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Features to expect on your Reseller Bulk SMS Website

Features to expect on your Reseller Bulk SMS Website 150 150

Running a reseller Bulk SMS is one of the easiest way to generate extra residual income in Nigeria and across the Globe. This is easy as students, young graduates, SME entrepreneur, Corporate Organisations and Big Multinational Companies can setup a reseller bulk SMS and begin selling SMS credit.

What are you waiting for contact today to provide you a fully branded bulk sms website, with design and logo in your company name. This website will give you full control of your bulk sms customers using our bulk sms reseller panel, in an easy to use web interface. This gives you an opportunity to leave a digital footprint on the text messaging scene using something as cheap as bulk SMS.

With your reseller bulksms website, here are some of the features you should expect:

  1. A fully functional bulk SMS reseller hosted website
  2. Instant speedy dispatch of thousands of SMS at a single click
  3. Scheduled SMS for the system to auto deliver messages at your set date and time.
  4. Import/upload contact phone numbers
  5. Manage contacts using contact lists of number groups
  6. Dynamic/customized sender name of up to 11 characters
  7. Long/multi-page SMS
  8. Low reseller price
  9. Simplified sms API for customers to integrate
  10. Options to choose from multiple SMS routes

Administrative features include:

  1. System Admin dashboard
  2. User management
  3. Categorise users account
  4. Birthday and Event Management system
  5. Reset users password
  6. SMS history management
  7. Manage credit balances
  8. SMS Price management
  9. Network route Price management
  10. Multi-route management: Standard, Corporate and Financial
  11. Online payment pre-integrated
  12. Credit/Debit users account
  13. Mobile Friendly responsive site
  14. Get delivery reports for all customers SMS

Among many other unique benefits not listed here nor found anywhere else. You also get free automatic updates as the technology and innovations advances.

Building your platform on our secure and reliable platform is the wise choice for your BulkSMS business, Register for a ediarosms account today to get started as a reseller. As a reseller you have the advantage of selling SMS at any price you want as well as managing your own subscribers. With ediarosms, becoming a reseller is very simple, and does not require you to know anything about programming or web design.

The minimum number of units you can purchase as a reseller is 50,000 units. Purchases of lower volumes will be priced as for non resellers.

Setup fee: (N30,000) to cover web and domain hosting annually.

To get started, click here to open your Bulk SMS reseller account NOW!

For enquiries, contact us via any of the following mediums:

Telephone: (+234) 080-9502-9999
Whatsapp: +2348095029999
Skype ID: fladioltd

Requirements to Start Reseller Bulk SMS Business

Requirements to Start Reseller Bulk SMS Business 150 150

Bulk SMS messaging is the process of sending SMS messages to a group of opt in customers simultaneously. It is used by media business organisations, Banks (for notification, marketing, news and fraud control) and consumer brands for many purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing. In addition, Bulk SMS messaging is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing but also for information and communication between both staff and customers. Bulk SMS system lets you deliver SMS messages to mobile handsets almost anywhere in the world. To learn more, view how different sectors have used ediarosms to achieve their set objectives

ediarosms bulk text messaging platform is excellent for sending out wedding invitation, meeting notification, special season’s greetings, church/mosque programme and other event invitation. Infact, Students have found our SMS gateway useful in communicating quick reminders and important information. Our bulk SMS interface is extremely simple yet effective. We put all our efforts into the applications which allow individuals and organizations to manage and control the use and effective distribution of text messages themselves. We have a lot of features for you to enjoy which includes mobile extractor, text merge, phone contacts directory and many others.

To foster more entrepreneurial ability in the sector, we do not only encourate an affiliate referal structure, we encourage you to also be in business and earn your revenue via ediarosms Reseller  solution. When you subscribe to our seller package, you can either setup your own independent application an integrate to our API or a fully completed website.

Why is Bulk SMS a business

Since Bulk SMS is a platform where you can send customized sms to several group of people, it is then natural that many individual businesses, and companies would want to use the services to reach to their customers. Therefore, being the one offering the service or providing the platform through which they can do it is what brings about the business we are talking about.

Bulk SMS has designed the Reseller Solution to provide our clients with an opportunity to resell SMS credits to their customers for individual and business purposes. Starting a Bulk SMS business is a very lucrative investment, but one of the most common question potential investors as is what do I need to get started. ediarosms Team in a bid to simplify this has enumerated what you need to Start your Bulk SMS Business below.

Requirements to start Bulk SMS Business

  1. Bulk SMS application
  2. Web Server such as Dedicated Server or Virtual Private Server where you will host your SMS Messaging application
  3. Telecom Operator connectivity (Connectivity via HTTP or SMPP)
  4. Standby Developer & Server Administrator who are available to Handle all technical issues and carry out periodic maintainance on the application for its smooth functioning.

Initial Investment cost Estimate

  1. Bulk SMS Application — The average estimated cost is $2000 to $5000 (one Time) depending on the application and its features
  2. Dedicated or Virtual Private Server (VPS) — This is usually determined by the size, speed and other factors. We can take an approximate cost of $250 per month.
  3. Telecom Operator Connectivity — The cost cost charged for HTTP/SMPP connectivity depend on the volume of SMS Credits you Purchase from your Operator at once. The higher the volume, the lower the cost.
  4. Staff Salary – The overhead cost is another thing that has to be incurred. On the minimum, you can pay your Developer & Server Administrator Salary of approximately $800 per month

Mean Total Investment is $5000 (one Time) and $1050 (per month)

This cost can be high for SMEs just starting on a low budget, hence we have simplified the process for starting up.

  1. There is no need to develop an application – we will provide the SMS messaging application with full frontend admin access
  2. There is no need for Dedicated or Virtual Private Server (VPS) as we will be hosting you on our dedicated server that has been running over the years with 99.99% uptime guarantee.
  3. We have signed multiple agreements with telecom operators to give many options so send messages globally.
  4. There is no need for you to have team of developers/programmers and pay monthly salary, as we will offer you full technical support.

To get started, contact us and take advantage of ediarosms reseller experience and vast resources. We strive to simplify the process of begining your bulk sms promptly at a very minimal cost. To get started in reselling bulk sms, click here to register NOW.

For More information, contact us via any of the following medium

Telephone: (+234) 080-9502-9999
WhatsApp Number: +2348095029999
Skype ID: fladioltd

Bulk SMS Reseller

Bulk SMS Reseller 150 150

Become a bulk SMS Reseller with - sign up today.

Reseller Bulk SMS account gives you the opportunity to earn huge income at flexible working hours and become your own boss. The Reseller Solution enables Bulk SMS clients to earn additional revenue by buying and then reselling SMS credits in smaller quantities to their customers.

At, we have simplified the process for you to get a complete bulk SMS website of your own ( and sell directly to your customers, set your own prices, manage your members, get orders, approve purchases, credit members, view transactions, etc. Your customers will never have the knowledge of where you are buying SMS from.

We also have robust and affordable reseller packages, which means with a small amount of money, you can own a Bulk SMS website and begin selling SMS globally to customers.

Bulk SMS Reseller Advantage

  • SMS Reseller will expand their current commercial business relationship to current clients to include feature to begin sending out bulk SMS.
  • Reseller can set prefered billing arrangement with their clients; online or offline. They can bill per SMS, daily, weekly or monthly and collect their money in Cash, Bank Transfer, Bitcoin (BTC), PerfectMoney (PM) among others.
  • Bulk SMS Resellers don’t incur huge overhead cost of travelling and sales agents; as they can train the customers, have text and video tutorials online or visit and show the customer how to use it. In fact, resellers can integrate the Bulk SMS to client existing website, application, software, portal and mobile app and enable them send messages from within it.
  • Bulk SMS resellers can set prices as they deem fit and give discount or bonus credit to any customer they so desire.

If you are ready to begin your Reseller SMS Text Messaging Business, click here to Sign Up NOW!

How Does it work?
You will apply for reseller account after meeting the necessary criterias. Our team will setup your reseller website on your prefered domain name. Afterwards, login details will be given to you to brand and design the information pages and contents. By default the solution comes with wide range of useful admin features that will make the process easy to manage; without getting involved with any technical coding or advanced IT experience (such as server management, SMS gateway Integration, Payment gateway integration, design and programming etc). In fact you don’t even have access to those complicated coding and files aspect at all. Within hours, you will be able to begin to resell SMS credits globally at your desired prices and keep the profits.

Resellers have the advantage of selling SMS at any price they wish and can manage their subscribers on their own using their own control panel. You get the same quality with the support of our bulk SMS platform providers, so no need to worry. Better still, you will get a fully designed website, registered and hosted, with an online SMS application already set-up for you to get going.

How Do I get Started
A complete and functional reseller website will cost you a one time sign-up fee of NGN 20,000. The package comes with 2,000 Naira free SMS credits, one year free domain and web hosting, online debit/credit card payment processor Integrated, message scheduling feature, personalized SMS (Text Merge), DND management among others.

Reseller Request should forward us their: Surname, Firstname, Company Name, Email, Telephone Number and Desired Domain name (perferably 3 different names if you don’t have any registered yet) and email them to us via Email: or Call/SMS (+234) 080-9502-9999

To get started, click here to open your Bulk SMS reseller account NOW!