What you should look for when selecting Global Bulk SMS Platform

What you should look for when selecting Global Bulk SMS Platform

What you should look for when selecting Global Bulk SMS Platform 150 150 ediarosms.com

Criteria for selecting your global Bulk SMS Service provider is a major decision that needs to be taken consciously. This will have direct impact on our digital marketing strategy

Use these criteria to judge which bulk SMS platform is right for you if you want to use SMS for your daily operation, marketing campaign, transactional sms using bulk SMS among others.We have enumerated some criterias for selecting suitable global sms provider that’s right for you below:

Ease of Use: Some bulk SMS portals are very difficult to use. This shouldn’t be the case. Usability and intuitive design is now a key goal in the development of any web or mobile app. You don’t need to take a full one-month computer training programme just to learn how to find your way around a bulk SMS platform.

Simplified integration API: The SMS gateway should have simplifed bulk SMS API that any developer can use to integrate to their website, mobile app or custom portal regardless of if it’s developed with .php , .asp , java etc.

Rich features: Because most SMS platforms use pre-built scripts and plugins, they are usually limited in the features they can provide. Some scripts already pre-define the payment gateways, the user interface and other key features that the portal will have. Since many who operate bulk SMS platforms are not experts in web applications development, they usually install these scripts as the developers sold them and cannot extend beyond their general limitations. This is a big problem with SMS platforms that use scripts like SMS Portal Creator (SPC), Sendriod, etc. Some platforms do not even support saving of contacts, creating of groups, scheduling of SMS etc. When choosing bulk SMS platform to use, go for those that are custom designed. They usually carry additional functionalities and you can always ask for any additional features from the developer.

Delivery Report and Tracking: Some bulk SMS portals do not offer delivery reports. Some that offer that, do not do so in real-time. A good SMS platform will not only deliver your message but will also give you the opportunity to track the status of your SMS as they are delivering. They will also let you know the exact reasons, the undelivered ones failed.

Technical Support: Another very crucial question to ask is: Do they have a dedicated support phone line? Do they always answer their calls? Do they have a live-chat integrated into their site? Are they always online? Do they respond to queries on their social channels, like facebook? Support is not something to joke with. Check this well before you decide who to trust with this very important part of your business.

Payment Medium: Multiple payment mediums should be accepted to make it easy and fast for receiving payments. This can include Bank Transfer, Debit/Credit Card, Bitcoin among others.

ediarosms.com accepts is an easy to use bulk sms platform, it has simple API that can be used to integrate seamlessly to any solution. The solution has comprehensive features that are robust and all encompassing. The website gives response delivery report for all messages sent. ediarosms.com offer complimentary professional support by phone, email, live chat, whatsapp and social media so you can choose which option you want. You can choose which payment option among the multiple payment options available for you globally and begin sending SMS within minutes.

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