Marketing your Business in Nigeria with SMS

Marketing your Business in Nigeria with SMS 150 150

Bulk SMS is the new age technology that has not only caught the fancy of youngsters but also business organizations sms marketingto be used as an effective means of marketing. In today’s highly competitive market, traders and business entrepreneurs are always trying to find out new ways that will help them reach out to maximum number of potential customers at the earliest. With modern modes of communication and interaction within easy access, business owners can promote their trade successfully to a wider spectrum of people within minutes.

Companies should not be afraid of using bulk SMS to aid their marketing campaign. After all, research shows that SMS messages are read more than any other messaging medium. According to Frost & Sullivan, 98 per cent of all SMS messages are looked at and are read within an average of five seconds. So it’s highly likely your messages will be successfully reaching your audience.

Though there are various types of messaging services provided by telecommunication companies, but the concept of bulk SMS has gained maximum popularity for its simple, reliable and speedy functionalities. It is seen that on many occasion it happens that we cannot contact a person through phone; however with help of an SMS, we can convey our message in a short and precise manner instantly. However, a customer’s phone is a private place and the last thing they want is to receive annoying or irrelevant text messages, so it’s important that your SMS marketing campaign is accurate and right on point.

One of the major benefits of using bulk SMS option as a marketing tool is that it is extremely budget friendly and cost effective. Compared to a call, the SMS service is available at a much cheaper rate, thus allowing you to enjoy equal benefits of marketing in low investment cost. Popular brands use this facility to inform customers about various promotional activities and services that help improve the sales by leap.

Moreover it has been also observed that in comparison to other modes of messaging, short message service is undoubtedly more effective and useful with a higher rate of flexibility, reliability and benefits, and If we are to look at the statistical review, bulk SMS caters for around 30-40% of promotional purpose.

Interaction with customers makes for an essential part of modern age marketing. Customers prefer brands that maintain a personal communication level with them, thus making them feel important and valued. To achieve this objective, bulk SMS definitely plays a big role with easy to access options. Not only can you keep your customers updated about all new events and happenings, but you can also stay in touch with client feedback, reviews and reports which successfully help in business development and improvement. Here are some tips that will help you use bulk SMS marketing effectively…


What is in the SMS messages you send out is very important. Content very much depends on what type of company you are and what you’re trying to achieve, you only have a short space in which to put your message; 160 characters to be precise, so your content needs to be clear and to the point.


What time you send out your bulk SMS may vary depending on your business. For example a cafe may wish to drive customers to their business during lunchtime, so they’ll choose to send their messages just before midday, when people are beginning to discuss their lunch plans.


Most customers probably won’t want a daily text message from your company, nor will you want to send out that many messages every month. If you send messages too regularly, customers might get annoyed and choose to unsubscribe from the service. There’s no set amount of messages you should be sending per week or month, as your audience and the purpose of your messages will mean the frequency will differ.


Think about who you’re targeting with your messages, as it’s likely that each offer or message will need to be tailored to individual customer groups. Age, gender, location and past purchases should all be taken into account when you send out your messages, and also paying attention to a customer’s purchase history is a great way to target individuals effectively.

Privacy and legalities
As briefly mentioned before, a customer’s mobile phone is a much more private place than their email inbox, so the last thing they want is to feel intruded upon. Texting someone without consent will give your brand a bad image and is very unlikely to provide you with more business, so get the customer’s permission to send text marketing messages beforehand. Remember that phones do not have a spam filter like emails do and as a result customers are more cautious when it comes to the text messages they receive.


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How Tertiary Institution Departmental Associations Can Use Bulk SMS

How Tertiary Institution Departmental Associations Can Use Bulk SMS 150 150

All departments in tertiary institutions have an association that governs or controls the general activities of the department. There is an executive body comprising of majorly the president, the vice-president, the General Secretary, the treasurer, the public relation officer (PRO), the financial secretary, director of sports, director of socials, among others.

All the Executives and the senate members have a responsibility in ensuring the department is ran smoothly and moved forward, and bulk SMS can help make the work less difficult. Here are some ways the association can use bulk SMS effectively.



EXCO’S MEETINGS : The department’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) has the responsibility of informing executive members of the association of upcoming executives meetings. Bulk SMS can be used to pass this across fast. Also, if there are assignments given to members of the department executives, reminders and follow-ups can be directed through the use of bulk SMS. Committees can also be organized through the use of this medium.



CONGRESS AWARENESS : Departmental associations usually hold a congress from time to time, where issues concerning the department are trashed out. The public relations officer (PRO) is in charge of creating awareness among students of the association for this congress. Conventionally, in most schools, cardboards are usually used to get the information across. Most times though many students who don’t see this are not aware of that.

With bulk SMS though, the congress time and date can be communicated with all students of the department and you can be certain everyone gets it. What more, it s cheap and very easy to get the phone numbers of the students through the course representative.



ELECTIONS ORGANISATION/CAMPAIGNS : The present executive of a departmental association administration can use bulk SMS effectively in planning and organizing elections for incoming administration. Aspirants can be communicated with vital information through SMS, and the entire students can also be informed of the election plans, including time and date of elections.

Even aspirants themselves can use bulk SMS for their political campaigns. Get across their manifesto through this means and turn up a large crowd for themselves on election days by just a click through bulk SMS.



ORGANISING TUTORIALS : Many tertiary institutions departmental associations have programs in place for tutoring the junior students. Tutorials are organized where these students are assisted in better understanding their courses.

Bulk SMS can be used in organizing this. Informing students of the programs for the tutorials and even sending some brief and relevant lessons via a text message.



EXAMINATION TIMETABLE: It is not uncommon to hear of students coming late for exams or even missing out on an examination all together. The reason for this most times been that most tertiary institutions post examination timetables on notice boards and can be altered or even torn before every students gets to see it.

In the interest of the students of the department, executives of departmental associations can intimate their students with the examination timetable program for each levels through bulk SMS. It can even be an avenue to include a success wish to them. The students will appreciate this.



EVENTS NOTIFICATION : All departments have annual events such as the orientation of new students and their welcome party, the general conferences of the national body of the association, and sometimes even launching some products of the departmental associations. Awareness for these events can be communicated with the entire students via bulk SMS. Fund raising for some of the events can also be organized through this means, by sending reminders to people who promises support.



DUES NOTIFICATION : Every departmental association pays dues either per semester or session towards the smooth running of the associations. Once the students resumes, they can be reminded of these dues and the time period the payment should be made. This ease up collection of such dues.



GENERAL NEWS AND INFORMATION : General information regarding the department and the students can equally be disseminate through the use of bulk SMS. Students wedding ceremonies, unfortunate losses, success messages and holiday greetings can equally be sent as a text message. It’s cheap and reaches everybody, making it very effective.

Every association, small or large, professional or voluntary, needs effective organization to reach her objectives. Bulk SMS has been proven to be efficient in this regard, and tertiary institutions departmental associations are not an exception.

IF you are planning on running for an executive position in a school departmental association, or currently belong to one, and needs an affordable and efficient bulk SMS platform, you can register a free one here.


To get started, open a bulk sms account, click here to open the account, and begin sending sms to your members.

For inquiries and support, email: or call: (+234) 080-9502-9999

Sample Wedding SMS Invitation & Appreciation

Sample Wedding SMS Invitation & Appreciation 150 150 now offers an exciting list of sample template wedding invitation messages and other related sample messages. Some of these messages can be found below.

In the sample messages, you will need to replace the placeholders (ie #….#) with the relevant information. For instance, #TIME# will be replaced with the time of the event (e.g 2:00pm)and #VENUE# with the venue of the event (4 Amilegbe Multi purpose Hall, Ilorin, Kwara State).

An issue that usually occur after an event is that couples and close family that invite people tend to forget to appreciate people that attended their event (usually due to stress of the wedding). To avoid this, you can use our Scheduled SMS feature – to set the date and time the appreciation letter will be sent to all the contacts invitation letter was sent to. This is usually scheduled to a day after the event.



The messages are divided into 3 segments, namely: Invitation Sample SMS text messages, Reminder Sample SMS text messages and appreciation sample SMS text messages you can edit to suit your desire.


The families of #BRIDE_FAMILY# and #GROOM_FAMILY# joyfully announce the wedding ceremony of our dear daughter #BRIDE_NAME# and son #GROOM_NAME# which will hold as
Venue: #VENUE#
Date: #DATE#
Time: #TIME#
Venue: #VENUE#
Time: #TIME#
Date: #DATE#
Colours: #COLORS#
Reception follows at the same venue.
We solicit your support in praying for the couple, family and success of this great event.
In case we are unable to get the invitation card across to you before the date, please accept this as a formal invitation.



General Wedding Invitation Message 
You’re cordially invited to the wedding ceremony of Groom Name & Bride Name which is scheduled to take place on 15th of April, 2017 at #VENUE#.


Sample Couple Wedding Invitation Message 

Cordially invites U 2 my WEDDING CEREMONY which will INSHA’ALLAH take place on:
You are invited to d wedding ceremony of #BRIDE_NAME# & #GROOM_NAME#.
Date:#DATE# @ #VENUE#
Receptn @ #VENUE#.
You are welcome.


Bride/Groom Wedding Invitation 
We, #BRIDE_NAME# and #GROOM_NAME#, request the honor of your presence at our wedding on #DATE# at #VENUE by #TIME#.
Reception at #VENUE#
#DATE# at #VENUE# by #TIME#


Bride/Groom Parent Wedding Invitation 
With sincere love, I humbly invite you to the wedding ceremony between my son … & ….. on Saturday 29th April 2017@ ….. By 10am
Sender Name


Bride/Groom Parent Wedding Invitation 

This is to notify/invite u to our son’s #GROOM_NAME# wedding which by God’s grace will be coming up on #DATE#.
Venue: #DATE#.
Pls endeavour to remember us in ur prayers, as we continue with the preparations.
Thank u as u accept our invitation/notification.


Wedding Invitation Message 
Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel cordially invite you to grace and bless the marriage ceremony of their beloved son Frank with Deborah on_(date)_ at _(venue)__ from_(time)_ onwards.


Wedding Invitation Message 

Mr. & Mrs. Uzor request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their son Amarachi with Chinonye from_(time)_ onwards on_(date)_ at _(venue)_.


Formal Wedding Invitation SMS
We Oyeniyi & Elizabeth request the pleasure of your company in our wedding ceremony on _(date)_ from_(time)_ at _(venue)_.

Please join us for an evening of SANGEET CEREMONY to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of Asha & Sumit at 07.30 PM at Garden Hotel Lawn. Regards, Surname Family


Wedding Invitation SMS

CELEBRATION OF LUV. 4rm the desk of #GROOM_NAME# . . .

4rm the desk of #GROOM_NAME# and #BRIDE_NAME#.
With Delight in our Lord Jesus Christ U are highly invited to our Holy Matrimony which will take place at
#VENUE# on the #DATE#.
REGISTRY and ENGAGEMENT at the same venue.
Time #TIME#.
For more enquires call #RSVP#


We are pleased 2 also invite . .

AWW. We are pleased 2 also invite you to d WALIMATU NIKAH #GROOM_NAME#
Date: #DATE#
Venue: #VENUE#
Time: #TIME#.



Bride SMS Text Message Sample

Good morning! This is #BRIDE# and #GROOM#. Please be remember our Holy Matrimony on the #DATE# @ #VENUE#, reception @ same venue. Thanks.


Rejoice with us (#BRIDE_NAME# and #GROOM_NAME#) as . . .

Rejoice with yous (#BRIDE_NAME# and #GROOM_NAME#) as we tie the knot in holy matrimony on #DATE# @ #VENUE# by #TIME#
Reception: #VENUE#


Kindly join our Family in the Church . . .

Kindly join our Family in the Church Wedding of our Child,
#NAME# and #NAME#
Reception follows immediately at
From MR and Mrs #NAME#.


U r invitd 2 grace d Nikah . . .

U r invitd 2 grace d Nikah of
#GROOM_NAME# and #BRIDE_NAME#, which will insha
Allah tak place #DATE @ #VENUE#


Join us @ d solemnization of Holy . . .

Join yous @ d solemnization of Holy matrimony btw
#DATE# @ #VENUE# by #TIME#.
Engagement (#DATE#) @ #VENUE#, by #TIME#.THANKS


Join our celebration of love as #NAME# . . .

Join our celebration of love as #NAME# and #NAME#
Walk down the Aisle,
Engagement starts by #TIME#,
Church service holds by #TIME#,at
Reception follows at #VENUE#……



I #GROOM_NAME#,Cordially invites U 2 my WEDDING CEREMONY which will . . .

Cordially invites U 2 my WEDDING CEREMONY which will INSHA’ALLAH take place on:


#GROOM_NAME# & #BRIDE_NAME# invites u to their . . .

#GROOM_NAME# and #BRIDE_NAME# invites you to their Nikah, which wil Insha ALLAH take place:
By: #TIME#
Ur prayers are highly needed, your presence will be appreciated.


WEDDING BELLS Join us as we exchange our . . .

Join yous as we exchange our vows and walk the corridors of Holy matrimony on the #DATE#.
Traditional wedding: #TIME#, white wedding: #TIME#
Venue: #VENUE#
Reception follows immediately @ the same venue


U’re highly invit 2 my weding whch . . .

U’re highly invit 2 my weding whch wil cmes youp on #DATE#
Walima and Engagmnt, #DATE#
Nikah and Recptn @ #VENUE#


You are invited to the wedding nikah . . .

You are invited to the wedding nikah of #GROOM_NAME# and #BRIDE_NAME#.
Venue: #VENUE#
Date: #DATE#
Time: #TIME#
Walimat @ #VENUE# by #TIME#.
For enquiry call #RSVP#



U are specially invited to the wedding of #BRIDE_NAME# & . . .

U are specially invited to the wedding of #BRIDE_NAME# & #GROOM_NAME on #DATE#; Time: #TIME#;
Venue: #VENUE#.
Traditional: #VENUE.
Date: #DATE#.


U are invited 2 the Nikah of: . . .

U are invited 2 the Nikah of:


Its our pleasure to invite u as . . .

Its our pleasure to invite you as our guest to d NIKAH ceremony btw #BRIDE_NAME# and #GROOM_NAME#
Date: #DATE# @ #VENUE#.
Direction: #DIRECTION#.
Info: #RSVP#


You are invited to the Solemnization of . . .

You are invited to the Solemnization of Holy Matrimony between #BRIDE_NAME# and #GROOM_NAME#
on #DATE# @ #VENUE#.
Time: #TIME#.
Reception follows immediately @ #VENUE#.
Traditional Marriage is #DATE# @ #VENUE#. Time: #TIME#.


We invite you to d solemnization of . . .

We invite you to d solemnization of our Holy Matrimony on #DATE#.
Venue #VENUE# Time #TIME#.
Reception follows immediately after at the #VENUE#. RSVP: #RSVP#.
Colours of d day: #COLOURS#



The Entire families Of #GROOM_FATHER#



Gladly invites

You [ Chief / Elder / Dr / Mr and mrs / Master / Miss ] To The
RECEPTION: Same as Venue.



Of Thier Children



Rejoice wit us at our Wedding thanksgiving on #DATE# at . . .

Rejoice wit us at our Wedding thanksgiving on #DATE# at #VENUE.


You are cordially invited to d wedding ceremony of #BRIDE_NAME# . . .

You are cordially invited to d wedding ceremony of #BRIDE_NAME# & #GROOM_NAME# on #DATE# @ #VENUE#.
Reception follows @ same venue.


Rejoice wit us at d NIKAH CEREMONY . . .

Rejoice wit yous at d NIKAH CEREMONY btw #BRIDE_NAME# and #GROOM_NAME#
which will insha Allah take plc on #DATE# @ #VENUE# by #TIME#.


Rejoice with us as we tie the . . .

Rejoice with yous as we tie the nuptial knot in Holy Matrimony as #BRIDE_NAME# weds #GROOM_NAME# on the #DATE# by #TIME#, @ #VENUE#. Reception follows at #VENUE#
Colour Code: #COLOURS#


Its a beautiful season @ last as . . .

Its a beautiful season @ last as #GROOM# walks #BRIDE# down d aisle in a Holy Matrimony on
Engagement #VENUE# by #TIME# n church service @
#VENUE# by #TIME#.
Colour: #COLOUR#


Pls join us on our Solemnization of . . .

Pls join yous on our Solemnization of Holy Matrimony @
Reception @ same venue on #DATE#. By #TIME#


We joyfully invite U 2 celebrate wit . . .

We joyfully invite U 2 celebrate wit yous in our
Solemnization of Holy Matrimony.
Date: #DATE# @ #VENUE# by #DATE#.
T.M holds @ #VENUE# on #DATE# by #TIME#


We request the pleasure of your company at our wedding, by . . .

We request the pleasure of your company at our wedding,
by His grace on the #DATE# at #VENUE# by #TIME#.
Reception at #VENUE#






You are cordially invited to our Traditional . . .

You are cordially invited to our Traditional Wedding on the #DATE# at #VENUE#
While our Holy Matrimony on the #DATE# at the #VENUE#. Reception follows immediately.


You’re invited 2 d HOLY MATRIMONY of . . .

You’re invited 2 d HOLY MATRIMONY of #BRIDE_NAME# and #GROOM_NAME#.
On #DATE# @ #VENUE# By #TIME#.



#DATE#, @ #VENUE#.


You are invited to d wedding ceremony of #BRIDE_NAME# & . . .

You are invited to d wedding ceremony of #BRIDE_NAME# & #GROOM_NAME#.
Date:#DATE# @ #VENUE#
Receptn @ #VENUE#.
You are welcome.




D holy matrimoni btw #GROOM_NAME# & . . .

D holy matrimoni btw #GROOM_NAME# and #BRIDE_NAME#
is 2moro by 10am @ #VENUE#
You’re welcome





Wedding Invitation Message 
Remind your important guest about the wedding date and make them feel how important is their presence on your wedding.
We Abdullahi & Uzuat request the pleasure of your highly valuable presence in our wedding ceremony on _(date)_ from_(time)_ at _(venue)_.


This is 2 remind U of d . . .

This is 2 remind U of d Nikah Ceremony btw
#BRIDE_NAME# and #GROOM_NAME# slated 4 2morow
#DATE# @ #VENUE# by #TIME#.


The Wedding Ceremony between #BRIDE_NAME# and #GROOM_NAME# holds tomorrow #DATE# . . .

The Wedding Ceremony between #BRIDE_NAME# and #GROOM_NAME# holds tomorrow #DATE# at #VENUE# by #TIME#.
You are a Special Guest!








Post Wedding Appreciation message 

We want to thank you for adding to the joyful spirit of our wedding with your presence and lovely gifts,
you brought joy to our day,warmth to our lives and happiness to our hearts.
God bless.


Send Thank You SMS Messages
Sample: We are really blessed by your gracious presence at Mr. & Mrs. ZAKARIYAU wedding. Many thanks to you, for making it a grand success.


Jazakumullah khairan, #BRIDE_NAME# & #GROOM_NAME# appreciate u for . . .

Jazakumullah khairan,
#BRIDE_NAME# and #GROOM_NAME# appreciate you for attending our Nikah,
may Allah be with you always,thanks for your concern and contribution.





Thanks for all your prayers & gifts toward our wedding . . .

Thanks for all your prayers & gifts toward our wedding ceremony & thanksgiving.
May d Lord bless u and grant your heart desires.
We are grateful.


We express our gratitude 2 all families, . . .

We express our gratitude 2 all families, friends and
well-wishers 4 your prayers, support and gifts on d success of our Nikah.
We apprec8 you all
Jazaakumulah khaeran


We want to express our profound gratitude to you for . . .

We want to express our profound gratitude to you for your love, support, prayers and presence in making our wedding a great success.
We pray that God in his infinite mercies bless and reward you abundantly.


We sincerely appreciate your immensely contributions towards . . .

We sincerely appreciate your immensely contributions towards our NIKAH ceremony,
May Almighty ALLAH continue to bless you and your entire family.


Sincere appreciation for all your support in making our daughter/son . . .

Sincere appreciation for all your support in making our daughter/son wedding so glorious.
Celebration of good things will be never be scarce in our families. Amen


Thank u 4making our wedding blissful. May God bless & give . . .

Thank u 4making our wedding blissful.
May God bless & give u an outstanding success.


We are very grateful for your contribution . . .

We are very grateful for your contribution towards the success of our wedding ceremony.
Thanks and God bless you.



SUCES isnot yet a SUCES UNTIL I . . .

SUCES isnot yet a SUCES UNTIL I aprec8 dose dat help in makin it a REALITY
thanks 4 comin to our NIKAH.
GOD wil be wit you and your family.


We remain grateful to you for your attendance and support . . .

We remain grateful to you for your attendance and support during our wedding.
May God bless u all Amen.


We really appreciate you for your immeasurable contribution to d . . .

We really appreciate you for your immeasurable contribution to d success of our wedding.
The joy of d Lord will never cease in your life and family. – Your Wedding SMS Partner
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How to use Bulk SMS in Schools

How to use Bulk SMS in Schools 150 150 has Bulk SMS for Schools is a fast and easy way to bulk SMS pupils, parents, guardians, patrons, teachers and other
personnels. Schools administrators should  leverage on the most efficient and reliable bulk sms in Nigeria to send bulk text messages – because there are lots of information to pass across that are essential to run a successful session. Such communcation is easy, simple and very cheap when done with Bulk SMS. Especially when you have a complete contact list of your pupils students and teachers – from point of registration to completion.

Setting up an Account is free and there are no monthly fees or other hidden cost. Schools only pay for the SMS’es they have purchased.

There are dozens of ways in which schools use bulk sms text messaging as a way of communicating.

Below are some of the most important update you can use Bulk SMS for:

  • Resumption date and Holidays
  • Instant messages to parents for emergency purposes
  • Send student’s performance in grades to parents
  • Inform parents of dates of upcoming exams to help their students study at home
  • Reminders to students on certain deadlines or outings
  • Event Reminders – Remind parents of meeting, location and pickup times
  • Weather alerts – The weather always seems to play havoc with trips and sporting events.
  • Staff contact – Keep in touch with teachers or other members of staff
  • Coursework deadlines – Reminder of crucial deadlines for coursework
  • Exam dates – Text alerts with location and timing of examinations (where applicable)

Other extra-curricular activities and academic programmes and events during the school session can be more organized: Inter-house sports, Open Day, Literacy Day, with other newly developed initiatives for the pupils.

Click Register for bulk sms and start sending to parents and teachers

For inquiries, contact support team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.

How to Promote your Business with Bulk SMS

How to Promote your Business with Bulk SMS 150 150

If you own a business that provides goods or services to Customers then you must have noticed that each of these Customers use mobile phones. Smart business owners take advantage of this opportunity to promote thier business with bulk SMS. This ultimately will improve your profitability, ensure swift operation, improve customer service, public awareness among others.


Why does SMS work?

  • No Filters: -There aren’t any “spam” filters on cell phone texts (if at all very limited and cumbersom). Hence whatever you send gets directly deployed to the customer’s primary Inbox.
  • Good Open Rates: – People don’t hesitate to tap on the “1 new inbox message’ box, at least the reluctance is much less compared to E-mails.
  • Less Complications: – You don’t have to worry about your logo, color scheme or fonts with Bulk SMS Services, it’s all plain and simple.
  • Less Competition: – As of now, there aren’t a lot of companies, brands or products using Bulk SMS services. Surely the number goes up in millions probably, but it’s still much lower compared to E-mail marketing, so the competition gap is something you can leverage.

There are many ways you can promote your Business via Bulk SMS Marketing, at the end of the day it all comes down to writing contents that pulls people in, simple as that. Below are ways you can use to begin:


Bulk SMS service can help you increase the numbers of customers you currently have sporadically. This is the use of bulk SMS to advertise your business. All you have to do to ensure you are not wasting the undoubtedly little resources you have is to focus on a target group. You don’t have to look far; you can start within your area. You know who and who needs your service. Make them a part of your SMS marketing campaign. Your present best customers, who are loyal to your business, could even help you get more people for your business. A brief request like “Do you know anyone that would be interested in this product/service? Could I get their contacts so I can send them a marketing message?” will do wonders for your business. If you’ve earned the trust of these persons, they would be very willing to oblige. Try this and you can thank us later.


Is there this particular product you do not have in store but has been requested quite often by your customers? Well, maybe now you have it in abundance. Bulk SMS can help you communicate this with your clients. The benefit? Now they know you have it. Nothing irks a customer more than coming to a place once, twice maybe even thrice for something and they don’t get it. The human nature has it that such ones conclude the next time that such things are not available. As such, they start looking for alternatives. Now that is bad for your business. A simple message saying “Hello dear customer. New products in stock now. Get this and that and this and that” will do. Don’t forget to thank them for their patronage though. Find sample thank you SMS here.


Let’s say you run a barber’s saloon and you have to close down for 3 weeks to attend to a pressing family need in the village. One of your most consistent customer checks throughout the first week to have a haircut, maybe for him and his kid and didn’t find you. What more? Maybe your mobile number printed on the door isn’t even reachable due to poor networks associated with many villages. He had to look for an alternative because his kids cannot go to school with the UN-kept hair. 2 weeks later he checked and same story. If I was the one, I’ll conclude this dude has left for good. That might be the end of that customer in your shop. Let’s say the alternative he got is even doing better, you can say goodbye to him. A simple SMS can help avoid this. Even if he has to get an alternative before you return, at least he knows you are not leaving forever and knows when to check back. This helps build customer trust, and does well for your business.


Everybody like promos. I love it. Don’t know about you? Making promos an integral part of your business can go a long way in keeping customers and increasing your total revenues in the long run. Bulk SMS will be a beautiful avenue to intimate customers of current promos and upcoming ones. For one thing, it is a way of appreciating your loyal customers, and when they know promos are coming, it keeps them with you. A bonus on a purchase, cut-price for a product or even giving gifts might make up your promos for them. A perfect time to do this might be during holidays. Let them feel the love, they deserve it. Infact, promise of promo updates might be a nice way of getting your customers’ phone numbers for your SMS marketing campaign.



Are you fortunate enough to know when your customers’ birthdays are coming up? For many business owners, the mutual trust between them and their customers has grown so well that getting their birthdays isn’t difficult. If you know this, you can use bulk SMS to send them goodwill messages on this day. Or maybe you know of a client of yours who is getting married, having a housewarming ceremony or celebrating an achievement. Send him/her a nice message on this nice day. It lets them know you are not just interested in selling, you also see them as a friend. The result? The trust grows, Loyalty comes in and your business booms. The good thing is that you can even schedule this process to send birthday message every year automatically, find SMS Scheduling guide here.


Bulk messaging can literally saves lives. With a worrying decline in global blood donation rates, SMS is used to remind donors of their next appointment and, when there is a severe shortage of blood, ask them to donate again. Infact you can motivate customers by sending SMS to donors when their blood is used, thereby notifying them that their blood has potentially saved a life, this ultimately will encourage them to donate again in the future. It can create a dialogue on social media, spreading the word and creating online visibility.


Many companies are integrating SMS marketing into their email campaigns. With SMS open rates at 98%, they have realized the importance of boosting email open rates, and, ultimately, conversion rates, by incorporating bulk messaging. Including URLs promotes website traffic and encourages subscriptions. Total customer views are improved and companies can track customer activity back to the SMS. These campaigns are driven by short codes and keywords, and need to be clear and beneficial to the recipient. Companies need to think of new ideas and keep up with trends to keep their customers engaged.


Orange has one of the longest-running and most successful SMS campaigns – ‘Orange Wednesdays’ – which was introduced more than 10 years ago. Customers are offered a two-for-one cinema deal, only available on Wednesdays, using a clear call-to-action. Previously the least popular weekday with the lowest attendance rate, it’s now the most popular, with Orange estimating that an additional three million cinema trips are generated annually using this strategy.


Leveraging and gathering personal information can go a long way. For eg. if you can group your SMS list into sub-lists, based on birthdays, anniversaries or anything of that kind.

And then you can send something like “Happy Birthday Mr. X.” followed by whatever you’re trying to pitch. Something tells me it’ll have a lot more effect than sending just any other “Hi please buy our product” text, simply because there will be a much stronger bond between you and the customer.



Considering SMS(s) are short, you can and should use that to your benefit. The best way is to send an SMS that cuts the bullshit and explains exactly why it’s in the inbox of someone.

“Hi from ediaroshop, here’s your 50% off coupon as a gift for shopping with us last week”! See? People know who it’s from, and why it’s there. Even if they don’t convert instantly, you atleast won’t go to the spam box and can approach them later.


Who says “no” to coupons? There’s just no better way to convert a lead into a sale than giving them a discount coupon, or basically a coupon of any kind.

It’s general psychology that people won’t buy a product for $100, but they’ll buy it if its $200 $100 (50% discount!). Why not leverage that?



Once a customer feels a certain kind of special treatment is being given only to him/her, the chances of them converting go through the roof.

So a great way to convert them is to send “personalized messages.” For, e.g. if you send something like “Hey Mr. Tunde, here’s your discount coupon specially and valid only for you for being a loyal customer to us”, well that does charm most often than not.


Another way to use BULK SMS services for your brand promotion is to use it as “reminder” for various purposes. You can send them a reminder if you’re about to launch a new product, a sale is going live or basically anything in general.

A reminder keeps them in the loop, as well as gets you a new chance to make sure they get pulled in.



So basically that was what Bulk SMS Marketing service is, and some points from the vast ocean of possibilities of how you can use it to promote your business through it.

And being honest, it’s not something that will last eternally, but right now Bulk SMS Marketing is ripe, and you can leverage it when you can, because right now it probably has the best conversion as well as open rates, something you can’t expect from E-mails, or any other “bulk marketing” platform apart from SMS anymore.


Regardless of the purpose of your campaign, always plan for long term customer engagement and focus on high quality content and promotions that align with your product and customer incentives.


Meaningful content should be aligned with your customer engagement strategies and company goals. For example, simple discounts are overdone and don’t offer any engagement mechanisms. However, if you put a discount at the end of an engaging SMS survey or riddle, then subscribers are not only receiving a discount, but the engagement will likely be more memorable and encourage customer loyalty.


CTIA (Cellular Telecommunication Industries Association) guidelines suggest that all marketing campaigns and promotional messages should be sent between 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM local time. This not only ensures that your campaigns stay compliant, but it also assures that your messages are read in a timely fashion. Optimal times during the week are typically during the morning commute (i.e., mornings between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM) and lunch times (i.e., between 11:30 AM and 1:30 PM). During these times, subscribers are typically more susceptible to promotional messaging.


To maintain good customer experience, it’s better to send meaningful messages once a week. Therefore, you should only send a maximum of 4 text messages a month. With this in mind, plan your campaigns so that your messages are concise and to the point. Subscriber churn can have a significant negative impact for any business. Therefore, all businesses should take special precautions to reduce your customer churn rate while migrating phone numbers.


Gone are the days when schools send news letters or circulars to customers or parents reminding them of forthcoming events. With the help of bulk sms, they can now receive this message directly on their mobile phone.


Education facilities around the world are using bulk messaging to simultaneously reach teachers, learners and parents by sending SMS messages when in need of substitute teachers, and initiating parent communication. Ever pressed for time, this method eliminates the arduous task of making phone calls and replaces it with a quick, effective SMS, sent to selected recipients asking who is available as a substitute teacher. Those who are keen to work will reply immediately, knowing that it’s first come, first serve.


With many Private Primary and Secondary Schools competing for excellence, supremacy and class in Nigeria, you can carve a niche in the industry by introducing Bulk SMS to inform parents about student daily performance, periodic updates about school activities, notify them of time sensitive information among others. Our gateway has all the features that can make it work standalone. In addition, it’s also expandable and can be integrated to your existing website, softwares and mobile apps with our simplified API.


In Ireland, TextaParent provides school administrators with a platform to simultaneously communicate with hundreds of parents, staff and community services, saving precious time and delivering vital or time-critical information. It’s cost-effective, reliable and saves valuable time.


When a customer place an order on your website, it’s great to send alerts. This makes your professional, constantly remembered anytime customer checks the old emails and ultimately improves strong brand presence.

You can send transactional SMS Text message alert for new products, sales, discounts, coupons etc



To take best decision, it’s better to sample peoples opinon. Usually doing this is by survey, which can be done with questionaire, online survey forms and even SMS Text response.

You can get response from clients for competitions, votes, customer satisfaction with bulk sms. This is priceless in capturing the attention of the youths that are always on the move. This can be done alone or to compliment other online and offline survey mediums.



Save time and costs by using these affordable communication tools. With Bulk SMS, you can invite Customers to participate in events such as exhibitions, charity events, awards etc.

Another challenge is after sending message to people, they often forget the even due to their busy daily schedule, so it’s important to send them reminders. Having to send the message 1 by 1 to small group of people is daunghting and boring task, talk less of hundreds of participants.

When you use to for sending the message, you can schedule the message in advance, this will programme the message to be sent, date and time it should be delivered to the receipient.  So you can programme the system to send a reminder message to the customer 1 week before the event, 3 days before the event, a night before the event and few hours before the event, then focus on other thing, but be sure it will auto deliver itself. This is a very priceless resort for event planners, protocol officers, event managers and other people handling events.

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