Why Have you not been adopting Global Bulk SMS for your Business?

Why Have you not been adopting Global Bulk SMS for your Business?

Why Have you not been adopting Global Bulk SMS for your Business? 150 150 ediarosms.com

Bulk SMS messaging makes sense, infact virtually every kind of organization can benefit from sending Bulk SMS text messages such as ediarosms.com to send SMS worldwide.

Businesses, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), educational institutions, Manufacturers, faith-based organizations all use texting to connect more effectively with their audiences. What kind of messages do they send? News, Promotions, notifications, alerts, and more. In fact, text messages can help with things you many not have thought of, like collections, billing, delivery confirmations, and logistics.

How to send SMS with ediarosms.com
There are a number of ways our bulk text messaging platform can seamlessly fit into your business, Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) and Government Agencies

Self service
Our pay-as-you-go platform is designed so that you can start sending bulk SMS online within a few minutes of signing up for a free account. Click here to Send SMS now

Managed service
If you prefer to outsource your mobile messaging, our managed services are here to help you with tailored SMS solutions for any business type.

Join with many happy developers who have discovered that our SMS API is versatile, customisable and can integrate with any other application. Click here

How Does Bulk Messaging Work?
To send SMS marketing campaigns you need to subscribe to a bulk SMS service provider like ediarosms.com. Once you have logged into the SMS account, you simply upload your list of contacts, compose your message, and click send. Within minutes, your contacts will be reading your messages, wherever they are.

Once a message has been sent, your service reports on delivery rates is displayed on your account. With these analytics, you can fine-tune the content and timing of delivery of your messages.

What’s great about sending text messages from a PC to a mobile, is you don’t in have to sit at your PC to send message. Your bulk texting platform can be accessed from any Internet-connected device, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Here to offer you a Helping Hand
At ediarosms.com, we want to make sure that we are here for you every step of the way. That’s why we have developed our Helping Hand service, designed to get your account set up and optimised. Why not book in some time with one of our SMS exerts and we can help get you up and running with the best messaging campaigns available. Click here to Contact us and Book a Helping Hand session

No Software Requirements
No software to download or install. SMS Manager is totally web based, which means there is no software to crash your computer. All you need is a web browser and Internet access.

Manage SMS Contacts
Save contacts, set up groups to manage your contacts. Send to the groups that you have setup in a matter of seconds.

Message Scheduling
Schedule SMS delivery at predetermined times. Use our scheduler to send yourself sms reminders for appointments or important dates. You can’t get on your computer when that SMS campaign needs to be sent, no problems just schedule the message. You can also use it to send birthday sms to staff, customers and partners, for appointment reminder among others

Delivery Tracking
Track whether a message has been received on a recipients phone. History of all outgoing sms to keep track of your marketing campaigns.

How Different Organizations Send Bulk SMS from a PC to a Mobile
Having elaborated on how bulk SMS works, the bulk SMS tools you can use to create a database of contacts, and how to sort your database into groups to facilitate easy management and save money, now might be a good time to expand on how different organizations send bulk SMS from a PC to a mobile. The examples below are not exhaustive, and we continue to be surprised at some of the applications found for bulk texting. You can see a detailed list of How different sectors have used ediarosms here

Bulk SMS for Business – Retailers
SMS for retail works especially well when businesses attach discount coupons to their SMS messages.

Redemption rates for discount coupons attached to SMS messages are typically eight times higher than is normally achieved via email marketing.
Bulk SMS messages can also be used to inform customers of special promotions and new store openings.

Bulk SMS for Companies, HR and Internal Communications
Not everyone realizes this but texting can be a helpful tool in the workplace, just like a copier or computer. Here are a couple ways your HR department can utilize SMS marketing while in the office.

Bulk SMS for Political Parties
SMS texting enables your campaign to get its message out to thousands in the time it would take to make a few phone calls. Political campaigns can use bulk SM service to text for donations, announcements, updates, and more. It is becoming one of the most popular ways to raise money & awareness because it’s fast and has a 98% response rate. Just upload your contact list, type your message, and schedule or send immediately.

Conduct valuable surveys
Blast appearance and rally notifications
Send election day reminders

Bulk SMS for Schools
Before cell phones and text messaging, school-wide announcements primarily relied on in-person updates, email, regular mail, or the campus PA system. Now, SMS text messaging is the most cost-effective and efficient method for sending notifications at schools and universities.

  • Send notifications about after-school events and activities
  • Exchange info about assignments and exams
  • Alert students, parents and teachers about campus emergencies or closures

Bulk SMS for Faith-Based Organizations
Whether you’re seeking volunteers for an event or requesting donations for a family in need, your messages won’t yield results if they go unnoticed.

Bulk texting can help faith-based organizations:

  • Promote community engagement
  • Increase event attendance
  • Coordinate volunteers
  • Encourage donations
  • Share inspirational messages
  • Generating Engagement with a Bulk SMS Sender Gateway
  • The SMS software services like ediarosms.com are capable of doing a lot more than just sending plain text messages. It comes with unique features that will encourage feedback, generate engagement, and develop relationships. Our expert time will be available to guide you on maximizing the potentials of our platform to achieve your ultimate objective.

Sending fun or thought-provoking polls can help increase the size of your database. People love to share media they find interesting and – if a question you ask becomes the topic of discussion between families, friends and colleagues – your text marketing campaign can result in many more individuals opting in to your service and taking a deeper interest in your store, company, political party, school, Mosque or church.

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