes, customer satisfaction with bulk sms. This is priceless in capturing the attention of the youths that are always on the move. This can be done alone or to compliment other online and offline survey mediums.



Save time and costs by using these affordable communication tools. With Bulk SMS, you can invite Customers to participate in events such as exhibitions, charity events, awards etc.

Another challenge is after sending message to people, they often forget the even due to their busy daily schedule, so it’s important to send them reminders. Having to send the message 1 by 1 to small group of people is daunghting and boring task, talk less of hundreds of participants.

When you use to for sending the message, you can schedule the message in advance, this will programme the message to be sent, date and time it should be delivered to the receipient.  So you can programme the system to send a reminder message to the customer 1 week before the event, 3 days before the event, a night before the event and few hours before the event, then focus on other thing, but be sure it will auto deliver itself. This is a very priceless resort for event planners, protocol officers, event managers and other people handling events.

To get started with your customisable Bulk SMS messaging, Sign up here for a free account  or login here to access our range of APIs and send bulk messages to your subscribers with ease.

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Using Bulk SMS to Profitably dominate your Market

Using Bulk SMS to Profitably dominate your Market 150 150

Human being are usually resistance to change, we preffer to always do our routine the same way and expect a different result. This includes the way we do business and market our products and services.  According to Albert Einstein “If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.”

This is why you need to consider an innovative way to promote your business via BULK SMS. In most cases, people don’t know how to take advantage of it to make more money. Which is why our team has tried to critically explain how to maximise Bulk SMS to improve your profitability.


Full blown-promotion: Bulk SMS can be a priceless asset when you are rolling out a new product or service or want to re-market your already existing products and services further into the marketplace to make more money (useful when product is in decline stage of product lifecycle). Bulk SMS will assist you to penetrate and dominate your market easily, quickly, and cheaply.



Time-limited special offers: Sometimes we wonder why things don’t go as we want and we think there can be an approach we can try. Some of the questions on the mind of Most Managers and Enterpreneurs are: Why is sales short in coming? We need a certain amount of money this week or by month end to aid our cash flow or offset a pressing need, how do we raise it? Or you just want to meet a sales target.

You can use bulk SMS to make one-time offers or any kind of special offer. And you know what? Offers with built-in deadlines out-perform offers without deadlines anyday, anytime.



Introduce your great business: It’s great to have a great business. But how many potential customers know you exist, even in your State? You can use

Bulk SMS to get yourself out of marketing oblivion and into limelight. You will win more customers and become very popular in your niche and location.


Follow up on your top prospects: From practical experience, which was later statistically proven from research, “Only 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact. And 80% of all sales are made on the 5th – 12th contact.” Bulk SMS helps you to automate and personalize your marketing follow up professionally.

Such repeat message will make your Brand, Product/Service memorable and first point of contact when they need your service. Overtime, you will make all the money you’re capable of making in your business.
Customer relationship management (CRM): Small and Medium Scale business see CRM as a robust enterprise solution that can’t be dreamt about. This is so because of the enormous intelligent and dynamic nature of the system.

This is why our developers at has customised our solution to meet those specific need without need for extra ICT intrastructure and still communicate with their customers with the aim of meeting their corporate objective.

With you can use bulk SMS to manage your relationship with your customer professionally; this will lead to retaining your customers and reducing customer attrition rate.This will be by informing them when you fulfill their orders, requesting feedback – by using it to ask if delivery went smooth, by thanking them for their business, and so on.

Wish your customers Happy Birthday: It has been said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. By celebrating customers on one of

the important days of their lives, you will increase customers’ loyalty. And the more customers stay with you, the more money you will make. What’s more, you can even

schedule the birthdays and it will be delivered on their birthdays without you touching anything. You can learn how to send schedule bulk sms messages here.


Get your debtors to pay you quickly: Sometimes either or both Debtor and Creditor forget payment is due. That’s why it’s important to have a system that will remember and also automate the notification directy to the customer via SMS.

You can use ediarosms Bulk SMS gateway to remind your debtors that their debt is due for payment. This will increase your revenue and improve your cash-flow. All you have to do is to schedule to process in advance.


New prices announcement: Due to unforseen circumstances such as exchange rate flunctuation, Managers sometimes have to make rapid adjustment in the pricing. You can use ediarosms bulk SMS to inform your customers about the rapid change and use that opportunity to sell your products and services.


Make special holiday offers: We have a dozen holidays during each year (Such as Sallah, Easter, Valentine, XMAS, Maolud, Independence day among others), a Good Manager/Enterpreneur will optimally utilise the holiday opportunity to create a promo and tag it a name, slightly discount their product below their profit margin, increase sales and ultimately increase profitability.

To achieve this, bulk SMS comes in handy to make special holiday offers with deadlines built into them to generate quick sales. You can setup an sms account on, collect the customers detail and phone numbers and use it to market to them. Infact, you can schedule the message in advance, making it an auto-piloted system.


Refer prospects to your company website: Having a website makes it easy to market many products/services to the world at once. Due to high competition on the World Wide Web (www), your website is not guaranteed automatic success. This is why it’s important to promote your website, using multiple platforms including Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS will increase site traffic which will in turn contribute to getting you ranked higher in Google, Yahoo and other search engines and also help you sell your products and services. To make it very effective, you can offer them something for FREE if they visit your website.

Now you can see Bulk SMS can help grow your business profitably, the main question now is will you take advantage of it NOW, before it’s too late? If yes, you can try the following process.

  • Start encouraging your Customers to drop their numbers so that you can follow up with them.
  • Start writting phone numbers on the paper/digital Receipt at point of payment.
  • Collect prospective clients list contacts in a single database.
  • Click here to create an ediarosms account.

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Adopt SMS to Remain in Business

Adopt SMS to Remain in Business 150 150

The mobile phone has changed the way we can market ourselves to our customers, but more importantly. Our customers have changed their preference in the way they want to get marketed to by our businesses.

75% of millennials prefer SMS messages for offers, surveys and deliveries (OpenMarket)

77% of customers have a positive perception of companies who use text messaging (OpenMarket)

So, although you might not see any issue in the current ways you are marketing your business, we remind you of the quote above, “we didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”, the comment of a very teary eyed and dejected management team sadly took the stage during a press conference, where the Nokia CEO finished his speech.

Before then, Nokia, the mobile phone and tech giant once had a complete hold of the mobile phone market, and there seemed to be no other realistic competitor or alternative to them. However, they have plummeted to failure. When they once had more than half of the global mobile phone market share, they now have less than 3%.

You don’t have to be doing anything wrong, all can seem fine, but if your competition hits on a trend, wave, or a new method, you could lose out and be left behind and end up being discarded – 7 out of 10 retailers are still missing out on SMS.

Now SMS is not a trend, it’s something that is here to stay. And it’s popularity and uses are growing by the day. So the sooner and better your business can capitalise on the customers mobile phone preferences, like text message marketing, the better.

So why not try mobile marketing today, sign up is completely free. No long complicated contracts to read or sign. With it’s just simple low cost SMS.

And who knows, ignoring SMS might just be that very expensive mistake.

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Improve Customer Marketing Engagement with SMS

Improve Customer Marketing Engagement with SMS 150 150

SMS Marketing is a terrific and efficient way to produce better customer engagement. If you are not optimally using it, you are losing alot. Infact, it’s arguably one of the best system that produces the best customer engagement.

To begin using this optimally, collect their Name and Phone number, then get their permission to receive SMS from you periodically.

Once you have gained the permission from your customers/clients for bulk SMS, you are directly connected to the customer almost 24 hours per day!

If utilised optimally, you may enjoy SMS read rates of 98% and URL click-through rates from your bulk SMS of 19% by using bulk SMS as an engagement

See statistics below:

6-8 Times higher than email
20% of emails are read
12% of facebok post are read
29% of tweets are read
98% of sms are read!

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