Bitcoin Global Bulk SMS Credit Payment on

Bitcoin Global Bulk SMS Credit Payment on

Bitcoin Global Bulk SMS Credit Payment on 150 150

Having a global Bulk SMS gateway is great, but there is a general problem our customers at worldwide are making, which is a seamless and faster payment processing platform that can work globally. From our research, our team noted that buying Bulk SMS Credit with Bitcoin on saves them alot of hassle, it’s fast, seamless and reliable. Hence, Bitcoin (BTC) became a major payment medium for our organisation. has risen in popularity alongside the acceptance of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for buying bulk sms credit worldwide. Merchants like ediarosms who accept cryptocurrencies gain several advantages such as access to a broader market, ease of cross-border transactions, buyer anonymity, and the security features vis-à-vis blockchain. Also, we are able to eliminate intermediaries, chargebacks, and pay lower fees compared to using services like Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer among others. However, Bitcoin has its share of e-commerce challenges such as increasing transactional fees, volatility, and slow processing times. Moreover, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets attract ongoing government intervention, hackers, and bad actors.

While has received a lot of attention for accepting Bitcoins since 2014, paying with cryptos is more mainstream than many merchants and shoppers think. Microsoft, Expedia,, Dish, CheapAir, and Newegg are just a few of the thousands of merchants who accept Bitcoin worldwide. A survey of 100 merchants found that 60 percent of them would accept Bitcoin instead of dollars. Respondents spanned various industries and had at least $100,000 of annual revenue.

Before we began accepting bitcoins 2 years ago, we make sure we understand:

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency fundamentals, pros, and cons
Security and storage measures, for example, the different types of wallets
The marketplace, exchanges, and transactional costs, and conversion fees
Reasons for wanting to accept digital currencies
The likelihood of customers using digital currencies
Anything that applies to our business operations and policies

Why Accept Bitcoin Payments?
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies haven’t gained quite as much traction as supporters originally thought it would (at least not in the mainstream), but that doesn’t mean it’s not a viable form of payment. In fact, it may be a more attractive option when you compare it to the usual payment processors you work with.

Here are some reasons why Bulk SMS website is benefiting from accepting Bitcoin:

Digital: Because Bitcoin is a digital cash system and doesn’t require a third party banking entity to process the transaction, it is completely peer-to-peer. It’s all organized through a digital network (also known as a blockchain), which is basically just a ledger that keeps a secure and (pseudo-)anonymous record of all transactions.

Security: Bitcoin is what’s known as “pseudo-anonymous.” Obviously, a bitcoin is linked to an individual in order for them to make a payment in the first place. However, unlike with credit card and banking payments, no personal information needs to be given out in order to do so, which may ease consumers’ concerns about making payments online.
Simplicity: Since it’s totally peer-to-peer, we didn’t have to worry about consumers paying with a compatible financial solution. So long as they have a Bitcoin wallet, they’re good to go.

Cost: For the most part, Bitcoin transactions come with much smaller processing fees (if any).

Convenience: There is no waiting period before you can gain access to your new funds. Once money is transferred from customers’ wallets to our own, the money is yours to use. Just be aware that payments can’t be reversed—on either end—which means that if you plan on issuing refunds, it’s not as simple to do with Bitcoin.

Fraud: Each bitcoin has a hexadecimal code which is extremely difficult to crack. And because payments can’t be reversed, you won’t have to worry about fraudulent payments and the ensuing fees you have to pay for those chargebacks.

One thing to keep in mind here is that cryptocurrencies can be volatile, so you won’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. Sure, there are clear benefits to accepting Bitcoin as a payment option why buying SMS Credit on , but the key word here is “option”. Bitcoin should be offered in addition to the other payment types accepted through; not in place of them.

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