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Over the years, we’ve often been asked if we have any example sms messages that can be used as templates for bulk SMS Marketing for retail shopsSMS marketing campaigns. This is a common problem, and we’re so used to it – Blank Screen Syndrome.

To resolve this, we’ve created a comprehensive tutorial resource centre. To get inspiration for your next SMS campaign. We’ve sub divided it by industry sector, but
we implore you to scan through them all, you may be inspired by some of the other sector ideas.

The resource is here.

So hopefully now you’ve got some idea of the offer that you’re going to present and how you might put in across in just 160 characters to your target custmers/audience.

Tips for a successful SMS marketing messages – to get best possible response from your bulk text campaign, follow the tips below:

1. Tell Your Audience Who You Are.
This may seem an obvious point but don’t assume your audience will immediately know who the text is from – introduce yourself. Alternatively, login to your dashboard, within your account, you can change the sender name so that the customer knows who it’s from before the text is even opened.

2. Have A Strong ‘Call To Action’.
Make sure you make it clear what you want the customer to do. Don’t just quote your phone number but ask the customer to dial it. E.g Call us now on 08095029999, Order Now, click

3. Don’t Use Text Speak
Some of your target audience won’t mind ‘text speak’ at all but many of them will be infuriated by it! Text speak can be confusing and can project an unprofessional image.

4. Use An Attention Grabber
Try to start your text with an attention grabber that will arouse curiosity and compel the customer to read on. This is usually a single or couple of words, often in
capitals. The word ‘news’ is particularly effective.

5. Don’t Cram In Too Many Points?
A text is only 160 characters so don’t be tempted to crowbar in loads of offers. Keep it simple, concise and clear.

Set up NOW, click here, You will receive some free SMS credits for testing. There is no set up or monthly fee and your text credits never expire. We’re here to help you get the most out of SMS in your business, so we’d love to hear from you. existing customers can login here and begin messaging

For support, contact team via or call (+234) 080-9502-9999.


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