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ediarosms.com is a dynamic bulk SMS service that offer a reliable and scalable SMS Text Message delivery platform. The system makes it easy and affordable to send SMS to single and multiple many phone numbers at once either through ediarosms.com or other custom applications.

Individuals and Small Scale Business that wants to optimally utilise the benefit of Bulk SMS Gateway can extract their contacts from their mobile phone, website and paper record and upload them to begin messaging them.

For Medium and Large scale organisations that wants to sync with existing ICT infrastructure, we have customised API that will simplify connecting to our system and send SMS over a fast and secure connection from their systems/servers remotely.

ediarosms.com bulk SMS Portal Gateway cater to customers’ needs for SMS broadcast in areas such as news, marketing campaigns, promotional activities, birthday wishes, special season’s greetings, political awareness/campaigns, result notifications, transactional alert SMS (e.g bank SMS alert/online order notification), wedding notification, product advertisement. With the SMS Schedule functionality, you can program all messages to be sent in advance & choose delivery date and time.

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Our company has been serving SME and Multinationals globally for various services for about a decade. Few of them are listed below

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