Cheap, Quality, Global Bulk SMS Messaging & Payment (Bitcoin) on ediarosms.com

Cheap, Quality, Global Bulk SMS Messaging & Payment (Bitcoin) on ediarosms.com 150 150 ediarosms.com

ediarosms.com provides global bulk sms text messaging coverage in a more than 200 countries, with NO hidden fees. We accept various international payment methods such as Bitcoin, Bank Transfer and Debit/Credit Card. To buy SMS credits, please register or log-in to your ediarosms.com SMS account, then click on pricing, enter your desired quantity and proceed to checkout to make payment. Then select the suitable payment method for you. All personal information & card details entered are encrypted to always keeping your data safe. Your privacy & security comes first. You will be notified once the payment is successfully done.

Our Promise

  • 100% Secured Connection: Data is highly encrypted secured by (SSL) to secure all our clients information and all their bulk SMS Messages.
  • Secured Payment Gateway: We offer a variety international payment gateways for our customers with more than 10 payment methods.
  • ONLINE SUPPORT 24/7. Live chat support 24/7 with web live chat, Skype and WhatsApp.
  • Buy SMS for bulk text messaging via Gateway
  • Free sign up, no credit card required and free SMS to send from SMS Gateway
  • SMS Gateway / Sending SMS: communicate with all of your contacts via SMS, directly from your application, website or server
  • International Coverage
  • No setup fees or charges
  • No monthly or recurring fees
  • No expiry date

We are known for quality service delivery and unequaled customer support from our well-trained personnel and top-notch technical support.

  • The simplest, fastest way to send text messages from your application or website
  • Text your clients, employees, partners…
  • No commitment, no fixed set-up fee, purchase SMS messages seamlessly
  • Getting started is easy: send text messages via simple SMS APIs and use the PHP, ASP, JAVA ready to use code examples
  • Configure your account and you can start texting in a matter of minutes

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Bitcoin Global Bulk SMS Credit Payment on ediarosms.com

Bitcoin Global Bulk SMS Credit Payment on ediarosms.com 150 150 ediarosms.com

Having a global Bulk SMS gateway is great, but there is a general problem our customers at ediarosms.com worldwide are making, which is a seamless and faster payment processing platform that can work globally. From our research, our team noted that buying Bulk SMS Credit with Bitcoin on ediarosms.com saves them alot of hassle, it’s fast, seamless and reliable. Hence, Bitcoin (BTC) became a major payment medium for our organisation.

ediarosms.com has risen in popularity alongside the acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for buying bulk sms credit worldwide. Merchants like ediarosms who accept cryptocurrencies gain several advantages such as access to a broader market, ease of cross-border transactions, buyer anonymity, and the security features vis-à-vis blockchain. Also, we are able to eliminate intermediaries, chargebacks, and pay lower fees compared to using services like Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer among others. However, Bitcoin has its share of e-commerce challenges such as increasing transactional fees, volatility, and slow processing times. Moreover, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets attract ongoing government intervention, hackers, and bad actors.

While Overstock.com has received a lot of attention for accepting Bitcoins since 2014, paying with cryptos is more mainstream than many merchants and shoppers think. Microsoft, Expedia, ediaro.com, Dish, CheapAir, ediarosms.com and Newegg are just a few of the thousands of merchants who accept Bitcoin worldwide. A survey of 100 merchants found that 60 percent of them would accept Bitcoin instead of dollars. Respondents spanned various industries and had at least $100,000 of annual revenue.

Before we began accepting bitcoins 2 years ago, we make sure we understand:

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency fundamentals, pros, and cons
Security and storage measures, for example, the different types of wallets
The marketplace, exchanges, and transactional costs, and conversion fees
Reasons for wanting to accept digital currencies
The likelihood of customers using digital currencies
Anything that applies to our business operations and policies

Why ediarosms.com Accept Bitcoin Payments?
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies haven’t gained quite as much traction as supporters originally thought it would (at least not in the mainstream), but that doesn’t mean it’s not a viable form of payment. In fact, it may be a more attractive option when you compare it to the usual payment processors you work with.

Here are some reasons why ediarosms.com Bulk SMS website is benefiting from accepting Bitcoin:

Digital: Because Bitcoin is a digital cash system and doesn’t require a third party banking entity to process the transaction, it is completely peer-to-peer. It’s all organized through a digital network (also known as a blockchain), which is basically just a ledger that keeps a secure and (pseudo-)anonymous record of all transactions.

Security: Bitcoin is what’s known as “pseudo-anonymous.” Obviously, a bitcoin is linked to an individual in order for them to make a payment in the first place. However, unlike with credit card and banking payments, no personal information needs to be given out in order to do so, which may ease consumers’ concerns about making payments online.
Simplicity: Since it’s totally peer-to-peer, we didn’t have to worry about consumers paying with a compatible financial solution. So long as they have a Bitcoin wallet, they’re good to go.

Cost: For the most part, Bitcoin transactions come with much smaller processing fees (if any).

Convenience: There is no waiting period before you can gain access to your new funds. Once money is transferred from customers’ wallets to our own, the money is yours to use. Just be aware that payments can’t be reversed—on either end—which means that if you plan on issuing refunds, it’s not as simple to do with Bitcoin.

Fraud: Each bitcoin has a hexadecimal code which is extremely difficult to crack. And because payments can’t be reversed, you won’t have to worry about fraudulent payments and the ensuing fees you have to pay for those chargebacks.

One thing to keep in mind here is that cryptocurrencies can be volatile, so you won’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. Sure, there are clear benefits to accepting Bitcoin as a payment option why buying SMS Credit on ediarosms.com , but the key word here is “option”. Bitcoin should be offered in addition to the other payment types accepted through ediarosms.com; not in place of them.

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Professional Tips for Successful Bulk SMS Text Message Promo

Professional Tips for Successful Bulk SMS Text Message Promo 150 150 ediarosms.com

Professional marketers understands the need to understand their audience and segment each advert to selected target audience. This is done consciously with precision and the shorter the message, the better; regardless of if it’s on billboard, Bus Tv Advert, Television, Online Banner Ads and ultimately Bulk SMS Advert.

SMS has proven to have high open rate and customers have perspective and few questions they want to be answered once they receive your message. You must provide answers to these questions in advance before begin to compose the message and start typing that 160 characters magic sales SMS:

Why is this message so long and boring? When using bulk SMS for business, try not to exceed the 160 characters limit. (You wouldn’t get this advice on many global bulk SMS blogs since they want you to buy more units). So go straight to the point and try to deliver high value and your message will be on its way to being among the 90% of SMS that are read within the first three (3) minutes.

Why should I act now?  Even when your bulk SMS messages are well tailored to the right audience, your customers or prospects can still procrastinate taking action and eventually forget about your campaign if you don’t create a sense of urgency. Try including some sort of expiration date to encourage customers to respond faster.

What are the incentives? It is not just enough to let them know you have just purchased and installed the best printing machine in town or that you have the best hair-dryer in the hairdressing industry. Tempt them with incentives such as a coupon with a premium discount such as 20% discount that will make them feel they are part of a secret community.

Is this an exclusive offer?  Even with all the elements in the right place, customers will still feel reluctant to act if they perceive the offer in the bulk SMS is available to everyone worldwide. When sending bulk SMS to customers, always include the fact that the deal is exclusively offered to customers on a VIP list. This will make your customers feel they are part of something special. If the offer were available to everyone, then what is the appeal of being a subscriber?

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For support, contact ediarosms.com team via support@ediarosms.com or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

Global BULK SMS Experience at Pink Berry Jabi Lake Abuja

Global BULK SMS Experience at Pink Berry Jabi Lake Abuja 150 150 ediarosms.com

We went for an ice Cream at Pink Berry, Jabi Lake Abuja Nigeria. At the point of payment, I noticed a register with Biro and paper on the table. When I got closer to it, I noticed it’s a simple paper that is ruled and used to collect 3 things from the customer. They are:

  1. Name
  2. Date of Birth (Day and Month)
  3. Phone number.

All the customer has to do is fill in our details. With the information collected, the organization is able to send us marketing SMS, Promos, Discounts, Birthday Wishes and other News.

Interestingly, the Date of Birth Column gave the organization an opportunity to configure their system to automatically send SMS to phone number on my birthday. This is priceless as it operates on the same level the Banks, Insurance Companies etc. it also gives them a corporate classic, friendly perception that I will like to visit again and again.

Interestingly, such process can be easily implemented to send Birthday SMS text message to customers worldwide on their birthday, anywhere they are across the globe with ediarosms.com, check out a simple guide here.

We implore customers in the ice cream business, retail and other relevant sectors to implement SMS to their operation as it is cheap, efficient, simple and priceless.

We understand the unique needs of the retail industry and can help you harness the power of text messaging in your business. We offer an SMS platform—SMS APIs or web — for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a cost-effective solution for sending out promotions or complete SMS integration with your CRM, our team of specialists will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the most out of your SMS investment.

Want to get started? Simply click the button below to register your free account and start sending SMS today! Need help? Contact us and we will gladly help you.

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For support, contact ediarosms.com team via support@ediarosms.com or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

Why Have you not been adopting Global Bulk SMS for your Business?

Why Have you not been adopting Global Bulk SMS for your Business? 150 150 ediarosms.com

Bulk SMS messaging makes sense, infact virtually every kind of organization can benefit from sending Bulk SMS text messages such as ediarosms.com to send SMS worldwide.

Businesses, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), educational institutions, Manufacturers, faith-based organizations all use texting to connect more effectively with their audiences. What kind of messages do they send? News, Promotions, notifications, alerts, and more. In fact, text messages can help with things you many not have thought of, like collections, billing, delivery confirmations, and logistics.

How to send SMS with ediarosms.com
There are a number of ways our bulk text messaging platform can seamlessly fit into your business, Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) and Government Agencies

Self service
Our pay-as-you-go platform is designed so that you can start sending bulk SMS online within a few minutes of signing up for a free account. Click here to Send SMS now

Managed service
If you prefer to outsource your mobile messaging, our managed services are here to help you with tailored SMS solutions for any business type.

Join with many happy developers who have discovered that our SMS API is versatile, customisable and can integrate with any other application. Click here

How Does Bulk Messaging Work?
To send SMS marketing campaigns you need to subscribe to a bulk SMS service provider like ediarosms.com. Once you have logged into the SMS account, you simply upload your list of contacts, compose your message, and click send. Within minutes, your contacts will be reading your messages, wherever they are.

Once a message has been sent, your service reports on delivery rates is displayed on your account. With these analytics, you can fine-tune the content and timing of delivery of your messages.

What’s great about sending text messages from a PC to a mobile, is you don’t in have to sit at your PC to send message. Your bulk texting platform can be accessed from any Internet-connected device, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Here to offer you a Helping Hand
At ediarosms.com, we want to make sure that we are here for you every step of the way. That’s why we have developed our Helping Hand service, designed to get your account set up and optimised. Why not book in some time with one of our SMS exerts and we can help get you up and running with the best messaging campaigns available. Click here to Contact us and Book a Helping Hand session

No Software Requirements
No software to download or install. SMS Manager is totally web based, which means there is no software to crash your computer. All you need is a web browser and Internet access.

Manage SMS Contacts
Save contacts, set up groups to manage your contacts. Send to the groups that you have setup in a matter of seconds.

Message Scheduling
Schedule SMS delivery at predetermined times. Use our scheduler to send yourself sms reminders for appointments or important dates. You can’t get on your computer when that SMS campaign needs to be sent, no problems just schedule the message. You can also use it to send birthday sms to staff, customers and partners, for appointment reminder among others

Delivery Tracking
Track whether a message has been received on a recipients phone. History of all outgoing sms to keep track of your marketing campaigns.

How Different Organizations Send Bulk SMS from a PC to a Mobile
Having elaborated on how bulk SMS works, the bulk SMS tools you can use to create a database of contacts, and how to sort your database into groups to facilitate easy management and save money, now might be a good time to expand on how different organizations send bulk SMS from a PC to a mobile. The examples below are not exhaustive, and we continue to be surprised at some of the applications found for bulk texting. You can see a detailed list of How different sectors have used ediarosms here

Bulk SMS for Business – Retailers
SMS for retail works especially well when businesses attach discount coupons to their SMS messages.

Redemption rates for discount coupons attached to SMS messages are typically eight times higher than is normally achieved via email marketing.
Bulk SMS messages can also be used to inform customers of special promotions and new store openings.

Bulk SMS for Companies, HR and Internal Communications
Not everyone realizes this but texting can be a helpful tool in the workplace, just like a copier or computer. Here are a couple ways your HR department can utilize SMS marketing while in the office.

Bulk SMS for Political Parties
SMS texting enables your campaign to get its message out to thousands in the time it would take to make a few phone calls. Political campaigns can use bulk SM service to text for donations, announcements, updates, and more. It is becoming one of the most popular ways to raise money & awareness because it’s fast and has a 98% response rate. Just upload your contact list, type your message, and schedule or send immediately.

Conduct valuable surveys
Blast appearance and rally notifications
Send election day reminders

Bulk SMS for Schools
Before cell phones and text messaging, school-wide announcements primarily relied on in-person updates, email, regular mail, or the campus PA system. Now, SMS text messaging is the most cost-effective and efficient method for sending notifications at schools and universities.

  • Send notifications about after-school events and activities
  • Exchange info about assignments and exams
  • Alert students, parents and teachers about campus emergencies or closures

Bulk SMS for Faith-Based Organizations
Whether you’re seeking volunteers for an event or requesting donations for a family in need, your messages won’t yield results if they go unnoticed.

Bulk texting can help faith-based organizations:

  • Promote community engagement
  • Increase event attendance
  • Coordinate volunteers
  • Encourage donations
  • Share inspirational messages
  • Generating Engagement with a Bulk SMS Sender Gateway
  • The SMS software services like ediarosms.com are capable of doing a lot more than just sending plain text messages. It comes with unique features that will encourage feedback, generate engagement, and develop relationships. Our expert time will be available to guide you on maximizing the potentials of our platform to achieve your ultimate objective.

Sending fun or thought-provoking polls can help increase the size of your database. People love to share media they find interesting and – if a question you ask becomes the topic of discussion between families, friends and colleagues – your text marketing campaign can result in many more individuals opting in to your service and taking a deeper interest in your store, company, political party, school, Mosque or church.

Want to get started? Simply click the button below to register your free account and start sending SMS today! Need help? Contact us and we will gladly help you.

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For support, contact ediarosms.com team via support@ediarosms.com or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

What you should look for when selecting Global Bulk SMS Platform

What you should look for when selecting Global Bulk SMS Platform 150 150 ediarosms.com

Criteria for selecting your global Bulk SMS Service provider is a major decision that needs to be taken consciously. This will have direct impact on our digital marketing strategy

Use these criteria to judge which bulk SMS platform is right for you if you want to use SMS for your daily operation, marketing campaign, transactional sms using bulk SMS among others.We have enumerated some criterias for selecting suitable global sms provider that’s right for you below:

Ease of Use: Some bulk SMS portals are very difficult to use. This shouldn’t be the case. Usability and intuitive design is now a key goal in the development of any web or mobile app. You don’t need to take a full one-month computer training programme just to learn how to find your way around a bulk SMS platform.

Simplified integration API: The SMS gateway should have simplifed bulk SMS API that any developer can use to integrate to their website, mobile app or custom portal regardless of if it’s developed with .php , .asp , java etc.

Rich features: Because most SMS platforms use pre-built scripts and plugins, they are usually limited in the features they can provide. Some scripts already pre-define the payment gateways, the user interface and other key features that the portal will have. Since many who operate bulk SMS platforms are not experts in web applications development, they usually install these scripts as the developers sold them and cannot extend beyond their general limitations. This is a big problem with SMS platforms that use scripts like SMS Portal Creator (SPC), Sendriod, etc. Some platforms do not even support saving of contacts, creating of groups, scheduling of SMS etc. When choosing bulk SMS platform to use, go for those that are custom designed. They usually carry additional functionalities and you can always ask for any additional features from the developer.

Delivery Report and Tracking: Some bulk SMS portals do not offer delivery reports. Some that offer that, do not do so in real-time. A good SMS platform will not only deliver your message but will also give you the opportunity to track the status of your SMS as they are delivering. They will also let you know the exact reasons, the undelivered ones failed.

Technical Support: Another very crucial question to ask is: Do they have a dedicated support phone line? Do they always answer their calls? Do they have a live-chat integrated into their site? Are they always online? Do they respond to queries on their social channels, like facebook? Support is not something to joke with. Check this well before you decide who to trust with this very important part of your business.

Payment Medium: Multiple payment mediums should be accepted to make it easy and fast for receiving payments. This can include Bank Transfer, Debit/Credit Card, Bitcoin among others.

ediarosms.com accepts is an easy to use bulk sms platform, it has simple API that can be used to integrate seamlessly to any solution. The solution has comprehensive features that are robust and all encompassing. The website gives response delivery report for all messages sent. ediarosms.com offer complimentary professional support by phone, email, live chat, whatsapp and social media so you can choose which option you want. You can choose which payment option among the multiple payment options available for you globally and begin sending SMS within minutes.

Click here Now!! to open an account, get free test SMS unit , existing customers can login here and begin messaging

For support, contact ediarosms.com team via support@ediarosms.com or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

Ediarosms.com Global Bulk SMS Value Proposition

Ediarosms.com Global Bulk SMS Value Proposition 150 150 ediarosms.com

SMS is an important way of connecting people – locally, internationally, inside your organization or the database of your clients. Nowadays, when the world became one big global “village”, there’s no need to spend a lot of money in order to maintain your SMS sending and receiving operations. The finest way to achieve this is by using SMS gateway for all your bulk and regular SMS transmissions

ediarosms.com is a leading global company gateway in the SMS gateway market. We are selling and delivering SMS globally to countries worldwide.  Your communication needs is in good hands, as we serve hundreds of customers worldwide. We are known for quality service delivery and unequaled customer support from our well-trained personnel and top-notch technical support. Our deep understanding of the market and years of research and development are implemented into every system that we develop.

We have Powerful API for easy SMS integration, ediarosms.com provides SMS wholesale worldwide, Dispatching many SMS globally per day, with intuitive robust system. We accept Credit/Debit Cards, Mobile Payments, Perfect Money, Bank Deposit/Transfers, Bitcoin and more.

Two-Factor Authentication

The request of two independent and different factors ensures high security and protection against unauthorized access to sensitive data

With its verification, the two-factor authentication is ideal for reducing transaction risks

Ediarosms.com helps banks, online retailers and payment service providers to prevent fraud while staying in touch with their customers

One-Time Password

  • Telephone verification through instant password transmission
  • A secure login verification on several portals is possible
  • Guaranteed control of user identities
  • Unobstructed and reliable delivery in a matter of seconds
  • Automatically and randomly generated codes guarantee an easy and safe application

Send Free Text Messages to any Mobile Network Worldwide.

Engage, communicate and interact with your friends, family, your current customers, prospective customers and gain more customers in any part of the world.

SMS Gateway

  • Guaranteed delivery to more than 200 countries and territories globally.
  • Mobile app to send and manage your bulk messaging on the go.
  • HTTP or SMPP, you can connect your applications via API and start sending instantly.

High-End Messaging Solutions

  • Send quality bulk SMS from your PC, mobile, or gateway API.
  • Cheapest price to MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, Airtel and Global worldwide coverage.
  • Our premium bulk sms messaging solution is second to none in the industry.

Global SMS Hubbing

International mobile inter-operability facilitates global flow of SMS. Our connection to 850+ operators in 222 countries/territories around the globe ensures seamless delivery for your bulk sms messages worldwide. See coverage

Premium Bulk SMS

  • Fast, direct and efficient communication
  • User-friendly and easy to use
  • Reliable delivery via web interface or API
  • Individuality and flexibility through personalized sender IDs and time-delayed sending
  • Sending messages is possible on the move, wherever internet is available (usage is not tied to one place)

Seamless Connectivity

Our API channels are available for connections from your applications. Web applications can connect via HTTP API.

the most out of your SMS investment.

Click here Now!! to open an account, get free test SMS unit , existing customers can login here and begin messaging

For support, contact ediarosms.com team via support@ediarosms.com or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

How to Pay with Alternative Payment Option

How to Pay with Alternative Payment Option 150 150 ediarosms.com

Below are simple step by step process to make payment with alternative payment options:

How to use international Card to send money to ediarosms.com Nigerian Bank Account on transferwise.com:

  1. Signup to create account on transferwise.com.
    When you reach the final step of setting up your transfer, ‘How would you like to pay?’, you’ll see debit card as a payment option.
  2. Enter the 16 Digits Card number
  3. Expiry Date (MM/YY)
  4. CVV/CVC Number (the last three digits of the number printed on the signature strip on the back of the card)
  5. Registered address of this card (only requested on first use of the card)
  6. Once you’ve entered these details and hit ‘Pay’, you’ll be taken to the 3D Secure authentication screen (if this is necessary for your currency).
  7. As soon as you have completed the 3D Secure process and the payment has been approved and completed by your bank, you’ll be taken to our payment confirmation screen where ‘Money Received’ should have a green tick next to it. In this case, there’s nothing further you need to do.

How to use international card to send money to ediarosms Nigerian Bank Account on Azimo.com?

  1. Signup to create an account on Azimo.com.
  2. Choose a country, delivery method and enter recipient’s name.
  3. Choose an amount and pay securely with your debit/credit card or with bank transfer.
  4. Check all transfer details and confirm payment.
  5. Azimo promises to deliver the money instantly in some cases, with most recipients getting the funds within one hour to one working day.


Bank Deposit/Transfer will be credited after receipt of payment in our Bank account. For prompt processing, use your USERNAME (email address used to register on ediarosms.com) as depositor name on the Bank teller for cash deposit. Bank transfer customer should include USERNAME in the REMARK/PURPOSE/REFERENCE field when making the transfer.

For instance supposing your username for registration on ediarosms.com is ENQUIRIES@INVESTOR.NG. When you are making payment, DEPOSITOR name should be ENQUIRIES@INVESTOR.NG. Meanwhile, for internet banking transfer enter ENQUIRIES@INVESTOR.NG in the space for REMARK/PURPOSE/REFERENCE when making the bank transfer. Afterwards, email us your Bank teller or Evidence of Transfer to support@ediarosms.com to enable us credit your account.
Make payment to any Branch of our Banks listed on the payment page.

Note: For Bank payment option, After payment please send us your evidence of payment, we will credit your account once payment has been confirmed in our bank account.

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For support, don’t hesitate to contact us at support@ediarosms.com , (+234) 080.9502.9999 .