Send Cheaper Global SMS Credit on

Send Cheaper Global SMS Credit on

Send Cheaper Global SMS Credit on 150 150 is all about getting important things to happen faster. We provide the best communication services at relatively cheaper rates worldwide. We enable you Engage, communicate and interact with your friends, family, your current customers, prospective customers and gain more customers in any part of the world easily with our system or integrated to your existing system. is a leading worldwide Bulk SMS messaging platform. We developed our own SMPP and SMS Gateway that is why we guaranteed delivery. We pride ourself in providing excellent customer satisfaction, infact when eating, we can drop our meal to satisfy you, even when others sleep our innovative team of programmers are constantly developing mobile messaging platforms & solutions for companies and organizations. As GSM penetration expands Globally as a major tool for information dissemination, we ensure we cover all network in the world via our white route.

Features of Bulk SMS Gateway
160 Characters Per SMS
Customized sender id
Send single sms to a number
Sending multiple pages to multiple contacts at a time
Delivery Report enabled
Realtime sms wallet balance
Sent messages archive
Auto removal of duplicate numbers to save SMS credits
Fast delivery
Ability to add phonebooks

API for integration to
Our Api is a simple http request interface by which sms forms submitted from your apps or database can reach our server and thus use your defined username and password to deliver worldwide. we provide broad range of API integration instructions so you can sit back and enjoy the service from the comfort of your custom app or better, build bulk sms apps for companies. What you must know to use the API. web development, Java, SQL, PHP, JSON, SOAP, HTTP and the almighty HTML . If you don’t know anything about programming, our developers can help you with the integration to your existing system at a discounted rate.

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For support, contact team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

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