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Using ediarosms gateway is simple. But to ensure delivery of your message, we implore you to follow the guides below.

1. Keywords to avoid

Keywords to avoid when Sending
Due to the current trend in Bulk SMS Messaging in Nigeria, there has been many regulations aimed at controlling fraud and other unwholesome attitudes. Hence, some keywords are controlled to avoid abuse

To ensure message delivery, please avoid words like “congrats”, “promo(ting)”, “promotion”,”wow”, “splash”, “yellow”, “congrats”, “https”, Bank names in Nigeria (e.g GTBank, UBA, Zenith Bank, Access Bank) e.t.c in your messages.

If you want to send with such details; please contact our support team to customise for you.

2. Do not disturb (DND)

Please be informed that MTN has implemented the “DO NOT DISTURB”(DND) service for some of her subscribers. Any number subscribed to this service will not receive bulk sms messages. To check your status, text “help” to “2442”. To unsubscribe, text “Allow” to “2442”

We have a private route for customers that wants to deliver to such contacts, contact us for private arrangements please.

Learn more about our DND and solution here>>


3. Message Format

Please note the following acceptable format for phone number format are as follows 080…, 23480…, +23470…

Please do not use number without the leading zero or without the international country code (eg 8095029…). Message sent to number like this are sent to international numbers starting with 803… and will be charged accordingly, unfortunately, the message may not be delivered.

To send SMS Text message to multiple phone numbers, always separate multiple numbers with comma “,” eg (08095029999,2348095029999).


4. Copy Number from Notepad

We understand it’s easier to work with your normal PC applications, but to ensure message are plain text and no special character which will hinder your sms message delivery, it’s advisible to type the message in the usual notepad, copy and paste to our ediarosms message box and send.

Alternatively, you can type the message content and phone numbers on your favorite office application such as Microsoft Word, copy the contents, paste them on notepad (to remove formatting), them paste on message sending page and send.


5. Upload Files

Sometimes you already have the files in a format and it will be quiet cumbersome to be changing the format. You may upload the phone number files in this formats: .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .vcf, .json or .txt easily then send the message.

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