Expert Tips for Using Bulk SMS in Your Business

Expert Tips for Using Bulk SMS in Your Business

Expert Tips for Using Bulk SMS in Your Business 150 150

Running a successful business can be difficult for an enterpreneur; which is why they mostly seek innovative ways to outsmart their competitors. In many cases methods that will boost their income, cost effective and easy to use – bulk sms text messaging get’s to fit perfectly into this position.

Below are few ways you can use Bulk SMS in your business:

Advertising Specials, New release, Discounts and Promos:
There is nothing worse than having no feedback or a poor turn out when you advertise a specials, new release, discounts and promos on your products and services. With SMS, you will be sending a personal invitation to each of your clients, so they are more than likely to make use of your offer as they feel as if the offer was made just for them.

When you use a global Bulk SMS website like, you can simply personalise the message to show the receipients name automatically with the message you send in a simple way.

Use SMS to say “Thank you”:
In business school and real live business operation, it’s advisable to have a solid after sales service to retain returning customers, unfortunately, after sales service is almost non-existent in most companies, which leaves a huge gap in repeat customers. A simple SMS to thank your customers for purchasing from you or using your service will make them feel highly appreciated, and likely to return to purchase or use your business.

A case that happended was when a client was checking out of Kwara Hotel, Ilorin, Nigeria and got an Thank you message from the Hotel, he said it out loud that he will definitely return to the hotel as this is the first time is getting such SMS instantly as it’s checking out, amazingly, the SMS doesn’t cost more than N2 maximum.

Infact, you can use the SMS API to customise the message sending to immediately after placing the order, few hours later, next day and even request their feedback via sms integrated to your existing system. If you don’t know how to go around this, development team will be willing to handle this for you at a fee.

Get Feedback:
Any business owner knows that operating a business without feedback is like driving a car with your eyes closed. Feedback from your clients and customers is extremely important to know if your campaigns are successful or not, and steer you in the right direction. You can request for customers to comment about how you are doing and what you can do to improve your response by responding to a number, clicking on a url, sending email etc. Which can even come with small incentive.

Set up NOW, click here, You will receive some free SMS credits for testing. There is no set up or monthly fee and your text credits never expire. We’re here to help you get the most out of SMS in your business, so we’d love to hear from you. existing customers can login here and begin messaging

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