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Awesome Image offers you class and simplicity at a very affordable rate. Secure your online transactions by adding two-factor authentication easily to your user flow on any web or mobile application. With just a few line of code, ediarosms can send secure one-time passwords to your users via a SMS. This will reduce risk of fraud by validating it’s real humans who are creating accounts.

We guarantee that you get Better protection, more certainty and protect your users and business with all-in-one, economical verification using This will enable you acquire genuine customers easily, adds a layer of protection by using a phone number to authenticate new and existing customers and also protects your existing business from fraud.

You can validate genuine customers easily with ediarosms 2FA technology; this helps you protect against fraud, build trust, and increase conversion across multiple channels. You don’t need telecom or security experience, ediarosms experienced team are ready to guide or even handle the setup and integration for you seamlessly; within a short time. Afterwards, it will prevent expensive fraudulent transactions using up-to-date phone number to detect fraud and improve verification

ediarosms 2 Factor Authentication provides convenience without compromising standard. This ensures safe access by delivering time-limited, single-use authorization codes with passwordless authentication. OTP (One Time Password) SMS will eradicate spam more effectively because it blocks botnets and bulk account creation via frictionless phone verification for new users with Spam and Botnet Prevention.

To get started, you can use you can contact your developers to review our simplified ediarosms SMS API and use it to integrate to your existing system, click here for API.


How User SMS account verification in application works.

  1. The user begins the registration process by entering their data, including a phone number, into a signup form.
  2. The authentication system sends a one-time password SMS to the user’s mobile phone to verify the possession of that phone number.
  3. The user enters the one-time password into a form before completing registration.
  4. The user opens a success page and/or receives an SMS indicating that their account has been verified/created.


We recommend you to engage our sister company professional programming team to handle your SMS Verification integration at a discounted rate. This can include OTP SMS verification, In APP SMS Messaging (where you will be able to send SMS messages to your recipients within your existing application) among others. They have over 10 years working experience on SMS & Payment integrations with multiple programming experience in multiple languages such as PHP, ASP, Java, Android, IOS and others. You can click here to learn more about ediaro integration team via email to get started today. – Your 2 Factor SMS Verification SMS Partner

At ediarosms, we understand the unique needs of the 2 Factor Authentication service for various industries and can help you harness the power of SMS Verification in your Organisation. We offer an SMS platform — SMS APIs and web — for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a cost-effective solution for sending individual OTP Verification Code or complete SMS integration to your existing system, our team of specialists will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the most out of your SMS investment.

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