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Over the years, there has been many questions asked by Small Medium and Large Scale Business owners and Marketers, which is how I get the contacts of our existing and or new customers – so as to be able to contact them periodically.

There is no universal approach for collecting the customcontacts in your office or store easily, as a matter of fact your line of business is the main determining factor. To simplify this process, follow the simple step by step process below:

SMS has been growing in leaps and bounds over the years. The reason for this is simple, it’s cheap cost (when bought in bulk) and also easy to track the return on investment (ROI).

A very unique feature of SMS marketing is its direct and personal feature. Look at it this way: If you send your customers a marketing email, it’s probably just one of dozens they’ll receive that day. Chances are that only a few of them will open your email, meaning you’d need to send it to thousands of potential customers to make
the exercise worthwhile.

That’s not the case with SMS. Most people receive relatively few text messages from businesses (we’ll look at why in a moment), and it’s very hard to ignore a text when it arrives.Even you, anytime you receive an SMS, chances are that you will not wait until you open the message to know the content.

If you send 10,000 emails in a marketing campaign, only a few hundred will likely be read—even if you have a brilliant headline, great copy, and a must-have offer. But if you send SMS text to 10,000 people, you can be sure that nearly all your recipients will read your message. If your conversion rate for SMS marketing is close to your conversion rate for emails, that translates to 10 or 20 times as much business.

Is that stimulating your interest? Before you start collecting customers’ mobile numbers for SMS marketing, you need three essentials in place: a great offer, the right technology, and most important—your customers’ trust.



A Question of Trust
There’s a reason most people don’t get as many marketing texts as they get marketing emails. They see their phone numbers as more personal and more valuable than their email addresses, so they are more careful about whom they trust with their number compared with their email address.

The issue of trust is the great advantage that lies at the heart of SMS marketing. Because people are reluctant to give out their numbers, few businesses have those numbers, and so fewer marketing texts are sent compared with marketing emails. The result is that customers are unlikely to get bored with marketing texts the way they’ve become bored by marketing emails.

But trust is also the greatest obstacle that you, as a would-be SMS marketer, have to overcome. How do you persuade customers and potential customers to hand over their mobile numbers?

Obtaining those numbers comes down to your offering and your relationship with the customers you’re targeting. SMS marketing isn’t always great at converting absolutely new, cold customers who know nothing about your product, service or your brand (neither is email). But SMS is devastatingly effective when used on warm leads, or—in particular—when used to drive repeat business.



Let’s imagine some scenarios:

You run a restaurant.
Some of your customers travel several miles to visit you, and you’d like them to come more often. You collect their mobile numbers and send them the occasional text message—not too many, maybe one every week telling them about a special offer or your Dish of the Day.

You’re an independent financial adviser.
You use SMS to quickly notify customers when a great new product comes along.


You run a bike shop, selling new bikes, accessories, and spares.
You also offer servicing. You text your customers to tell them about new offers, or to tell them that their bike is ready to pick up, or to notify them when their order has come in.

Those scenarios are based on driving repeat business in situations where customers have a genuine, proven interest in your product or service. They are all, to use the technical term, examples of permission-based marketing.

Getting their Phone Numbers
But how do you persuade your customers to give you their mobile numbers, and let you use them on a continuing basis?

You’ll first need to establish trust. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have several options open to you. Broadly, methods of acquiring mobile numbers from your customers
fall into two major categories: indirect and direct.

Indirect acquisition
Indirect acquisition means asking for your customers numbers for purely practical reasons (e.g., letting them know their order has arrived, reminding them about service dates, confirming appointments). That tends to be very effective because customers generally find SMS notifications and reminders very useful. However, if you’re planning to use the numbers for further marketing activity, you must get your customers’ active permission. If you don’t, you’ll probably be breaking your country’s data-protection regulations. Infact in Nigeria, Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) introduced Do Not Disturb (DND) to fight the repeat challenge experienced by customers from unsolicited Marketing SMS.

Direct acquisition
Direct acquisition means asking for your customers for their mobile phone numbers specifically for the purpose of telling them about products and offers via SMS. It’s a more upfront approach that tends to have a lower success rate than indirect acquisition, but it deals directly with the problem of permission.

Keeping the Numbers
Once you’ve gotten the mobile numbers, you need to make sure customers remain happy with your marketing. If a customer asks you to stop sending messages, in most countries the law requires that you do indeed stop.

So, to retain the right to use a customer’s number, you have to keep that customer happy. Don’t text too often (maybe one offer every week, unless you’re really sure of the customer’s loyalty), and make sure you’re sending genuinely good offers that are very likely to appeal to them.

Above all, make sure you’re sticking to those data protection rules—both in your country and your recipient’s country (if it’s different from yours).

Different legal systems offer different levels of protection for consumers regarding data security and marketing, but it’s best to do a bit of research before you start your campaign. If you understand the relevant laws, you shouldn’t find them too much of a burden—and they’ll help you deliver a legal, effective, customer-
friendly campaign.


How to collect customers details



Your Website
Technology plays a role in how you’ll actually deliver your messages. Obviously, you don’t want to be manually sending each text from your own phone it will be tasking, tiring and boring. That’s why exists, we allow you to send sms directly from your website if you need. You can send and receive bulk SMS from your website you can also manage and build SMS contact lists and group them according to your preference.

You can create a form on your website. This method is effective because it saves time. Infact number submitted online can be fed directly into your marketing database, ready for automated inclusion in the next round of marketing via the gateway api. Your site developer can do this for you. If you desire the service of our specialist, you engage ediarosms team, we can integrate your website with our SMS solution directly so that you will be sending SMS directly to your customers within your website. You will also be able to schedule a message in advance to be delivered at a later date.

If you don’t have a website, you can setup an dynamic website at Among other things, it will collect the phone numbers and save them on your website. Afterwards, you can download the contacts in Microsoft excel format and upload it to your respective contact list. You can also take your website a step further by collecting the contact details, saving the details on it and within the site admin backend, sending sms text message to a single or group of people on your contact list and also schedule the message deliver for a specified time, day, week, month or year.



Order and Store Management Software
Many Stores and Supermarket has existing hardware device and bar code scanner for managing their orders. Concurrently, the system also has feature for loyalty reward, customer Name, phone number among others. Sadly this feature is usually under utilised by the store owners.

You can contact your IT Team to activate this feature and ensure the Name and Phone number details are received at the point of order, just as Domino Pizza usually does across their branches in Nigeria. Afterwards, you can integrate gateway API into it to enable you send message directly to them from your system. If this will be cumbersome, you can simply download the contacts save on a periodic basis (daily, weekly or monthly), upload it directly to your account on ediarosms and communicate with them directly from there. Our integration team will be available to work with you to make this process seamless and successfull if needed.



Smart Phone
You can also receive the details and also collect the customer details on a mobile phone. Get an affordable mobile phone, make sure it’s smart phone (e.g Android, IOS or Blackberry) and save the details on it. Afterwards, syncronise the phone contacts with your PC or Email and extract them. Then login to your account, upload the contacts to your contact list or group and begin sending messages to them.



Manual Paper Receipt
Generally, when Customers place an order, their name, address and phone number are usually entered on the receipt. Your sales staff can can manually type this detail in Microsoft Excel when they are less busy (using a PC, IPAD or other). The contacts will then be uploaded at close of work daily, weekly or whatever duration you deem
suitable for your business/industry.

You can also create an excel document on a pc and/or paper hardcover, where your accountant wll save or write the contacts after receiving payment from the customer




Paper Form
You can create a paper form making phone number and Name compulsory field for virtually anything (e.g survey,questionaire, membership form, loyalty reward form etc), share to your Customers to at office, store or exhibition, get a staff to type and save them. Afterwards, you can use it to send them an sms.


Your Custom Newsletter URL
We understand some customers don’t have the technical know how or funding to invest in a sophisticated solution. So what we did is to embed a SMS newsletter automatically for every customer that open an account on ediarosms. Create an account on, click on the contact list, open the url for the newsletter and share it with customers on your facebook, twitter, instagram, flyers, receipt, brochure, advertorial among others. With this, customers will just open the url and automatically enter their name and contact to subscribe to your list easily and directly; even when you are asleep. All this at no extra cost.
To get started with collecting your customers phone number and bulk sms marketing, click here to open an account.

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