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In this digital world, one of the most difficult thing is to verify the identity of Customers, Staff, Business partners, Voters etc. In many cases they can claim to be whatever they want with intention to be, this is because sometimes they use it to commit crime, commit credit card fraud and others; then deny been aware. So it’s important to have a proper know your customer (KYC) in place to present as evidence for official issues, avoid identity theft, refute credit card fraud chargeback for online debit/credit card payments, present as evidence in law court among others, SMS makes Two 2 factor authentication gives you this opportunity easily either thru a standard cheap SMS route or Transactional SMS route (recommended – because it ensures SMS delivery to numbers registered on do not disturb (DND) list though it’s more expensive).


Using email address verification for user signup can result in a mass of fake and fraudulent accounts, especially today with widely available lists of stolen accounts. Instead verify a user’s phone number and gain confidence the account is for a real person. ediarosms API allows you to very quickly implement verification into your app without the worry of how to deliver SMS globally.


SMS can also be used for authentication anytime a staff, customer or business partner want to log in to their system, website or application private account. An example of such is on the new yahoo login page that send SMS code to user for every login attempt.
It is important to have a seamless digital platform that is easily validated and traceable to someone that registered it – OTP (One time password) SMS verification to a registered phone number seems to be among the best choice because it is cheap, fast, digital, instantly delivered and traceable globally to a registered user.


SMS recipient is easy to trace because most countries around the world ensure SIM Cards and Phone lines are registered. In the process details such as thumb print, utility bill (Electricity bill, Water Bill Gas Bill etc), Valid Identification Card (National Identity Card, Valid Driver’s License, International Passport, Voters card) among other things are collected and verified at the point of issuance of mobile phones numbers. Hence once you valid a phone number via OTP SMS, you are indirectly collecting all those details already stored by the Telecommunication companies and Government agencies across the world. You can also track who has called, been called, messaged been messaged from every phone number across the world, making the world a global village. So if there is a need, you can track the phone user globally through the Government agencies, Interpol, Telecommunication unions among other mediums; who will get their identity flagged globally and possibly arrest where necessary with a simple SMS Verification.


Once a user verify their phone number, you can use it for advertisement, share urgent news, offer coupon/discount code, advertise to them and be sure they will receive the message instantly. This is more streamline and segmented because the message format is SMS pre-customised; validated and SMS messaging ready. In fact the benefits are unlimited.

Configurable. Insert your own branding and messages into the verification messages, more flexibility for your business needs.

Verified. Confirm a user has a device in their possession and owns a phone number, reducing fraudulent accounts and customer sign up delays.

Global. Deliver one-time passcodes via SMS anywhere in the world straight from our API.


Organisations are wary of fraud because the identity of users can be difficult to verify locally or internationally. When you integrate OTP SMS verification by, the user will enter their phone details at the point of registration, receive an OTP SMS Code, then proceed to enter it on the requesting website/mobile APP/portal/software to authenticate their identity and get full access to the service been rendered. This is simple, fast and convenient for everybody, at the same time priceless for organisations.


One Time password (OTP) is ideal for virtually all sectors: such as Ecommerce, Education, Telecommunication, Security, Oil And Gas, Transportation, Aviation, Mass Media and many sectors has used SMS to improve speed and efficiency over in many fora dimensions over the years, you can see case studies of how different sectors have used SMS. Specifically, OTP is used by generally by Retailers, Banks, Security Providers, Mobile Applications, Websites, Social networks, Enterprises, Desktop applications


You can use our API to integrate OTP seamlessly to your website and get global SMS verification started on your application. It can be integrated on your custom developed system or 3rd party over the shelve slution or Plugin; to include such additional features. You can get your developers to review our simplified ediarosms SMS API and use it to integrate to your existing system, click here for API.

ediarosms API can be used to verify personal details, help reduce fraud and in authentication systems for implementing multi-factor (MFA and 2FA) authentication. You can supply your own security code for use in TOTP (the most common standard for 2FA implementations) or let us auto generate a secure random code. To then verify a delivered code you can either implement this on your side or use use the verify security code endpoint.


Organisations with existing application and data collated over the years may ask the question of how will they integrate OTP SMS Verification to their system, update their record to have active phone numbers and validate it without losing important data or tampering with details. This is possible provided you have relevant programming experience. You will make backup of your database, update your application and add additional table to manage the OTP and possibly with In APP messaging service to enable you send important message via SMS to the registered users globally anytime.

Once successfully implemented the user upon login will have a popup requesting them to check and confirm their phone number is valid then click the button to receive OTP SMS verification code. Once this is done and the code entered the account will be validated and the phone number on the database will be updated to recent active phone number. This will ensure you have up to date verifiable record of everyone.

Afterwards, you can also use it to contact the user, send news and other important communication in the future. In fact, the backend can have a specific menu such as Send SMS – which can send message to everybody, segment by other variables defined in your system such as age, sex, rank, department, political party, state, country among demographic variables relevant to you.
Alternatively, you can upgrade your system or redevelop and migrate all your data


We recommend you to engage our sister company professional programming team to handle your SMS Verification integration at a discounted rate. This can include OTP SMS verification, In APP SMS Messaging (where you will be able to send SMS messages to your recipients within your existing application) among others. They have over 10 years working experience on SMS & Payment integrations with multiple programming experience in multiple languages such as PHP, ASP, Java, Android, IOS and others. You can click here to learn more about ediaro integration team via email to get started today. – Your 2 Factor SMS Verification SMS Partner

At ediarosms, we understand the unique needs of the 2 Factor Authentication service for various industries and can help you harness the power of SMS Verification in your Organisation. We offer an SMS platform — SMS APIs and web — for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a cost-effective solution for sending individual OTP Verification Code or complete SMS integration to your existing system, our team of specialists will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the most out of your SMS investment.

What are you waiting for, sign up now and engage our team tojointly assit to achieve your messaging objective.

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